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RickHworth's Journal
RickHworth's Journal
December 19, 2023

yes , lady, who works in media.

why is the media not supporting nor contrasting the idea that immigrants are poisoning the idea that immigrants are poisoning the blood of the country?
"Why is the media so timid?" Joy Reid

December 13, 2023

Is this where we are, now?

Just watched yet another commercial advertising Zeba shoes and how you can now just slip your feet into laced up shoes.
I have heard a radio ad for shoes for children that, you don't have to "fight" with your children to put their shoes on, anymore.
My baby, now 32, grew up in the Velcro generation, learned from her best friend next door, that just learned to tie her shoes, taught her to tie hers, reducing my headache by much.
And then, there is my grandson, now 11. Watching him tie his shoes make me think that he will be well suited for a bomb squad. He is my lesson in life about patience, tolerance, and understanding.

December 9, 2023

Just saw the oddest thing on MSNBC

Ari show was actually giving credit of the positive news of the economy. Albeit it was on a few minutes, and I only caught the end of the segment but, it was a little refreshing to hear. As opposed to the constant republican strategy and analysis.

December 5, 2023

It is with the full throated assistance of the main stream media, explicitly

the continued support of the tRump presidency.

October 25, 2023

I simply loved it when the MSM called out

the republican party for being in such disarray, not being able to function to do their elected Constitutional duties to ensure the continuance of our democratic system of governance.
Nope, still a horse race.

October 12, 2023

I was fortunate to spend the last two weeks in Germany.

It was for my job and I had the privilege to enjoy a small town in southern Germany, Goppingen, and Donzdorf. This was my first time in Europe.
This is what I have learned.
Most speak English, or enough to be able to convey a complete thought. (My German was severely lacking)
They listen to a lot of American pop music, more than I would ever listen to.
Food is really good; bratwurst is different and sauerkraut taste kind of ok.
Their roads are exceptional, no potholes, or patch spots, my top speed was a comfortable 180 Kph or 110 Mph in an Opal SUV (my top comfortable speed in America is 80 Mph)
Very homogenous small-town living, young adults "hang out" without music in the town center.
There is an immigration issue that is being addressed, a lot more complex with the war to the east and everything else in the region.
Most importantly, American "news", not so much.
Presenter: "Donald Trump, already found guilty of fraud, had a hearing in American court."
Airing of a rambling "rebuttal" from the same.
Then airing of the District Attorney stating "There no one above the law, no matter how much money you think you have..."
Presenter; "on to the next story"
Two weeks without hearing much of American news, especially lacking commentary, has been close to a moment of Zen.
I almost forgot, the trip home. Did not have to take off my shoes in Germany. Police actually monitoring the airport with submachine guns. People with issues and first-class people get on the plane. Then everybody else.
Land at Dulles to go through customs and immigration. Police yacking at each other, not pay the least bit of attention.
I found a wallet just outside the airport on the way to my car. My team member and I are going through this wallet, looking for any identification to call with no success. I See a police officer across the drive, I can't get his attention. My coworker found the owner of the wallet with my verification.
I miss the ten minutes block of American "news".

September 5, 2023

M$M explaining why the working man doesn't deserve better wages.

We did this before; it is called wage inflation, and it must be stopped at all means!
The first time that a "family" car cost more than $10,000 back in the late 70's.
There is a concerted effort to squash the resurgence of that happening again, including the threatening talk of the recession, that is just around the corner, without any evidence.
We do have the FED under Jerome Powell trying hard as heck to make that recession a reality, if not only the appearance of some semblance of a sign that the recession is yet around the corner, even though there is no one outside of the nay sayers see any evidence of a recession coming.
Yet, the FED increases interest rates. Who does this hurt? The working man.
This is not a fight against inflation, it is a fight against the working man.

August 11, 2023

The correct word is "fraudulent"!

I am tired of the soft shoe routine around the very serious matter of maintaining our Constitution, and the rule of law. Stop referring these seditionists and traitors as "fake" or "alternate", as if we are on a playground of a primary school. These people knowingly, with intent, committed an act of fraud by filing fraudulent official papers to our government.
I fail to see the difference between the person bouncing a check and being prosecuted, usually in thirty days, to those that created their own fraudulent papers and willfully submitting the as fact.
The one that bounced that check, probably took the chance that they could cash their paycheck in time to make the deposit.
The fraudulent "electors" intended to defraud the federal government for their own means.

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