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Member since: Tue Jan 10, 2017, 03:45 PM
Number of posts: 5,717

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2 earthquakes of magnitude 3 and one of four strike truckeey ca.

details below.
abc news sacto report below .

i live in an apartment complex in sonora ca and a friend across the quad felt the mag 4 but not the threes . grass valley lost power . i didnt feel anything.

as per a thread i had posted earlier ,,,,

i have my almost 9 yo mac book pro, running big sur w out any issues .

i feel that this post should be in the computer room , but most topics are on a singular iteom

and not a general forum. a friend of mine is updating my venerable macbook pro to big sur. meanwhile i am using a generic pc with windows 10 . i like . a little slow in most area, but can be gotten used to. if the admin gods feel that this post needs to move , please let me know where i can put it. all in all a nice driving experiance . m$ still needs to quit messing with the gui and improve the os core and file system.
i give it five stars .

i have a friend who is a faa part 107 licensed drone captain.

he and i had a interesting discussion between drones and guns.
he fly's drones professional and is frustrated that he needs a license that people are afraid that the propellers might hurt people and no license and no registration for guns .

what does pwned mean? is there such a word . is it a verb , is it a adverb or a predicate ?

jeoprady! as youve never seen it.(behind the scenes )

recently the rs sound like they have been sprayed with goof gas.

boris Badenov (correct spelling) & natasha at it again.

all these new laws i feel are result of the former guy living there

and pressureing the current gov to do his bidding as the courts said go peddle your papers elsewhere and had a failed presidency to boot . thanks also to alec and the surviving koch bros .

my youtube experiance .

my youtube experiance started in 2009 . first no channels and just a search engine . then the channels came in, then youtube (google ) took them away, what a noise . youtube put them back and now everything is defined by the channels . then youtube put in recomendations . first a little now a whole lot. sometimes recomendations beat what one is looking for even with boolian expressions which dont work anymore . then came the ads . i am 63 years old i am on ssi and regular ss. i pay $76 .00 a month for phone & internet and a few other things. (phone is land line) ads every few seconds . i have adblock, adblock plus adblock plus plus and adblock for youtube . with ads throuput is below stall speed . wo somewhat better . then came ,by me coffe and patrion and amazon links . boiling down to it was the last straw of " includes user adverts" was too much for me to stomach. i walk away. you may or may not like this but there it is , my utube experiance in a nutshell and i dont like the way youtube has gone . this is my own opinion and no one elses .btw i produced for four years and got burnt out. tried again and no joy. have a grand and safe day du. love u all. du rocks .

a while ago someone on here had asked for information of erosion control

does anyone here know who that person was and would love a follow up on their efforts .
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