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Jackie Wilson Said

Jackie Wilson Said's Journal
Jackie Wilson Said's Journal
May 5, 2016

Do you folks know why Cinco De Mayo is more important to Californians than Mexicans?

And why Cinco De Mayo is important today, given the political climate?

The celebrations can be traced back to the Civil War


“Cinco de Mayo is part of the Latino experience of the American Civil War,” he says. “It’s not about the Mexican experience.”
May 4, 2016

May 4, 1970....It can happen again, you know.


If a moronic narcissist takes over the WH, Drumpf, or a moronic/narcissist/religious fanatic,, Ted Cruz, we could very well see American soldiers shooting and killing American citizens for the crime of protest, again. Which is not a crime, by the way.

May 3, 2016

Van Jones says Trump will win, unless...PLEASE everybody watch this!


Go to this post and you will see the link to the video

It is 13 minutes about how GOP took him for granted, week after week saying

he cant win, wont win. But he kept winning, and winning, and winning.


It sounds the warning of complacency and in a way that really makes sense.
May 2, 2016

If Hillary isn't indicted.

1. She was never going to be, this was a GOP driven attack on Hillary not unlike the 25 year propaganda campaign from the right to destroy her

2. She is guilty of terrible things but you know, she is powerful so she bought off the FBI

3. Good music, light ale beer and potato chips make for a fun Sunday

April 30, 2016

Trumpzilla by Van Jones on FB

Can someone link the video here of this, some of you know what I mean I assume.

He surmises Trump will win WH unless the Democratic party realizes he is no joke as to winning and will win if we arent careful.

I dont have access to FB but someone showed me the video.

April 28, 2016

Hillary campaign staffer asked me what do Bernie or Bust types need...

This person knows I work on the Sanders campaign, locally.

This person has read and heard over and over about how Bernie or Bust types need to be given a reason to vote for Hillary, which this person assumes means they need something from Hillary as in promises for their own needs.

My friend and I are the types who never vote for our own personal needs but the needs of those with less power than us, or those targeted to HAVE less than us, so we are not used to how to handle this.

i told her I would ask.

What exactly does Hillary have to promise YOU, for YOU, so she can have your vote?

I know Bernie has never promised ME a god damn thing, I have healthcare, dont need a higher education, so my support of Bernie has always been about what his agenda can do for others.

So again, what does Hillary have to promise YOU?

April 27, 2016

Sandernista rebels are so rebellious and so radical they're going to stay home and pout

Sandernista rebels are so rebellious and so radical they're going to stay home and pout if their preferred candidate isn't on the ballot, and berate everyone else who participates with indignant sneers and elitist scorn.

A friend of mine just said this to me and I had to repeat it here.

Talk about summarizing this whole thing succinctly.

BTW, the person who said this is like me, a Bernie voter. But I guess, like me, a different type of Bernie voter than many we find here at this political message board.

(of course staying home and pouting, and voting 3rd party, are the same thing because we have TWO choices in November, sorry to break the bad news)
April 27, 2016

Reading here and hearing callers call in liberal radio shows, I am in AWE of the propaganda

successfully used over the past 25 years by the right wing conspiracy to destroy Hillary Clinton.

In fucking AWE.

I mean that sincerely.

I have heard caller after caller say they dont like her, dont trust her, but when pushed as to why they cant really put their finger on it.

Now most of them dont read Democratic Underground or have access to the posts here that are often (not always, but often) prepared by the GOP and placed here listing all the things you should dislike about her or reasons to distrust her, they just dont because they have heard thousands of times that they shouldn't.



The sad thing is there are plenty of reasons why a liberal should be bothered by Hillary as one should be bothered by most politicians, but most of the reasons given are bullshit and you never hear or read why it would be insane, and it is, to compare her to the right.

April 27, 2016

So GOP White House not the end of the world, to some here?


Thom just said one in three African American men in FL are in prison or are unable to vote as once in prison.

I think this is more nationwide, and why is it this way?


Simple fact is it is this way to prevent black people from voting, brought to you by the GOP.

Any person who thinks there is not enough reason to vote for the Democrat in November, is
*@)>"#^& me off

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