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Member since: Tue Jan 10, 2017, 03:45 PM
Number of posts: 1,743

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im back

have lifted my lent silence , (however i ducked in once in a great while and did see lolcats once . palm sunday is coming up and holy week is upon us and easter is on the first of april. i heard that the 2018 budget was passed , what did we loose this time?

breaking my lenten silence just for a bit

please note . have been doing this for several years now and also giving up face bok for lent .
a while back i had declaired californias winter over , but it sure fooled me . i wont eat my hat , ugh. nor will i eat crow . (too hard to catch, and cook) so i say " let the games begin" c u on the other side

i will be giving up du for lent . cu on the other side .

morning temprature check in

sonora ca .( central valley , north of yosemite national park)
temprature: 19 degrees f. sky: 100 % clear. wind speed and direction. unknown. precip. 0 barometer : unknown

he who shall not be named s tweets .

with 45 being more than obxious on twitter , has any one here who is on twitter , complained to twitter about his noxious behaviour? and asked to have him removed? if i were to tweet half of what 45 has , id be banned instantly.

weather temprature check in

sonora ca calling ( central california near yosemite national park).temprature is currently 28 degrees f. sky :clear: windspeed and direction: unk. barometer : unk. happy fat tuesday

thank you to whom sent me a duvallentine

ohm myyyyy!

a strong request to our democratic leaders in the sennate

PLEASE QUIT NEGOTIATING WITH THE REPUBLICON's during the budget process. its a lost cause and u r gambling with the things we belive in. so STOP IT.

hurricane harvey the hawk update , freed back into the wild

i dont know if this fits here but i am a puttin it

i am very pissed off. at the fact that the groper in chief is still in office and that other pedifile in alabama is still running. :bomb:
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