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Member since: Sun Sep 27, 2015, 09:47 AM
Number of posts: 14,349

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What the heck happened to Mississippi??

The Promise...Springsteen

Probably my favorite song by Bruce...rough night, and I needed to hear it

Dirty Water...for Boston today!

Wish I still lived up there!! All those beautiful people standing up to hate and bigotry!!

We don't need a new slogan...we should fight for the "Four Freedoms"

The Four Freedoms were a benchmark of the FDR presidency, a goal which, although we have strived to achieve, remains unclaimed and, in our current political environment, they remain under severe attack. As a party, everything we stand for, every so called "litmus test" is summed up in these principles. We don't have to reinvent new slogans and catch phrases to win voters. We only need to look to our robust past to find our inspiration!

Gimme Shelter....

Seemed appropriate background music for the day

Emo Trump....

How to lose a Guy in ten days....

Lmao..... ...McConaughey did it better!!!

DU Reservists and National Guard!?

Anyone else feeling a little nervous about getting called up with the escalating situation in North Korea?

If I'm called up I'll go, because I know I have a unique skill set and experience. Anyone else in that boat? It just seems like we're inching closer to the inevitable....but maybe I'm being melodramatic
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