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Member since: Fri Oct 7, 2016, 04:04 PM
Number of posts: 10,079

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Heroic entity.

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Mexico sending hundreds of firefighters to Canada to battle blazes

Meanwhile republican comrade Dirty Donny* squanders our tax money by luxuriating at his billionaire republican gourmet exclusive golf club with his fatcat republican cronies, and figures out ways to continue pissing on our good neighbors north and south. He's so damn busy leading the republican surrender of America to his bankers in the kremlin, that he is actively and shamefully ignoring the catastrophic/apocalyptic fires in America's West. That constitutes a historically cowardly dereliction of duty.

All together this ranks as a total KGOP republican trif*ckta of the American people. America needs a real leader. An honest leader. A leader who will unite and move us forward.

* aka republican Draft-Dodger-in-Chief

Link to the story in Mother Jones:

What happened with the Tightie Whitey Wiggle Walk in DC?

Wasn't that supposed to happen yesterday? Not seeing any news. Maybe some of the republican incels got smudges on their chinos and golf shirts? Something like that maybe coulda ruined their plans?

Republicans want suggestions for naming their first SpaceForce rocket

So I have to vote for the natural, wildly popular, and entirely appropriate choice:

Pooty McPootFace (R)

KGOP republicans select 2018 election theme song

Take it away Betty Soo (I love you) !!

U.S. Intelligence Officials Warn of 'Pervasive' Russian Efforts to Disrupt 2018 Elections

The republican Draft-Dodger-in-Chief (Comrade Dirty Donny) is SURRENDERING America and American democracy to the thuggish, darkside russian A-hole$ who hold his massive debt, and who made his illegitimate republican power theft possible.

Wall Street Journal - August 3, 2018

U.S. Intelligence Officials Warn of ‘Pervasive’ Russian Efforts to Disrupt 2018 Elections

WASHINGTON—Senior intelligence officials described Russian efforts to interfere in the 2018 midterm elections as deep, real and ongoing, showcasing their efforts to combat a threat President Trump has repeatedly dismissed and played down..."


The Ostrich Defense (KGOP republican style)

You claim that you're a republican, and that you didn't know a damn thing. You claim fellow republican Rick Gates did all the dirty crap. But you reap all the $$$ benefits to fund your lavish, luxurious, ostrich-coat republican lifestyle. You depend on your republican lies to keep you free to continue practicing your republican family-wife-swapping-values, and serving your beloved darkside Comrade Dirty Donny, the deliberately deceitful republican Draft-Dodger-in-Chief.

Pinko repubes* are a total disgrace

I'm just sayin...Pinko republican socialist welfare handouts to the farmers they screwed over with their stupid tariff-trade war ploy, using our tax money, defines them for all time as "Anti-conservative welfare republicans*" or Pinko repubes for short.

* under the misleadership of serial liar Dirty Donny,
the republican Draft-Dodger-in-Chie

The 2018 Farm Bill is a crisis of democracy

From The Hill:

"The social contract between our government and its people is hanging on by a thread. If the 2018 Farm Bill is any indication of the strength of that last thread, we are in trouble.

"With its origins in the New Deal, the Farm Bill’s original three goals were to keep food prices fair for both farmers and consumers, ensure an adequate food supply and protect and sustain the country’s natural resources. The current iteration seeks to dramatically increase food insecurity by weakening SNAP, a proven nutritional lifeline, harming working families and slashing support for small scale and sustainable farmers..."

"...Why does this matter? The Farm Bill no longer sits on a three-legged stool of just economic, nutrition and environmental policies. Instead it props up false solutions to hunger by supporting the overproduction of commodities and intensive pesticide use while causing climate change and illustrating the insidious reach of corporate influence on our policymakers..."


Are we taxpayers funding another republican Billionaire Play Day today?

Where is republican Comrade Dirty Donny* today? What are his instructions from Moscow?

I assume the republicans are squandering another $3 million or so of our hard-earned tax dollars to pamper him with yet another golden gourmet golf goof off? And if he's squandering our money on golf, then its a safe casino bet that a cabal of republican fat cat comrades is there with him to sop up the public gravy. Deplorable.

* aka republican Draft-Dodger-in-Chief

Speculation free-for-all: What really happened in secret Helsinki collude-a-thon?

I've got a feeling (a feeling approaching near certitutide) that something dark, dank, and SNEAKY happened in that occulted meeting between Pooty Poot & Dirty Donny* (R). And I've got a strong hunch that whatever it is, it ain't something good for democracy, truth, or justice.

You can bet your bippy something UNKNOWN went down. What do you suppose it might be? Free hat tips for Informed Speculations.

* aka republican Draft-Dodger-in-Chief

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