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lambchopp59's Journal
lambchopp59's Journal
December 9, 2021

Face of the FRC

I might have an inkling more respect for religion if it's adherents didn't get so damn imperious about pushing their faith onto everyone.
Working in ancillary medical in the pandemic we're seeing those who are just dying due to insanely stupid convictions, complicating the unholy fuck out of caring for them and others: specifically, objections to removing religious jewelry that has ended tragically. In one case, a patient hid that he was wearing a huge CROSS necklace, even lied to the screening, and the necklace caused facial injuries to the patient and damage to the machine's inner casing as it ripped over his head and projectiled into the machine. Another choker chain had to be cut off of a patient who had an allergic reaction, neck swollen and could have choked herself to death. Again, one who earlier wouldn't remove said necklace "because my faith".
Time and time again I see these religious idiots make total asses of themselves.

November 24, 2021

Perpetual rudeness

Certainly has gotten out of hand.
I sure dislike ever being a "Karen" but today, smear me with the lipstick because "I WANT TO SPEAK TO THE MANAGER!!!"
I just got done putting in the following complaint at Walmart com:
Horrific experience. Worst ever at any Walmart anywhere. Repeatedly requesting "Rosalba" to help me find an item, she ignored me, plinking on her phone. There's no way she didn't hear. I finally found what I wanted without her help.
This wouldn't be so bad on its own had it not been for twice nearly colliding with 2 other Walmart employees, same visit, same thing: plinking on their damn phones rather than paying attention to anything around them.
I'll drive to any other location from now on.

Wally's site apparently has a 500 character limit, or I would have unloaded on them more.

Tell me, DU'ers...
Is it just me or has the concept of customer service gone completely kaflook? Help shortage or not this seemed extraordinary.
Next time I'll remember to fall on the floor then call an injury attorney.
(Kidding. I could never be that jaded. But sometimes... sometines...)

November 1, 2021

It's true. You just can't get good help these days.

While I was in Arizona I thought I'd get a small patch of dirt capped with cement to help with mud control in the rain. Uncertain just who to call, finally finding the listing for cementery in the yellow pages, I called stating I would need their services, gave my address. I thought the funny typo leaving out the "N" in their listing to be sort of odd, but some publications don't do good proofreading I suppose.
I waited and waited all afternoon. Funny part is some traveling salesman stopped by while I was waiting to sell me a burial plot and funeral plan on installments, but the cement truck never arrived.

September 27, 2021

How to defeat the perpetual nature of laundry

I misunderstand just exactly how it's possible to be "all caught up" on laundry. I have a load in the washer right now. Soon it goes to the dryer. But since I'm actively shedding skin cells and sweating up the clothes I'm in doing that, damn, there's more laundry. So if I change those for the ones I pull from the dryer, then I'm dirtying up more clothes. The vicious cycle repeats and repeats... I'll never get the vacuuming done at this rate!!!
Anyway, that's why I got arrested for public nudity at the laundromat.

September 25, 2021

We have all been here before

I realize I'm likely to make an all over the place meandering post here.
92 percent of LGBTQ folks are vaccinated. We've been through a devastating pandemic of our own before.
Sometimes I regret ever having left the fay ghetto (castro) and this certainly qualifies as one of the times I wish I'd seldom ever had to deal with so many of these stupid, Trumper, anti-masker, anti-science gun toting fucking imbeciles.

I suppose part of abandoning the city was having lost 5 friends, my whole "crew", I'm the sole survivor that never recovered from that loss.
Now it's making the money has become paramount to save up for some sort of decent retirement, but because I work in healthcare (imaging) that got complicated via having caught COVID very early on in the pandemic.
I've taken some time off to try relative convalescence, to lower my blood pressure that blew way out of control, and part of that was dealing with idiotic Trumpers, patients and some staff, at work. I've had long hauler symptoms ever since I had the bug, and this worked to get me much healed, back to my baseline before spending one insanely sick weekend.
It's also a tremendous relief that the stupid anti-vaxxers have lost their idiotic stance.
Looks like my next travel contract will be signed this week, and the timing couldn't be better.
I was ready to just bamboozle the pharmacy 10/2 or thereafter to get a booster on board before heading back to where I'll be wearing the space suits in the ICU's again. Now the CDC director gave the panel the reality smackdown about that, thank you Dr. Rochelle Walensky, we need all the immune ammunition we can get aboard.
I'm due for my Pfizer booster 10/2, 16 days prior to resuming work. That couldn't have worked out better.

This pandemic has made a relatively isolated social situation far worse, I still talk to my dog loquaciously and attempt to equivocate some social interaction through internet conversations.
Here's my real hero. The person who has kept my head above suicidal waters throughout this idiotic time/space continuum we find ourselves in. https://photos.google.com/u/1/photo/AF1QipMHLEx9YhMyI6eNuPO83N8cog-H-OmNAzPFUPvz

September 13, 2021

clown after clown after clown

Sorry if this is a bit old. I just caught it today, I'm still holding my guts. What an expert edit, if you haven't caught this, it's worth the half hour. Don't drink anything you don't want up your nose.

September 13, 2021

the reproductive perogative

Responsible for second class citizenship status and worse in religious and other "morality" constructs has gotten so ridiculously dated in a world of nearly 8 billion humans. The birth of a new mouth to feed, so celebrated, so held in reverence, so legislated beyond all common sense (see Texas) has only become nonsense in a world so strained for the resources, so competitive that starvation, plagues, all of nature's fury still battle to control it. Think of the wishes of most every parent-- for their child/children to "have it better than they did", ignorant of the victims who starve, the moral judgements and oppositional justification complexes, the ultimately self-destructive pride becoming far more apparent as greed. I watched as the "greatest generation" lived retirements only possible for the very few now.
Nature knows 7 billion adult humans cannot be driving powerful, self-propelled fossil fuel vehicles without complete planetary calamity, already embarrasingly apparent.
Even right here in "progressive" discussion boards, these greed seeds seep in. Lately I had a dead-end discussion with a DU'er regarding an apparent stuck in "morality" objection this person had to retention of the rainbow flag in a classroom? And I've been racking my brain trying to figure out exactly what the objection to one of the most benign symbols of equality comes from. Perhaps a possibly delusional denial like "My child won't be gay"? This member's objection to this symbol remained unexplained.
Denial solves nothing. I find little else more honorable in this world than those willing to accept the responsibility of taking care of a ready-made child, hats off Pete and Chasten.
Yes, many must get it through their greatest-generation mindset that yes, your child might be gay. Your child might not and yet not have any desire to produce you biological grandchildren because you find that desirable. Because you have some sense of security, a bit more shaken lately, of the idea that your money, investments and resources are infallable?
We can reverse "overshoot day", but it will take far more personal commitment than even many DU'ers are willing to admit to. Let's get real:

September 12, 2021

Oh, so close. Bzzzt. Ten points off for the little lower case "e" as an afterthought

Apparently, their big "walkout" protest plans suffer poor planning and turnout:

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