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Name: Rick
Gender: Do not display
Hometown: Maryland
Current location: here
Member since: Sat Apr 23, 2016, 12:12 PM
Number of posts: 94

Journal Archives

"The debt limit has nothing to do with the future budget proposals"

"In fact, they have nothing to do with each other."
I would love to see the responsible media begin with a very precise explanation of that difference.
It would shorten the argument that I am having with my bar tender over my tab, that is due today, over my tab that will start tomorrow.

Over seven minutes devoted to the damage done due to hurricane Ian,

Glossing over the collapse of the insurance industry in the state of Florida. Highlighting all of the damage and destruction and the failures of the same insurance program of the state, not covering those losses.
Waiting patiently for the first question directed to the governor of that state.
I hear that he wants to be president.

Having fun with the Bing AI

My question, " How did news become entertainment"?
Answer: "News became entertainment as a result of several factors. One of the main reasons was the transformation of network news into a profitable business. The formula for making network news profitable was to make the product more entertaining. When stories are told in ways that engage the audience, often by touching their emotions, news programming can generate high ratings and revenues."
I think we have an answer.

"A good guy with a gun"

With all of the very recent mass shooting events, one thing seems to be missing from these news "reports".
Where is the "good guy with a gun" narrative? Truly, this should be easily demonstrated. (except those that patiently waited outside the classroom in Texas)
I put this in the same vein as those that praise the iron lung in the height of polio in this country, absent the vaccine.

You mean to tell me that a Governor can ban FDA approved medication?

Pray tell, a Governor of one of these United States, can take it upon him/herself to ban a medication in their state? Especially using the premise of "protecting" their citizens?
It should be relatively easy for anyone to explain why this action was not taken on Oxycodone and OxyContin.
I anxiously wait for explanation and responses.

I went in for my second colonoscopy today, at age 60

I am a Black man and considered higherish risk to colon cancer. My physician, of many years, takes no guff and is on the same page as far as extending our time together, if I like it or not.
I was familiar with most of the staff at the endocrine center from ten years prior, a lot of Dad jokes and a nurse with the same name as my granddaughter, a really rare name, and the doctor performing the procedure with the same name as my paternal grandmother, also super rare.
Anyway, no immediate bad news. found a polyp that was successfully removed and sent for biopsy. It was suggested that I set up an appointment with a urologist because a concern of my prostate, my blood sugar was a little high and my blood pressure was elevated. All of which pointed to necessary changes to my diet, high fiber low fat, more veggies, all of which I have been doing for awhile.
So, as I wait for the biopsy results to come in, I strongly suggest if you are over fifty, or even close, get the colonoscopy. I did this on my two vacation days. (because we don't have sick days at my job either)

Things I would like to witness

As a resident of the state of Maryland, I would love to see the same skepticism and level of inquiry that is now presented to our current Governor, that, seem not to happen with any prior Governor, nor any other Governor of any other state, according to MSNBC.
By the way, Baltimore is but one city in the great state of Maryland. We have more cities, many more. They have crime, too.
Annapolis is our Capitol.
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