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Name: Karl
Gender: Do not display
Hometown: Illinois
Home country: USA
Member since: Wed Nov 5, 2014, 08:20 PM
Number of posts: 6,601

Journal Archives

I was so moved by the statement by

Jacob Blake's sister the other day. The emotion and pain she expressed was heartbreaking. She spoke calmly, clearly and forcibly. A very intelligent and commanding woman. She and the family asked for the violence and destruction to end. The protests need to continue but if they need to separate themselves from the for lack of a better word, troublemakers. I don't know why they feel the need to engage counter protesters who are obviously looking to instigate confrontation. Can we listen to the families of the victims who have called for peace and stop playing into trump and his goons hands. Unless your aim is getting trump re-elected you aren't helping. Let's stop the violence and get back to the message of Black lives Matter and police corruption reform.

Hey trump dummies,

When they stop taking the payroll tax from your check effectively giving you a raise per heir trump you might want to know you will have to pay trumps America back. Probably when you do your taxes or maybe directly to trump. Got it, MAGA.

I guess all the consternation about extended

unemployment benefits and additional corona virus stimulus was all show. That 1200.00 four months ago is long since gone.

I would prefer a sit down interview with Biden/Harris instead

This is an edited jumbled mess of 20/20 type format. Don't care for it at all or David Murr.

It's amazing what a short attention span we seem to have.

As everyone is rushing to address a made up postal crisis (by trump/Lejoy) millions of unemployed workers are trying to live with the reduced benefits and after 5 months the 1200.00 stimulus is long gone. Liar Lejoy said the post office has plenty of money to get thru the election and beyond. Let's not throw money at a problem that isn't there. Address the corrupt Lejoy, let them know we are on to his b.s. and actually help people. I'd love to go back to work but assholes who won't wear a mask at minimum keep the cases growing. No school, no work for me.

Wow, a Russian asset is chairman of the

Dejoy hearing. Great.

I'm tired of all the tell all books by the great patriots that

Are going to be the one to sink trump this time. There is someone or many someones out there who know and can provide actual evidence of trumps crimes, debauchery,sexual assaults, racism etc. When will we find the envelope on the door stoop of Speaker Pelosi or Adam Schiff or some respected journalists ? The holders of this information have all been paid off to keep silent but someone knows I'm sure.

Biden/Harris have to go hard against the republicans as well as trump. Focus on

the complete silence regarding the USPS their disinterest in getting help to unemployed people and small business owners the compliance in the spread of corona vires and daily attack on the constitution and rule of law. They are as evil as trump.

Can the white house press corps please start

every question session with trump or Kalie with, can you give an exact date when your healthcare plan will be released ? Can you tell me the latest news regarding the bounty paid by Russia to murder American soldiers ? Follow up with questions about Sen. Johnson and Grassley reviving Russian information to hurt political opponents. And some pressing questions about the virus with some actual answers instead of the standard we're doing a great job. Just a start but if you cared you know.
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