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Member since: Sun Sep 27, 2015, 09:47 AM
Number of posts: 7,482

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Dr Who Fans...thoughts on the new season and new Doctor???



No spoilers on the first episode, but I will say Whittaker is brilliant!! She certainly IS "The Doctor"!!

Mindfulness in the time of Trump

I just wanted to hear responses from the group. It seems most of the current news feeds into our suffering. How do we acknowledge that and turn that around in our personal lives? Thank you for your input!

"But he's being ugly to us!!" (Aka why it's futile to argue with a child)

A few moments ago, we were eating dinner as a family. After we were nearly through with the meal, I turned to my wife and made a comment along the lines of "Omg, did you hear what Trump said today in NC?? He told someone there to 'Have a good time...'". This comment was especially infuriating because we lived in Eastern NC for years and have friends that still live there and are being actively affected by the storm and the flooding.

So, our keen eared 9yo old is apparently listening in to our conversation and pipes up "Ugh..can't stand Tonald Dump! I mean it's in his name...Trump the dump should be flushed".

Because we live in an area with a lot of red sentiment, we do our best to encourage our kids to restrain from voicing their disdain of Trump to their classmates....but my wife and I couldn't restrain our laughter at this comment. I looked at our son and said "Well, bud, try not to be ugly with your comments".

"But dad? Why?? He's being ugly to us!!"

Well damn, I can't exactly argue with that logic!

Bow ties are cool! (For the Whovians)

Ok Whovians...had an awesome moment today. I love wearing bow ties, wear them all the time. On my rounds today, one of our surgery nurses goes "Love your bow tie". And I sarcastically go "Me too...bow ties are cool". She responds while rolling her eyes "Ugh, you're such a doctor"....


Bredesen rally tonight at Marathon Music Works!!!

Anybody else going??? Should be a great concert with "Ben Folds Five" and Jason Isbell as well as our future Senator!!

For Bro Glamrock..."It ain't fair"...Aretha with Duane Allman

Such a soulful song...

My granddad and his parents...

In front of one of one of his stores....love this pic

"White Man's World" Jason Isbell

There's a thread in GD lamenting the lack of modern topical songs and protest music...I'd submit it's still there, you just have to look for it

That awkward moment...

When you mix up your teeth and anal bleaches


"You're my best friend..."

Even when we fight over the best bed and ultimately share it!!

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