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Member since: Fri Oct 7, 2016, 04:04 PM
Number of posts: 4,246

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Heroic entity.

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Republican Treasonweasels

Tip O' the topper to Louise Mensch for coining the stiletto-sharp meme: "Republican Treasonweasels" aka #treasonweasel

Thanks also to L.Coyote for chumming the meme up into DU view in another OP. 'Treasonweasels' is so fitting and descriptive that I felt it deserved a thread of it's own.

Trump's deleted tweet? Anyone have it?

After debasing himself and the Boy Scouts of America with sexual innuendo and hate-rousing, self-aggrandizing rhetoric, the republican Draft-Dodger-in-Chief tweeted out SOMETHING last night or this morning that was then very quickly deleted.

I keep reading references to this ignoble, and now disappeared tweet. But wha? Anybody have it?

republicans name new, improved Lie Czar

PISSHOLE ON THE POTOMAC - Having failed to keep control over their output of lie spewage, the republicans have announced the appointment of a "new, improved" Lie Czar who has responsibility to "get our deceitful, treasonous shit together" to avoid the law and the truth, and to help Grab More Illegitimate Power.

Anthony Scaramucchi (aka 'Tony the Tongue') was named the new (hopefully improved) DisInfo Czar by none other than Comrade Casino, the ignoble republican Draft-Dodger-in-Chief.

As their first official statement (issued in complicity with their republican Cabal of Colluding Comrades), the officials warned honest American citizens and journalistic truth tellers to watch their asses, because republiThugs would soon be "coming to get them."

"You won't have me to kick around any more." - Spicey (R)

Or to lie to Americans any more. Republicans have a new, improved KGOP liar in place, so no need for Spicey, yesterday's washed-up republican liar...

republican's special russian friend: Irakli Kaveladze

JarJar faces down his critics

JarJar Binks, that is. If you thought I was referring to the republican traitor Jared Kushner, son-in-law of the republican Draft-Dodger-in-Chief, you have been suckered. Get used to it. Republicans are in control and plan to continue their Massive Planetary-Scale Life-Treasonous Suckage indefinitely.

Meanwhile, recall that in the darkness of the movie theater you have been
...in the presence of the most hated-upon alien in the galaxy: Jar Jar Binks.

...the Jar Jar jeremiad lasted for years. A site called JarJarMustDie.com was launched... And now, today...


JarJar au natural:

JarJar Kush (R - Traitor to America)

"Big Military Person" - republican style

the republican Draft Dodger-in-Chief is lying to say that Putin wanted Hillary to win because he was afraid that Comrade Casino, was a "Big Military Person."

What a foul crock of shit from a five-time republican draft dodger. He is PISSING disrespect on all the honorable men and women who have served in the US Armed Forces.

"How was I to know she was with the russians?" - Junior (R)

The spawn of the republican Draft-Dodger-in-Chief, Donnie 'Dim Bulb' Junior, and his mob attorney have selected the theme song for his forthcoming Perp Walk:

Comrade Rob: the republican go-to russian operative

freaking Rob (hint, hint) Goldstone (republican-russian symp).

Why are the republicans and their godforsaken Draft-Dodger-in-Chief, Comrade Casino, rubbing their stupid treasonous shit in America's face?

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