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Funtatlaguy's Journal
Funtatlaguy's Journal
March 2, 2016

Is this a fair way to describe Hillary on policy?

Foreign Affairs. Conservative
Economic Affairs. Moderate
Social Issues. Liberal

March 1, 2016

Is Bernie to the left of Hillary on everything

except, maybe, guns?

February 29, 2016

Tulsi Gabbard has a future in our party.

I'm not talking about her resigning from the DNC and endorsing Bernie.
That certainly ruffled some party feathers but will fade in years to come.

I had never seen her before an interview this morning.
Very attractive,,,I know that shouldn't matter, but.
Very well spoken.. No ums or ahs.
Military veteran
Gives a clear and concise presentation.

I hope she stays in politics.

February 26, 2016

Trump just made fun of Rubios EARS....

He said Rubio was putting on his makeup with a trowel back stage of the debate...maybe it was to cover up his ears.

February 26, 2016

Most Americans Don't Deserve Someone Like Bernie

I am blue n the face talking to other liberals here in Georgia.
Friends and family members that agree with me on most political issues won't even consider Bernie.
The won't even watch his stump speech on utube.
They just can't get past the word Socialist.
They claim that Bernie would be destroyed by Trump or any republican.
I've shown them the many polls showing Bernie doing better than Hillary against Trump.
They don't believe those polls.

So, here I am with all of this.
Someone smart once said that we get the government that we deserve.
Bernie is too good.
He's too honest and caring.

Most of us dint deserve someone like him yet. Sigh.
Maybe someday America will.

February 24, 2016

An idea to raise the young vote for Sanders.

Here's an idea that might raise Bernies numbers and be fun for college students.

What if college students in Super Tuesday states challenged other college students in their states to see who get out the biggest vote.
E.G. University of Oklahoma students would go on social media challenging Tulsa and Oklahoma State to see who can most Feel the Bern.
HBCU's could also do this like Spelman and Morehouse in Georgia.

They would just set up a tally system with pledges to vote from each school on certain social media sites.
Then, on Tuesday, have another tally for students to say that they just voted for Bernie.

Do this in all 11 Super Tuesday states with their respective colleges.
You could even have prizes of some sort for the winning schools, even if they were only virtual prizes.
What do you think college student Berners?

February 24, 2016

MJ pumping a Trump/Rubio ticket.

Mika and Joe saying that's why there is little attacking of each other. A deal has been struck.

Just for fun, let's say that ends up being the GOP ticket.

How would these fare against each other?
Trump/Rubio vs. Hillary/Castro
Trump/Rubio vs. Bernie/Warren

February 23, 2016

Could Spike Lee save Bernies campaign?

It doesn't take a rocket scientist to see that the black vote will decide this election.
Nationally, Bernie has a small lead amongst whites and a small deficit amongst Latinos but a huge deficit amongst blacks.
It's too late to change that in SCarlona and probably on Super Tuesday.

But, after that, if Bernie is still viable, there is only one question.

How or if Bernie can cut into his huge black vote deficit?

The only really big name African American that I've seen endorse Bernie is Spike Lee.
Maybe Bernie should heavily use him in commercials and rally appearances?

As a Bernie supporter, I think it may not be possible.
Hillary has done a great job securing the black vote.
Looks like they are going to be the difference.
Not really sure what Bernie could have done to change that. We shall see, I guess.

FYI, I am one old white liberal Bernie guy that will fully support Hillary if she is our nominee.

February 21, 2016

Who lives in a March 1st primary state?

This morning, on several shows, Bernie was asked what states he thinks he can win on March 1.
These are the ones he named: Vermont, Massachusetts, Minnesota, Colorado, Oklahoma.
He did not mention: Texas, Tennessee, Alabama, Arkansas, Georgia, or Virginia.

Your thoughts, my friends?

February 21, 2016

Bernie needs an Emergency Meeting to discuss Black Vote NOW!!!

It's really been his only big failure in the race.
He simply can't lose the black vote 80-20% and win the nomination.

So? Can that change? Can he cut that to 60-40?

Probably not before S.Carolina.
So, why compete there now?

Put on your campaign managers hat with me, Bernie supporters.
Give me your best ideas on what you'd do if you were Jeff Weaver.

My suggestions:
Pull all campaign staff and commercials from S.Carolina (explain this by saying that you admit Hillarys lead there is insurmountable and that you will concentrate on March 1 states).

Hold 3 focus groups exclusively with African Americans.
Group One: Pro--Hillary. Why do they like her? Is there anything Bernie could do to sway them?
Group Two: Neutral: Pros and cons of both candidates? What do they still need to hear?
Group Three: Pro-Bernie: Why do they support him? Why don't their family/friends?

Gather all of your staff members and endorsers that are black.
Have Ben Jealous and Nina turner get them in a room for a "come to Jesus" type meeting.
No white staff in the room including Bernie.
This group should come up with specific things that they think can be done.

These are my ideas? What are yours?
I'd especially like to hear from African Americans.

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