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Gender: Male
Current location: I live in a trump supporting community 2 bars 1 vfw so beer therapy is available
Member since: Mon Jan 30, 2017, 04:00 PM
Number of posts: 8,974

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The boog

Journal Archives

Why is the number 6 afraid of the number 7

Because 7. 8. The number 9 told to me this morning for the two hundredth time by our oldest grandson 😉

Off to bakery Im taking orders home school today for the troops.

My wife a Grandma is reading classics to oldest grandson

Hungry caterpillar and are you my mother, I smile my wife and I read same books to our daughters and son when they were young.

It's a good morning my wife got to hear the bobcat

I went and said come outside and she and I sat and had coffee on the back porch and she heard the bobcat several times weve never saw it I just find this so awesome.

Picked up Golden pup at daycare dog daycare, what a pack of savages

The staff was busy so they said just go out to yard three get dunk, his group in play are was pups under two years old.
1- basset hound
1- Great Dane pup
3-other golden retriever
1- cane corso pup 8 months old who was terrified of me the man as I walked into to harness my pup.

Cane corso was like its a stranger and my mommy is not here and hes stealing dunky , its my second day at pup camp is terrible and dunk is getting kidnapped.

I hate seeing pup stressed like cane corso pup I offered him backside my hand and he growled then I offered it again and he licked my hand poor guy. I just find it all amusing I rubbed cane Corso ears I said its fine mister Im dog lover.

If Jesus was allowed to open carry you know what

Hed still be alive today , just got off the phone with my 2nd amendment kid brother. He was raging about Biden Harris taking our weapons having guns is our god given right he said , I said youre right and then brought up Jesus and the apostles only if they could have opened carried theyd still be alive , cuz now there was a group of good guys only if.

Remember the first rule of the passive aggressive club is

Oh never mind forget about it Im ok.

My wife and I had fight she was crawling on her knees at the end

She said get out from under that bed coward.

Accidentally deleted post earlier over my wife boog Duncan

As last night my wife trying get in bed dogs didnt move, she went spare bedroom boog dunk were all stretched out with me she laughs about it , I told her were a dog pack we cuddle.

55 in age , my email this morning.

Offers for
Generic viagra
Reverse mortgage
Burial insurance
Woman man person camera tv, I find it amusing.

Qanon is accusing mike Flynn of being satanist

I have intel from a former Gunny sgt who has satan worshiping friends, that Flynn is only in it for the sex and day old doughnuts carry on.
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