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AllaN01Bear's Journal
AllaN01Bear's Journal
February 22, 2024

computer nerds will understand this

lettuce goto the supermarket.

February 22, 2024

the management in my aprtment complex is shutting water off from 0800 to 1730 pst ,

no reason given. i remembered a old trick from when i was a kid , i filled a bucket of water to flush.
and greabbed some large pots and filled w water to drink if need be and other chores . away i go.
have a grand day du,

February 21, 2024

this and that 2

in the cartoon show the jetsons , did any of u notice that you naver saw the ground.

February 21, 2024

this and that

several things .
1: my fave dr is the 4th dr and the 13th dr.
2: love gilligans island even though some of its absurd .

February 20, 2024


after watching flash gordon black and white movies , i am now watching buck raogers black and white movies . what late night tv memories fun. now filled with junk. since the hearts are gone i will add that one to my pallate .

February 20, 2024

just spotted a lovely rainbow to the west of me , sorry no pics , dont have th fogiest i dear how to do that,

i first thought it was a tornado and then saw the colors . made my day. update : just looked out my window , hare today and gone today.

February 19, 2024

just talked to a friend in modesto ca.

breaking. modesto ca and environs are on tornado watch according to him. toto , we arnt in modesto any more , oh m myyy. be safe my friend.

February 19, 2024

re: hearts , im blushing .

February 19, 2024

looks like we are in a break for a bit and thunderstorms forecasted for today in sonora ca.

oooohhhhh i love a good thunderstorm. 3 day surface charts show sever tstorms in the upper sacramento valley. redding , roseville , marysville , red bluff.

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