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Member since: Sat Oct 15, 2016, 08:41 PM
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We need to stop taking the Melania bait.

I feel very certain 45 sent her out in that coat on purpose. Full well hoping everyone would jump on the tone deaf story and change the headlines. It worked. At least for a while. Had the real issue of separating families been less emotional and less offensive it would have gone away.

We have to stop letting him drive the news his way. That is one thing he is really good at.

One argument against self-pardons - Noblity Prohibited

If I were arguing the case against Ghouliani on the thought that Presidents can pardon themselves one of the arguments I'd put forth to the court is that the Constitution forbids the awarding of titles of nobility. The intent there is not just that the President should not be called a king but that the President is NOT a king or monarch of any sort.

It should be embarrassing for an actual, licensed, attorney to make the argument the Ghouliani is making. But, since we've dumbed down US citizens they can count on the 45 cultists just going along without critical thought.

If Ghouliani's logic held, then it would be perfectly fine for Trump to murder Ruth Bader Ginsberg on 5th Avenue so he could appoint a new justice, then pardon himself of the Federal Crime for murdering a person appointed to a federal position. Then NY, as it currently stands, cannot prosecute him for the same crime.

That is so absurd that I cannot believe that even the most right-wing justices would want to set that sort of precedent. Where would this end? The President would, effectively, become a monarch.

A sort of Confirmation Bias is what 45 and his ilk give them.

They want to believe that there is someone else responsible for their lot in life. It is far easier to keep selling them the myth that minorities and immigrants are taking things away from them than for us to convince them of the truth. That the Trumps, DeVos's, Kushners, Wall Street, etc. are responsible.

Our totally fucked up, materialistic society has created this problem. Every single one of them wants to BE Donald J. Trump. They believe the myth that he is a successful business man who made his own fortune. They believe all the movies and Shark Tank and other BS that each and every one of them can become a billionaire. So they cannot hate those people whom they are working so hard to become.

They want to be the ugly American, nouveau riche, asshole who can say or do anything and get away with it because they are rich. 45 is their idol. They are certain that some day, some how they are going to "get theirs" and then they will be on top.

Until then, though, it's all the minorities and the immigrants dragging them down. It's an easy sell. They cannot hate the true culprits because they idolize them. Want to be them.

What is really going on in N. Korea? Why is Un so pliant now?

I don't, for a minute, credit 45 with pushing the two countries together. N Korean dictators don't work that way. Something else is going on in N Korea.

These overtures make me suspicious there is something seriously wrong/bad going on in his nuke program. I wouldn't be surprised to find that the majority of his scientists were in a radiation accident or something similarly bad that makes continuing the program almost impossible. The test facility collapsing must have caused a lot of damage we do not yet fully know about.

This is why religion makes me angry and sad.

We have the religious tied up with our government trying to force this country into a mini-theocracy:

The Other Reason Trump Hasn’t Fired Scott Pruitt: His Evangelical Christian Ties
Rebekah Mercer, the billionaire GOP megadonor and financier of anti-abortion groups, Christian colleges and climate change denial think tanks, bankrolled the confab, according to the brochure.

Brent Bozell, founder of the right-wing Media Research Center, opened the program as the master of ceremonies before Pruitt gave his roughly four-minute speech in acceptance of an award for “human dignity leadership.” The Rev. Thomas Joseph White, a professor at the Catholic Pontifical Faculty of the Immaculate Conception, followed him with an invocation.

If these people could just stop believing in fairy tales and start just loving their fellow humans things would be so much better. But, no, their religion is just a tribal identifier and causes the "us vs. them" mentality they further by promoting their version of reality over everyone else's.

One of my HS Classmates is the mother of DeEbony Groves. I'm so very sad. Waffle House victim.

I'm from a small town near Nashville. DeEbony Groves is the daughter of someone I went to high school with.

The shooting is much more personal now.

The AUMF Must Be Repealed!!! Otherwise, 45 and Bolton are going to use it.

The congress must act to repeal the AUMF. This will be the law that Bolton and 45 use to justify the new wars they are about to start.

We seriously have to get our congress critters to repeal or limit this.

Anyone else see the irony in Easter on April Fools day?

Just giggling a little to myself. Thought this might be the only place I could share that laugh.

I know this is a lot to ask, but can we just FOCUS on getting Dems Elected?

When I see threads like this one:


All I can think of is - Is the story this is based on a Russian plant or a GOP plant?

First, let me say I am not trying to call out or shame the OP for starting the thread. I don't fault you one bit for seeing that story, being disgusted and posting about it on DU. You are absolutely right to be disgusted and so is everyone else.

The thing I want us to think about very critically though is this. "Is it worth our distraction away from GOTV efforts and grass roots campaigning to take time and spend it on this thing right now?" I want us to ask that question of every provocative article that gets posted on the web and in every other media. I want us to ask the question "Is this a Russian or GOP planted item to distract us from the real goal - electing Democrats?" We have seen that even left-leaning publications have had stories planted to cause distraction and discord.

I see a lot of back and forth in that sort thread where we fight among ourselves on an issue we can't even do anything about right now. Can we do anything about a real impeachment vote right now? NO. We can't. So why are we squabbling about it and bringing up how Bill Clinton was treated? That does ZERO good and just gets people upset over something we cannot control right now.

I would just ask that we FOCUS on the real goal right now. Get Democrats elected. From local and state to national office. Until we accomplish that everything else is just so much mishmash.

Memphis City Council Outsmarts TN Legislature - Confederate Monuments Come down.

Finding A Legal Loophole, Memphis Takes Down Its Confederate Statues

It was a long time in the making, but when the statues of Confederate figures finally came down in Memphis, Tenn., it was quick work.

On Wednesday, the city sold two of its city parks – one with a statue of Confederate President Jefferson Davis, the other featuring a statue of Gen. Nathan Bedford Forrest on horseback — for $1,000 each.


The move did not sit well with Republicans in the Tennessee House, who called for an investigation on Thursday.

"We are governed by the rule of law here in Tennessee and these actions are a clear infringement of this principle and set a dangerous precedence for our state," House Majority Leader Glen Casada and House Republican caucus chairman Ryan Williams wrote in a statement, according to the Commercial Appeal.

link: https://www.npr.org/sections/thetwo-way/2017/12/21/572654031/finding-a-legal-loophole-memphis-takes-down-its-confederate-statues

This is how you deal with Republicans. You use the same sort of tactics that the GOP is using in the US Congress and across the nation in state legislatures. The only rule of law they believe in is one in their favor. They don't much like when others play the way they do.

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