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Duncanpup's Journal
Duncanpup's Journal
September 4, 2023

Golden retrievers sashay walking father squeak lamb needs to go on our walk.

Early this morning beating the heat Dunc and man. We walk in park and we pass dudes with Rottweiler Doberman German shepherds what people think as manly dogs and golden retrievers are not the manly dogs.

I love my boy I love golden’s why because of mister big paws RIP Mr big paws was bestest boy ever and I’m fortunate I knew him. Yet my boy Dunc is doing the golden retriever sashaying that golden’s do when they walk just moving those hind hips. And Dunc is carrying squeak lamb in his mouth on our walk.

Dunc had to go and get his squeak lamb so he could go on walk also as I grabbed his harness ok man we are going on a walk squeak lamb wants to come. And walking Dunc and the Floof fur I see on his bum that the groomer trims just makes me smile as we pass other dogs on our walk and Dunc carrying squeak lamb toy.

And dogs are just the best we do not expect much of them yet when they come into our lives we get so much.

August 21, 2023

This gentleman was checking my mother in law out at grocery store she widowed since 2009

I bumped her at store today at butcher section of store , I said that guys checking you out. She got bit red in face it was obvious he was checking her out at the bakery earlier she’s very beautiful woman.
In car I told her must be your bug spray that attracted him I never knew Deet was an aphrodisiac I said you’re a man magnet.

May 26, 2023

216 months in fed prison Stewart Rhodes a domestic terrorist and a fellow vet.

Stew and i are prior members of the 82nd we’re both the same age fifty seven. I’m going back to work next Tuesday after vacation. Stew is going to Atlanta USP for classification and to wait assignment to one of the Feds U.S.Penitentiaries. Yes with that amount of time it’s gonna be a Prison no camp to start.
Probably best for Stew to get a blade real fast to protect his traitorous ass against the everyday violence. I’m not talking rape no decent convict is down for that shit I’m talking just for protection for survival of every day life in a U.S.P.

These vets that partook in attempted coup or who supports their orange messiah they’re just pure christofascist racist scum. Who betrayed the oath we swore upon enlisting, Now did I take the oath seriously in 83 when I raised my paw no not at all. Yet when trumpig was elected me personally I felt wow it is still binding.

I had conversation at work last week in parking lot with fellow union vet who flies trump 2024 and Hybrid confederate and US flag. I don’t get into the worship of the Stars and Stripes.

Yet I told the dude you know the confederacy stabbed this country in the back. He replied it was for states rights , yea and what kind of rights did the south want tell me. Exactly the right to own another human as slaves so pound sand maga alpha male is what I actually said and thing is he approached me to start conversation.

Good job to the Woke F.B.I. and the Fed prosecutors at the Liberal D.O.J. I now await you to do.
Mike Flynn is long shot yet I await indictments for many others yet especially these two former soldiers who swore that same oath as all of us.
Scott Perry
Doug Mastriano
Crush all these fucking traitors who tried to destroy our Madisonian democracy.

If anyone Vets were offended by this post then you can also Fuck off I just get very emotional over insurrection treason or sedition.

May 25, 2023

Went to the lawn garden center to look at flowers.

The young lady super nice kid as she was making over my favorite son (Dunc pup) she asked what I was looking for. I said to her I’m looking to see if she had any flowers already dead that were potted or weeds I can do great weeds.

May 25, 2023

79 Tokai les Paul reborn for sale.

I don’t know the guy personally who is selling guitar only have talked to him on phone. He was put in contact with me through mutual person who knows I collect MIJ guitars especially from late 70’s into the 1980’s. Guy lives local in camp hill pa local sale or he will ship it to you he is around fifty miles from me yet is still using 406 area code from I guess when he lived in Montana.

The reborn are all on point as in Nitro finish long neck tenon. These were the flagship guitars one third of cost that sent Gibson running to their attorneys to file lawsuits impeccable build one piece mahogany back solid flame maple top Brazilian rosewood fretboard. They are well some MIJ guitar’s are just beautiful instruments in their own way and others are not as much just like American made guitars ,he is also I think gonna list it on reverb.

I’m not interested as the guitar actually is a replica of a 58 les Paul and neck is really thick. He told me on phone neck is more 52-58 years the reborn I have LS is more 59 - 60 neck bought it off another soldier in West Germany in 85 for I think maybe $200 who knew that I found a diamond in the rough at that moment. I’ve seen these reborn go anywhere from two to four grand. And one online for like $7000 clearly the seller is sniffing glue ridiculous for that price your already in Gibson custom shop range and then still have cash left over.

