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thbobby's Journal
thbobby's Journal
November 6, 2018

Just voted in North Texas

Check straight Democratic Ticket at the voting machine. Reviewed all the picks and they were correct.

The polling location was not crowded, but they told me there has been a steady stream of voters today - more than usual. It took me all of ten minutes to vote. There were three poll workers there, one of them an older white man wearing a blue shirt. Did not ask him if his shirt had meaning, as it is probably an inappropriate question in a polling location.

I was wearing a bright blue shirt. Just another voting day in my little town (population about 12,000).

September 26, 2018

FUCK! I can't listen to the moron any more.

Lies, deflections. Idiot with a loud mouth.

August 24, 2018

Make the gop impeach trump

Democrat's stance about impeachment should be "No impeachment until Mueller Probe is complete."

Repugs will try to blame impeachment on Democrats. It is their only way to maintain their racist base. With Cole being the first crack in the damn, the gop will soon want to remove the dying orange corpse from around their neck. Self-preservation will force them to break with trump as the manure is crashing through trump's house of cards.

If they can blame impeachment on Democrats and then shut down the Mueller Probe, they can escape exposure for their involvement in the trump-Russia conspiracy. If we demand the Mueller probe be completed and make the gop own impeachment they will alienate the racist base they have cultivated for decades. trump will tweet with impotence and when the gop pushes impeachment will turn his feeble hatred toward them. We must make the gop own their criminal involvement with trump and Russia. We must make them own the disaster of the trump presidency.

July 20, 2018

Putin has grabbed trump by the

fragile and delusional ego.

Pee-tape? Please! trump would not be embarrassed by Russian Women urinating on him. He would wear it as a badge of honor that flaunts his success with the ladies.

Finances? Possible, but trump has been receiving Russian Money for many years.

The one thing in his failed life that he clings to is being elected. He sees himself as a slayer of a woman he knows is much smarter and better qualified for the presidency than he is. He is getting revenge on that horrible black man who ridiculed him at the Correspondents Dinner. He made trump a laughing stock.

Putin just threatens trump with exposing how Russians are the only reason he was not crushed in the election. The one thing he clings to would be exposed as a fraud (which we all know). America? Fuck America, trump must protect his fantasy accomplishment.

June 25, 2018

trump is the crude and banal gop leader

Same old beliefs and governing. Criminals suppressing justice (Nixon). Haters ignoring the "gay disease" aids and making illegal arms deals (Reagan). Torture and incompetence (Bush Junior). Stealing elections and voter suppression (Bush Junior, today). Ignoring police slaughter of African Americans (for decades or more). Campaigning on fear and hatred (commies, gays, blacks, terrorists). Same old gop, with a leader who is openly crude and banal.

June 21, 2018

U.S. identifies North Korea missile test site it says Kim committed to destroy

From Reuters:

Although Trump has hailed the Singapore summit as a success, skeptics have questioned whether he achieved anything, given that Pyongyang, which has rejected unilateral nuclear disarmament, appeared to make no new tangible commitments in a joint written declaration.

The U.S.-based North Korea monitoring group 38 North said in an analysis at the end of last week there had been no sign of any activity toward dismantling Sohae or any other missile test site.

Full article at [link:https://www.reuters.com/article/us-northkorea-usa-site/u-s-identifies-north-korea-test-site-it-says-kim-committed-to-destroy-idUSKBN1JH02B|

June 19, 2018

Elizabeth Warren not accepting Chris Mathew's bullshit

Tweety interviewing Elizabeth Warren, doing his crap. "What about Sessions, should he be fired too?" : "Chris, this is the fault of Trump and no one else. It is not complicated." I am paraphrasing, but she is so strong and impressive. Tweety is very annoying with his interrupting and stupid statements and questions.

April 9, 2018

The egg will burst

Michael Cohen served search warrants. Stormy and the many like her will be exposed. Avenatti is kicking his rear.

Mueller's foot is so far up his rear it may soon come out the top of his head. And Mueller will have access to what Cohen has records on.

Pruitt is as corrupt as trump (well, in the same ballpark anyway). Appointing him to replace Keebler man is becoming more and more suicidal.

Syria is exploding after he suggested withdrawing. Bluster and tweets will not be enough.

GOP is losing repeated special elections and will likely go down in midterms.

Pressure forced him to mention Putin in a non-loving manner. His BFF may soon be gone.

And, Melania has got to be miserable (I actually feel sorry for her).

Eggs can be cracked from pressure coming from all directions. It takes a lot of pressure, but when it cracks, it explodes. Or, put another way, the manure is flying through the fan and landing on all of America.

March 25, 2018

The sleeping giant is roaring

Democracies are slow to react to fascist threats. But once awake, the power to enact change cannot be stopped. The blue wave was already coming, but today's events are tidal in their magnitude. trump and the gop fascists will not survive the overwhelming storm coming. The nra will be castrated. These children are heros of democracy.

January 25, 2018

Morning Joe Funny Today

Bill Kristol and Joe talking about Ron Johnson spreading conspiracy theories. I am laughing ... probably like Germans were laughing about Hitler in 1930's. I guess Fox is playing the part of Der Sturmer (my guess).

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I live in small town in North Texas. Republican district. I believe Texas and all of America would be Blue if people were motivated to vote. Fear and hatred easy to campaign on. Reason and caring take an effort to explain and get people to listen to.
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