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marylandblue's Journal
marylandblue's Journal
December 8, 2018

The illusion that one person is our problem.

The American system is broken. Many of us can see that. But the reason why is not obvious. We are focused on Trump as the one who broke it. It's easy to focus on him, because the problems became quite obvious once his candidacy gained traction and he got elected. So it's understandable why we focus on him. And understandable why many people think things will go back to "normal" once he is gone.

That's an illusion. The system was already broken before he started. It's the broken system that allowed him to win. And after he is gone, the system will still be broken. The racists will still be racists. The anti-democratic politicians in Wisconsin, North Carolina, Georgia etc., will continue their work and teach others how to do it. Fox News and right wing radio will continue broadcasting. The 1% will still try to stack things in their favor. Russia will still fight it's propaganda war against Western democracies.

The only solution is to reform the entire system. Things will never go back the way they were. The world has changed too much. We are going to need a new set of norms to restore the rule of law and protect ourselves from Russia. We will need to address the gross inequality of wealth. We will need to reformat our economy to combat climate change. We will need to win the hearts and minds of our fellow Americans. That's all a long term project

Impeachment would be nice, but it can't be our focus. Our focus has to be on reforming the system. Many societies have survived bad rulers. But society that need reform and fail end up smashed on the reefs of history.

December 5, 2018

Last sentence of the Flynn Memo Addendum is interesting

It says that Flynn cooperating led to OTHER first hand witnesses cooperating.

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