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Member since: Mon Jun 20, 2016, 05:20 PM
Number of posts: 8,345

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Trump Leaks His Own Intelligence Briefings Documents: Wow! This is serious stuff!

It seems that somebody (probably Trump) has put his intelligence briefings on the internet. It looks like these briefings were specially prepared for Trump to make them easy to understand. This is unbelievable! Here they are:

Confidential Trump report for those who have not seen it.


Note: This is a PDF. See posts below for reviews!

Not near a TV, but why has Trump hijacked the Dem convention?

This is terrible for Dems.

Trump breaking news: I have ZERO investments in Russia

Trump on Twitter:

For the record, I have ZERO investments in Russia.


But that is not the question. The question is how much money have you borrowed or been given from Russia, and why are you obsessed with Putin?

A Twitter history of Trump's treacherous obsession with Putin

Trump's love affair with Putin, as seen in his Tweets:

Do you think Putin will be going to The Miss Universe Pageant in November in Moscow - if so, will he become my new best friend? 18 June 2013

I am not angry at Russia (or China) because their leaders are far smarter than ours. We need real leadership, and fast,before it is too late 6 September 2013

America is at a great disadvantage. Putin is ex-KGB, Obama is a community organizer. Unfair.
https://twitter.com/realDonaldTrump/status/456895966327480320?ref_src=twsrc%5Etfw 17 April 2014

Putin has become a big hero in Russia with an all time high popularity. Obama, on the other hand, has fallen to his lowest ever numbers. SAD 21 March 2014

I believe Putin will continue to re-build the Russian Empire. He has zero respect for Obama or the U.S.! 21 March 2014:

Nate Silver: Weak Republican Convention Boost is a "Bad Sign" for Trump

Earlier this week, I wrote that “it would be a bad sign for Trump if he can’t at least tie Clinton in polls conducted in between the RNC and the DNC.” Our now-cast, which is very aggressive and addresses the question of what would happen in a hypothetical election held today, shows Clinton up by about 1 percentage point, so Trump has almost brought the race to a tie, but not quite.


Trump gains in new Reuters/Ipsos poll

The July 18-22 national online poll found that 41 percent of likely voters supported Clinton, while 38 percent supported Trump. Given the poll's credibility interval of about 4 percentage points, Trump and Clinton should be considered to be about even in the race.

Just before Republicans opened the convention on Monday, Trump had trailed Clinton by nearly 10 percentage points in the poll.


Rasmussen's 7 point Trump lead almost evaporates

Trump 43% (was 44%)
Clinton 42% (was 37%)


Speechwriter, Meredith McIver photoshopped picture with Trump and fake profile

Here's a photo, supposedly of Trump and McIver

Here's another one, same image of McIver in same room, no Trump

Photos can be seen on: https://twitter.com/imeredithmciver which is obviously fake and was created yesterday.

No Facebook or LinkedIn can be found.

No media have been able to contact her.

No record of her being on the Trump campaign payroll.

No evidence at all that she exists.

More info on on: https://www.good.is/articles/will-the-real-meredith-mciver-stand-up

This story is bigger than the plagiarism scandal that started it. It is bigger than the denial by the Trump Campaign. It is bigger than the campaign manager blaming Hillary Clinton. This is a story that needs to run and run.

Why I think giving Trump's children a platform is a big FAIL.

Trump has made a connection by being seen as an everyman who speaks plainly, "says it the way it is," and empathizes with the concerns of paranoid, low-education, white voters who feel they aren't getting their fair share and are not listened to by the establishment elite.

But what about his children? How are they connecting with Trump supporters?

Do they look like they are "of the people for the people?"

Or do they look like spoiled brats who haven't done a day of real work and haven't got a clue and think they can tell Trump supporters what is wrong with public schools and welfare programs?

Do Trump's children share his common touch? Do they show how somebody with a small loan from their father can be a yuuuuge success, or are they too polished, too smartly dressed, too well-spoken, too stiff, too educated, too privileged, too entitled, and exactly the things that Trump supporters despise?

I would be interested to hear your views.
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