This guy is asking around two thousand to twenty five as it’s not all original I think new tuners and faber bridge tail piece pics show wear but that’s fine. Just tells me it’s been loved and played for the last forty four years. If interested DM me I’ll send you his cell for you to text him at a decent hour.

May 23, 2023

I have now realized that Liz and I failed as parents in a Biblical aspect.

So I ran across this video of why we do not raise our children according to the Old Testament. Because if you did you would be on death row or doing life without parole.
Pre martial sex our daughters - Stoning offense.

Disobedience- 18 & 19 our sons example once again at the pool yesterday swimming laps and making fun of Dad always commenting on my build calling me beef jerky chicken chest - Stoning offense.

Then we have problems like Joseph who got sold into slavery by his brothers pure jealousy from my human sons.

18 & 19 yesterday at their youngest brother (Duncan pup) three year old birthday party. Commenting Dad did you really pay $30 for the bakery to make him a dog approved cake. Hey they said it taste like peanut butter take a bite they declined I also picked up cupcakes for us humans now I’m not sure is being jealous of your father’s favorite child is a stoning offense.

Don’t get me wrong I tell 18 & 19 Dunc has his faults he thinks the word no is a suggestion but he is the bestest boy.

May 22, 2023

Called my former congress rep Scott Perry left a message. I now know why he didn't get that pardon.

Trumpig got one million Rudy got one million. So in my message I said maybe you can explain the predicament you’re in to special counsel. Because once you lose this last appeal over trying to keep the Feds from looking at your phone game over.

Maybe you could just explain to special counsel only if I had two million i would not be sitting here indicted waiting to go to trial over crimes I committed for my oranges messiah. And congratulations Scott I’m thinking special counsel is putting together conspiracy or a RICO case over your attempted fraud against the American voter.

I said you know we’re about same age we both swore oath to constitution upon enlisting you betrayed your oath ,and going to fed prison is not on my list of things I wanted to do. In the Feds you get assigned to either prison or camp and it depends on length of sentence is one of guidelines.

So if you end up in USP penitentiaries because you have a lot of months in sentence to serve I think over sixty months not sure ,your gonna probably have to get a knife to protect yourself against the violence. That violence will be much different that the trickledown repig cut benefits against the elderly or those in need violence that you currently partake in.

May 22, 2023

Going to call the vets this morning for Mr Big paws I'm wondering if he has dementia.

He is fifteen and he still gets around ok I mean he will have moments that we have to help him get up he’s on vetprofin. Yet we’ve all started to notice that he will wonder around the house especially in middle of the night he now is having the occasional accident in the house. He has accident then still goes to back slider to be left out then he stands looking like huh.

Fact is as long as we think he’s not hurting or in pain we would like for him to pass hopefully in his sleep here in his home and not at the vets. So I’m wondering is what I’ll ask his vet about maybe melatonin supplements to help him get back to sleeping at night.

He is such a majestic best guy and has given us so much. I remember the Saturday morning fifteen years ago. We were having breakfast out Liz and i and there was a flyer pure bred golden retriever pups no paperwork $200. Liz said let’s go look we called and this woman said they had two males left I stopped and got cash out ATM.

What a joke let’s go look at a Golden pup fooling each other we both enabled each other especially when it came to animals. Horses a donkey rescue all temporary yea sure.
I even bought a baby pig once yep to raise and slaughter our daughters named him and he started following me around when I’d take care of the horses. He actually followed us all around that hog passed of old age fat and happy.

May 21, 2023

Thinking today of either introducing Peter Green or Rory Gallagher to my guitar slingers.

Sitting at kitchen bar having a hot tea watching Dunc clean his furry golden ass and thinking where do I wanna go on fretboard today with these kids. 18 just went to pick up 16 I met her in my sons high school guitar class in November and she’s been jamming with us all for fun and free never charge I was never charged for lessons although I do pay for true fire online yet always learn.You know what it will be Peter Green we will explore the minor pentatonic today.

May 21, 2023

My wife's Maga Qloon cousin didn't make the cut as District justice primaries.

Saw her and her hubs at grocery store she seriously claiming election fraud she lost by 900 votes . I told her 18-19 and I stuffed the ballot box for her opponent and the boys and I we learned from watching 2000 mules.

So between the store say twenty minutes ride to the house I walk in and my mother in law asked why do you have to stoke them ( my wife’s cousin called her aunt to complain) I said I didn’t know you worked Qloon call center complaint department.

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