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LongtimeAZDem's Journal
LongtimeAZDem's Journal
December 17, 2018

I didn't vote for a woman in 2016

I voted for Hillary Clinton, former Secretary of State, former U. S. Senator, the best vetted and hands down one of the most qualified people ever to run for the office.

I didn't vote for a black man in 2008; I voted for Barack Obama, former U. S. Senator, professor of constitutional law, and one of the most inspiring orators I had ever seen.

I didn't vote for a white man in 2004; I voted for John Kerry, former Secretary of State, former U. S. Senator, recipient of the Silver and Bronze stars, and anti-war activist.

I didn't vote for a white man in 2000; I voted for Al Gore, former Vice President, former U. S. Senator, one of the first to recognize the the coming of information technology, who sounded the alarm of global warming.

I will make electability arguments that will include factors such as race and gender, but only as applies to how it my help or hurt in certain demographics; none of that has anything to do with my personal preference. I want a capable, honorable candidate who can win. Period.

Comments like "too many penises" and "no more white guys" are simply bigoted, IMO, and I frankly cannot understand how they are permitted under the TOS.

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