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onetexan's Journal
onetexan's Journal
September 14, 2017

Argg - Upcoming Hillary Clinton Downtown Austin Book-Signing Sold Out

Argg argg... i was planning to go! That would have made the 3 hours drive to Austin worth it but i will just need to get the book and see Hillary another time. Wishing she was our POTUS now .


September 5, 2017

Aide says Trump is insane


Posting here in case no one else has poste. Scary but i say let the idiot go full-on insane so Repugs will have no choice but to oust him.

Those who know or watch President Donald Trump closely fear he is “coming apart” under the strain of his failed presidency and often aborted actions. “He’s grasping to achieve something, anything, to prove he’s up to the job,” says a longtime business associate of Trump. “He’s coming apart at the seams.”

Joseph Nye, Harvard professor and author of “Is the American Century Over?” says that, under Trump, “the reputation of the United States has diminished.” Nye adds that being a “reality host” does not give him a “global perspective” that one needs as president.
“This is not going to end well for this administration,” a former FBI official says. “Trump is out of control and what he does goes against core American values.”

White House aides talk in whispers about Trump’s temper tantrums that have become routine. He unleashes strings of obscenities, threatens to fire everyone and too often issues more ominous threats that include violence. “He yells at people, saying he will ‘kick their ass’ or even kill them,” says one, who said she fears for her safety if her name is used. “I think our president is insane!”
A media report that questions one of Trump’s actions can bring on a shouting attack against anyone nearby. Trump, she says, reduces staff members to tears and says some have quit because they can no longer stand being around him.

Secret Service agents joke that they should use the label “Madman” to identify Trump in radio conversations. Others joke about jumping in front of the president to “take a bullet” to protect him. “I might be taking a bullet fired from a fellow agent.”
Trump, they say, threatens to fire all of his secret service detail and replace them with “bodyguards I know and trust.”
That causes the agents to shake their heads because Trump has, in the past, hired personal guards with violent criminal records.
“The president has no sense of duty, not understanding of what it takes to be the leader of a nation,” says a former aide. “To him, the only things that matter are serving his ego and fattening his wallet.”

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