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Name: Karl
Gender: Do not display
Hometown: Illinois
Home country: USA
Member since: Wed Nov 5, 2014, 09:20 PM
Number of posts: 6,672

Journal Archives

To any journalists, media personal who may read this

I would like you to ask Mitch McConnell and any Republican you can these questions, will you now or at any time try to privatize or in any way weaken Social Security ? and Will you take steps to strengthen Social Security in it's present form ? And please accept only a yes or no answer. The answer to these questions will go a long way in helping people decide how they vote. What the heck ask the Democratic side the same questions.

Just because trump

apparently can't be tried for the crimes his former lawyer and other former cabinet have or are going to prison for or are under investigation currently doesn't mean we, the press, the Democratic members can't call him a criminal a felon a liar a fraud allegedly. Any of these titles should be added to the mention of his name. Co-conspirator #1 would also apply.

Christmas with the family.

I don't know why we are spending so much time and money

on impeachment hearings and investigations. All you have to do is watch the 1st 25 minutes of the Rachael Maddow show this evening and the case to impeach if not incarcerating trump is made. At least to anyone who can count to ten.(Yes you can use you fingers).

I recently can no longer

view videos. I hear audio but black screen.

I hope during Mr. Schiffs opening statement

he doesn't let the opportunity to outline all the other impeachable offenses trump has committed along the way. He could also include Pence, and Barr but I understand this would eat up most of the day. The watching public needs to know how bad it is.

It's a shame we have to put up with

posts about Democratic candidates that are right out of faux news playbook without checking the facts of context. I support my candidate but will not spread false or misleading quotes or stories about others to win. If this is how it's going to be I'll just excuse myself.

I'm afraid of finding out what is really going on here.

This situation is not just trump and republicans vs. Obama, Hillary and the Democratic Party that I could understand. What I don't understand and am afraid of is why supposedly smart people are willing to condone obvious collusion and even surrender to a forgien country Russia (maybe others) who are adversaries if not enemies. This behavior is blatant as the facts show. What exactly is the end game ? It can't be just tax breaks and winning elections. It can't just be immigration or abortion or even gun rights because we know they really don't care about these issues. What is driving the republican party to become traitors to their own country ? I'm afraid when the reason comes out it will be so devious and unfathomable it will shake America to its core.

I know this stuff is serious but it tickles me to listen to

Rush, Hamitey etc. Are losing their shit today. Total panic in their voices and deminier. Love it. Now back to the show.

Please Congress Demand trump and his whole administration

RESIGN immediately. People are being killed horribly in Syria by him and his decisions not to mention the complete shit show going on here. I've heard more outrage and calls for resignation for so much less. Congress do your job stop the criminal and moral madness.
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