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Member since: Fri Jul 24, 2015, 01:17 AM
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New Marist/NPR National Poll: Biden 24, Sanders 22, Warren 17, Buttigieg 13


All others 5% or below. Race is tightening up.

Hillary Clinton's letter to Bernie thanking him for his help in 2016.

Given Hillary Clinton's recent comments about Bernie and the thread on this forum that now has over 300 replies, I think it's only fair to post a 'Thank You' letter Hillary sent to Bernie toward the end of the GE and some videos regarding his work campaigning for her.


Also, here's Hillary speaking at a rally in North Carolina where she spend some time thanking Bernie for his efforts on her behalf. Starts at 1 minute 57 seconds.

And finally, here's a segment from Maddow where she also praises Bernie for his efforts during the GE, highlighting that he did 14 events in 5 days for her, and that was just the beginning.


EDIT: Now people are saying he didn't endorse Hillary soon enough. Two things. First, he endorsed her on July 12th, before the convention.

Second, here's what Hillary had to say about candidates sticking it out until the end of a primary.


Want to see how to handle a heckler? Just watch President Obama.

No insults. No challenges of physical strength. Stays on message. Unites the audience. This is what leadership looks like.

Bernie (reported Curmudgeon) shows how to light a woodstove.

What a grouch...


EDIT: This was supposed to be a lighthearted post, everyone. Sheesh...

Happy Thanksgiving, everybody.

Suffolk New Hampshire poll Sanders 16%, Warren 14%, Buttigieg 13%, Biden 12%


Undecided is over 20%.

EDIT: Link is broken. Not sure why, but I'm trying to find a new one.

EDIT 2: Here's a working link. Credit goes to redqueen for finding it.


Emerson National Poll 17-20 November: Bernie 27% (+2), Biden 27% (-), Warren 20% (-1), Buttigieg 7%


Senator Bernie Sanders is gaining momentum in the race for the Democratic nomination, increasing 2 points from October to at 27%. Former Vice President Joe Biden is also at 27%, holding steady from October. Senator Elizabeth Warren is in third place at 20%, down a point. Mayor Pete Buttigieg is at 7% and Andrew Yang rounds out the top 5 at 4%. All other candidates are below 4%.

Democratic naysayers are dead wrong on Medicare for All


(CNN)The American political debate over health care is absurd. Americans pay twice as much as any other nation for health care, and then are told daily that they "can't afford" to switch to a lower-cost system very similar to those of Canada and Europe. If President Donald Trump and the plutocratic Republican party were the only ones carrying this ridiculous message, it would be understandable. Yet this message is also coming from media pundits aligned with the Democratic Party and the most conservative wing of the party.

Let's be clear on the central point. Medicare for All, as first proposed by Bernie Sanders and endorsed by Elizabeth Warren, is affordable precisely because it is cheaper, much cheaper, than the current system.

Pleasantly surprised to see this on the CNN homepage. Enjoy.

YouGov/The Economist National Poll: Warren 26% (+1), Biden 23% (-3), Sanders 17% (+3)


All others <10% with Buttigieg at 9%. Continues the trend of Warren flattening off, Biden losing support, and Bernie making gains. Buttigieg will be the wild card depending on whether voters view him as a moderate alternative to Biden.

National Nurses United Endorses Bernie Sanders for President


WASHINGTON — The country’s largest nurses’ union will endorse Senator Bernie Sanders for president this week, a significant boost to his campaign from a major ally in the fight for his signature health care proposal.

The union, National Nurses United, fervently supported Mr. Sanders’s last bid for the White House in 2016, and its members have been significant players in Democratic politics since then, showing up in red T-shirts to support Mr. Sanders’s progressive allies in intraparty battles. They have also canvassed neighborhoods in swing congressional districts, urging voters to get behind “Medicare for all,” Mr. Sanders’s plan for a nationalized health insurance system.

“We know what we have done and what it takes to bring about fundamental change, and it’s massive organizing and a mass movement,” said Jean Ross, a co-president of the union. “Of all the candidates, Bernie is the one who understands that.”

The union plans to formally endorse Mr. Sanders on Friday at a news conference in Oakland, Calif.
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