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Member since: Tue Jan 10, 2017, 03:45 PM
Number of posts: 5,993

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name the first tv program you can remember as a young child .

my turn.
diver dan.

and now for a peacefull interlude,, deerfield beach fishing pier under water cam.

ohh ahh. look at all the pretty fishes .

history of the amtrak ne corridor.

fascinating reading.

am cooking my first meal in my new stainless steel frypan.

hot louisiana style sauges , tomatoes . rice . and frozen mixed veggies . i have my moms old revere ware pots but they are copper bottomed and revere ware shuttered a long time ago. would like some pots like them nuking the rice as we speak. i make enough meals to last a while . take care and have a grand day.

went to big lots and got a 12 " stainless steel fry pan and a 2 quart sauce pan for my induction

hot plate . yay .

after being kicked out of gmail yet again and having to stumble through my passwords

my tech suggested to clear privated data. the machaine used is a macbook air early 2014 ( almost 10 yo). running big sur at the moment .(ver. 11.3.1) i cleard personal data and to do that goto tools / clear private data /deselect the following, browsing history /location bar history/saved form and search history. leave cache and authenticated sessions . since that , i havent been able to do something i havent been able to do on my prefered browser(seamonkey) for years and that is view photos on seamonkey. had to pull shenanigans to do that . hope this helps someone who is having simalar issues .

i had high hopes with Joseph Manchin when he won last year. not so shure anymore.

keep your eye on bombay beach southern ca. had a mag 5.3 and a 4.5 eq

a few minutes ago. a friend of mine said his phone alarm has been going crazy.

my late mom once said that they(rs and fundies ) want to make the usa

into a non democratic "religious" theocracy.

since there isnt a general computer forum, ill post here

this is related to youtube . lately ive been getting a returned error whenever i post a comment . seems random. if u say i dont know ill accept that too. good answer. details on machine : macbook air late 2013 , os is big sur . just updated to 64 bit. bwoser is seamonkey that is all what yt said when i hit post button. hope the details help.
off to vaccuum my apartment. making a giant sucking sound .
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