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Member since: Fri Oct 7, 2016, 04:04 PM
Number of posts: 8,812

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Heroic entity.

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Make Picnics Great Again (MPGA)

Under the misleadership of the republican Draft-Dodger-in-Chief (and perhaps also under orders from the kremlin), republicans have decided to piss on the Great American Picnic Tradition.

Fortunately, damn few American agree with the republican decision to PISS ON PICNICS. Loyal Americans will be feasting away to celebrate summer, another fabulous American tradition that KGOP republicans are pettily peeing upon.

Please #Resist the #KGOPpissONpicnicsPLOT I suggest going full-on patriotic America with a loaf of bread, a jug of California wine, and a shady glen with all your friends and neighbors.

"All your meat rations are belong to us." - KGOP republicans, Inc.

republican Draft-Dodger-in-Chief Comrade Casino & his KGOP republican cronies are systematically fouling America's food system. Here's today's republican kick to America's gut:

ICE arrests more than 100 workers in raid on Ohio meat supplier (CNN)

But of course KGOP republicans have a plan ready for dealing with this:

Comrade Casino*s World Cup team scores a glorious Victory

KGOP republicans in the White House and Congress will be slobbering all over themselves with joy now that their russian BFFs defeated Egypt 3-1.

* aka republican Draft-Dodger-in-Chief

Mexico Vs. Alemania

Viva Mexico ! Kick down the walls! Kick the bejabbers out of the ball. Victoria !

KGOP republicans launch a line of Voter Apparel

The Singapore Surrender (R)

...will live in infamy.

Comrade Casino, the republican Draft-Dodger-in-Chief, totally stabbed our former ally South Korea in the back, by abandoning our joint military exercises. They had not a clue. They were gobsmacked by his impulsive and unwise surrender.

Comrade Casino submissively capitulated to the power desires of russia and china by doing exactly what they wanted by kissing the ass of a murderous dictator.

Pathetic to see a weak, deceitful republican draft-dodging casino hustler surrender American honor and prestige on the international stage. I think I need a Singapore Sling or three.

The Dark of the Moon

The two dictators (as Fox News describes them) are meeting secretly behind closed doors during the Dark of the Moon, and they shall depart soon afterward, winging their way back to their respective abodes during the Dark of the Moon. Virtually all is occulted. Little of what is REAL likely to be revealed. More to come in the weeks to come, so say soothsayers.

Comrade Casino* (R) carried Pooty Poot's agenda to the Great White North

While in Canada the republican misleader further weakened the USA by deliberately & petulantly undermining the alliances that have kept our nation safe and strong for decades.

Meanwhile stateside, republicans submissively acquiesced to the Giant Steps Forward for russia's global AMBITIONS, and the documented** russian ACTS OF WAR against the US electoral system to insure Total KGOP republican Kontrol, Inc.

* aka republican Draft-Dodger-in-Chief
** All 17 US Intelligence Agencies agree that russia perpetrated Acts of War against the USA in the 2016 election to support republican family-values role model Dirty Donny, and that those war activities against America's democracy and electoral system continue (with republicans choosing to remain either meekly submissive or overtly enabling)

Kim Jong-Un prepares for The Handwanker Gambit

No doubt top NK strategists are planning out the approach for the BIG HANDSHAKE moment with Comrade Casino, the republican Draft-Dodger-in-Chief. The republican has a sleazeball reputation as a sneaky handjerker, as many decent people have learned to their chagrin. Your wise primate prepares in advance, you know what I'm sayin?

However, since the republican misleader got totally DOMMMINATED by Macron the Masher, his vulnerability is glaringly obvious. His pussy paw has suffered a justly karmic impression, a Beastly Mark one might say. Should the Jong-unster apply the notorious Palm-Paralyizing Taekwdo Thumb Dig, or the Kickass Kyokushin Thumb Screwww?

We shall see what we shall see.

Russia's war on USA. republican surrender & submission

weak republicans are already in bed with russia as it continues its evil ACTS OF WAR* against America and American democracy. republicans have betrayed the USA - and continue to enable the betrayal of America. They have shamed themselves for all time.

"...after Trump was briefed in January on the intelligence community’s report, which emphasized ongoing activity directed by the Kremlin against the United States, he has not subsequently evinced any interest in what can be done to protect us from another Russian assault...


* according to ALL US Intelligence Agencies, russia has perpetrated Acts of War on US in the 2016 elections to support D. Trump, and these acts of war are continuing...
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