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Member since: Mon Jun 13, 2016, 01:17 PM
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Meet the Georgia county commisioner who called John Lewis a "racist pig"

According to the Atlantic Journal Constitution,

One of the highest elected officials in one of Georgia’s most diverse counties waded into controversial territory over the weekend when he wrote a Facebook post calling U.S. Rep. John Lewis – a Civil Rights legend already locked in a war of words with president-elect Donald Trump – a “racist pig.”

Here's the text of the deleted Facebook from an AJC screen grab of the now private account:

"John Lewis is a racist pig. There ain’t one political pundit that didn’t say on November 9 that this would be Demonrats EXACT response to Trump winning. Like I heard Rush, I believe say, Demonrats DO NOT live in reality. They believe they were right and THE REAL VOTES were wrong. What a bunch of idiots."



Paul Krugman is on fire today.

"Now, anyone questioning Mr. Trump’s legitimacy will be accused of being unpatriotic — because that’s what people on the right always say about anyone who criticizes a Republican president. (Strangely, they don’t say this about attacks on Democratic presidents.) But patriotism means standing up for your country’s values, not pledging personal allegiance to Dear Leader".

SNIP -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

"So let’s be thankful that John Lewis had the courage to speak out. It was the patriotic, heroic thing to do. And America needs that kind of heroism, now more than ever."


Business Insider: Dossier Alleges a Trump-Russia Quid Pro Quo Arrangement

An unverified dossier provided to US intelligence officials alleges that President-elect Donald Trump "agreed to sideline" the issue of Russian intervention in Ukraine during his campaign after Russia promised to feed the emails it stole from prominent Democrats' inboxes to WikiLeaks.


Prominent local Republican arrested for grabbing a public worker by her pussy

after calling her a bloodsucking, lazy union employee


Russia Could Decriminalize Domestic Violence

"A bill introduced by an ultra-conservative Russian lawmaker in August that decriminalizes domestic violence just passed its first reading in Russian parliament, according to the Moscow Times. Only one member of parliament voted against the bill, while 368 voted in favor of it. If the bill passes, it would remove the charge of “battery within families” from Russia’s criminal code, meaning it would be categorized as an administrative offense, and victims could not press criminal charges."



President Obama Was a Groomsman in a Wedding This Weekend

"Marvin Nicholson, Obama’s longtime aide and regular golf partner, married Helen Pajcic, who works on policy for the Department of Education, at a private home in Jacksonville, Florida, this past weekend, with the president by his side, the Washington Post reports."


Trump lawyer Michael "Says Who?" Cohen implicated as one of the Trump-Putin operatives.

"Speaking in confidence to a longstanding compatriot friend in mid-October 2016, a Kremlin insider highlighted the importance of Republican presidential candidate Donald TRUMP's lawyer, Michael
COHEN, in the ongoing secret liaison relationship between the New York tycoon's campaign and the Russian leadership. His role had grown following the departure of Paul MANNAFORT as campaign manager in August 2016. Prior to that MANNAFORT had led for the TRUMP side."


Epic take down of Trump and Conway concerning Meryl Streep's speech

"As any decent actress knows, it’s impossible to mock someone for begging for forgiveness without bending your your right arm into an uncanny — but totally coincidental — resemblance of former New York Times reporter Serge Kovaleski’s arthrogryposis."


Hillary Clinton received an ovation on Broadway today

at the final performance of The Color Purple.

"Mrs. Clinton, accompanied by her husband, former President Bill Clinton, and their daughter, Chelsea, received several ovations from the sold-out audience as she arrived, and then another round of applause when she was acknowledged by the cast after the show."


Chaffetz threatens to investigate President Obama

for designating Utah's Bear's Ear area as a national monument.

"The Utah Congressman then threatened the departing President by using his power to investigate anything or anybody and said, 'I'm the chairman of the Oversight Committee, I can investigate anything at anytime. I can actually issue subpoenas and drag them ...' "

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