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Member since: Sat Oct 15, 2016, 08:41 PM
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My post on my FaceBook "friends" accounts who are angry with players

I'm about to get unfriended and a lot of hate I bet. I keep posting this on people's facebook when I see them complaining about the NFL and the players.

Now that everyone is ticked off and talking about it. Can we discuss why this all began in the first place? It wasn't because a bunch of players just decided to show disrespect to the flag. Which, by the way, is not just a symbol of our service men and women. It is, as Terry Bradshaw said, as symbol of the ideals of our country.

The idea behind the protests has nothing to do with a lack of support for our troops. It has everything to do with the racism that still exists in our country. The fact that African Americans still suffer injustice at the hands of the police and the court system on a regular basis. It is probably difficult for them to stand in respect of a symbol of something they feel they are not really a part of and from which they are intentionally excluded.

I am sure my post will not be appreciated but there it is anyway.

Harvey Discussion with MAGA co-worker

My recent conversation with a MAGA co-worker who often takes the chance to tell us he is a Christian. I didn't start this one - he did. But I finished it:

Him: Wow, did you see all that stuff happening in Houston?

Me: Yes, horrible, isnít it?

Him: Yes. Did you see how Trump stepped up and promised that the government would take care of everyone? Thatís a REAL President.

Me: Hmm, I thought youíd be upset about the government interfering in a local matter. I mean, you were the one who told me that government is NEVER the answer when I suggested single-payer health care. That private enterprise can ALWAYS do better than the government. (yes, I baited him.)

Him: Oh, thatís different. A lot of peopleís homes have been destroyed in Houston and there are lives at stake because of all the flooding. They HAD to do something. Itís too big for the local people.

Me: Oh really? (Mind spinning here with all the obvious problems in that statement given his earlier staunch defense of the free market as the solution to everything). So, there ARE things that are too big or not well-suited to private enterprise after all?

Him: Sure. A natural disaster is one of those things.

Me: So, I guess timing is everything.

Him: Yes, it is.

Me: Right. So, when a whole bunch of familyís lives are being ruined all at once and they are losing their homes itís a disaster. Because the circumstances are beyond their control. The government should do something. Help out and also protect them from price gouging by private businesses. But when one family at a time is having its life ruined and losing its home over an illness then itís okay. The government should stand by and let the free market take its course. Who cares if families here and there are ruined one at a time, over time.

Him: Thatís not what I said.

Me: Oh, yes, that is exactly what youíve said.

Him: No, you donít understand. People can choose to live better lives and take care of themselves so they donít get sick. The government shouldnít help out people who donít take care of themselves. Itís not the same thing.

Me: Really? You mean people canít chose to not build in flood plains and hurricane zones and they canít just buy insurance on the free market to cover their losses?

Him: Youíre being silly. Itís not the same thing.

Me: You mean people choose to have cancer or be in a life-altering accident? They choose to have an illness in a country where we pay 3 times as much for health care in our free market as other civilized countries do in their single-payer systems? And get worse outcomes overall.

Him: No. Itís just not the same thing.

Me: Hmm, the outcome is the same in both situations. A family is ruined and the country worse off for it.

Him: You just donít understand. Itís not the same.

Me: (Shaking my head and walking away) You are absolutely right. I do not understand.
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