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Profile Information

Gender: Male
Current location: I live in a trump supporting community 2 bars 1 vfw so beer therapy is available
Member since: Mon Jan 30, 2017, 04:00 PM
Number of posts: 10,009

About Me

The boog

Journal Archives

I'd like to see Flynn try to take the fifth with ucmj court martial

Traitor he swore same oath as all of us vets.

Saw our youngest daughter at the store I paid for her groceries

Was at giant in Gettysburg scoring pasta salad ran into our youngest daughter total surprise . Iím like youíre with dad no budget anyway the cashier said she resembles you dad made me smile, I love our kids.

Then I told her donít mention the two large containers of pasta salad your mom thinks I have a problem

Why can't republicans use thoughts and prayers to stop abortion

My wife read this on Twitter

LGBTQ community celebrating pride month , counter protest just vile people.

In a town around thirty miles from us at the square the LGBTQ community was celebrating pride month. The counter protestors were holding signs of religious messaging yet combined with hateful messaging. I was on my way to order horse feed just pup and I and saw this.
Where are we at as a society how do we get a handle on this christofascist movement we are so far along into it Reagan and immoral majority .

On back porch with dogs having a cold tea my wife and boys bailed to go shop for new sneakers at 56 Iím frightened truly scared for our children grandchildren your children's kidís future as in what society will they live in Iím ranting am glad my wife wasnít with me thanks for listening.

Why does gods plan never include republicans doing the right thing

My wife just read this to me from Twitter

I'm the boss of my house

My wife is just the decision maker.

So my wife says marriage is like a deck of cards.

In the beginning alls you need is two hearts then in the end alls you need is a club and a spade.

I wanted to name our son lance

My wife said no I said in the Middle Ages guys were names lance a lot.

The Governor race Josh Shapiro and Colonel Kurtz from apocalypse now

The christofascist immoral majority scares me ,no republican Jesus did not give us the constitution or the bill of rights I tell the tribe of Colonel Kurtz, these tribe members would be ok with a theocracy.

Golden retrievers are so subtle Boog the chocolate labs not so much.

I find humor this morning at breakfast my mother in law decided to split pancakes with the dogs. The two golden retrievers so gentle and then the boog comes charging in FOOD I love food in trying to get his piece and steal the other twos pancakes.

Then the growling and trash barking starts Mr big paws and Dunk have to be cussing in golden retriever you cotton headed ninny muggins at boog and my mother in law unleashes a barrage of god dammit boog to why are you so dam greedy you are always fed. And In the same breath my mother in law says to my wife are we going to do the nine A.M online church service.
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