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Member since: Fri Oct 7, 2016, 04:04 PM
Number of posts: 15,543

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Heroic entity.

Journal Archives

Hey Merrick, toss us a frikken bone

WTF is going on? The Rightwing antidem antitruth Rabids are in Uber Froth.

Meanwhile, the honest, decent, patriotic citizens of the USA are wondering what the deal is. Time to dish.

Glorious Democratic Victory is America's Destiny 2022-24!

I'm just sayin...

So we all need to work our butts off, and chip in to make that real, and to fricassee the Fart-flavored Iron-plated-AssHolery of Republican-Russian Treasonous Lying Cheating XristoFascism and it's Soul-Sucking Sickness.

Whatever, you catch my drift.

The Hallowed Parquet Floor

is hosting another Game 7. I got a lucky feeling.

America has had far worse traitors than the G.O.P.

No one ever said.

No one will ever say.

TFG drains the swamp

Everything the draft-dodging Republican Casino-Hustler-in-Chief, and moral leader, touches either dies, or turns to shit.


Disney announces blockbuster new film

Trumpocchio & the KGOpee Republicon Moral Dwarves Vs. America

A song to brighten your day

Moskva means Moscow. The Russian freaking FLAGSHIP in flames

apparently is named for Moscow, the capital. Omen? Would be good.

Reports still to be confirmed. But so far lots of reports saying the freaking FLAGSHIP of the Republican Party, ooops, my bad, I mean the Russian Butchery Machine, is in flames.

Ivanka tips over Republican traitor shithouse

Many people are speculating that Ivanka let it all hang out today blabbing to the J6 Investigatory Borg, and that consequently the stanky horde of KGOP Republican traitors are now slowly twisting in the foul, polluted winds of their own flatulent fuckwadery.

Now America will get troof: CBS tabs The Mickster (R)

CBS Corporate Bigwigs and "journalists" contract The Mickster (R) to teach America what to think and say.

CBS Corporate execs say: "America needs some Royal Republican Mickster up the old wazoo to boost our profits. So sit down, shut up, and swallow what The Mickster spews."

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