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Name: Karl
Gender: Do not display
Hometown: Illinois
Home country: USA
Member since: Wed Nov 5, 2014, 08:20 PM
Number of posts: 6,619

Journal Archives

1st of all Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all.

I just spent the day celebrating the holidays with extended family and I feel the need for therapy. One group complaining about Mexicans and Muslims invading the country the other moaning about all the gays on tv in commercials. One even going so far as calling Obama a monkey. I let the know of my disgust and let it go at that. I told my wife I will never do this again and will go out of my way to keep my distance. I hope you all have a better start to the holidays than I did.

Why is CSPAN showing

Trump campaign rally. Is this the norm and is this done for all candidates ?

Idea, revolution,tell me what you think.

Press release..Voters for free and fair trade announce that on such and such day 2016 our supporters will cancel all service provided by Comcast corporation due to gross overcharges and anti-free trade policies. We invite any competers in the interest of corporate patriotism and fairness to submit a plan to provided cable and internet to users at a fair and reasonable cost without forcing "bundle" packages and unwarranted charges for date use overages. As we support a regulated capitalist system we call on Comcast to do the same. We believe this would be a great opportunity for other innovators to build a FREE market system and gain customers. ......If we get Bernie supporters and others to support some kind of plan like this we can show our strength and being g that Comcast and the like are the most hated corporations we can draw from that . What do you think?

I'm sorry but I am going to say it again.

It's getting pretty depressing coming on DU these days and slogging thru all the bickering back and forth between the Bernie and Hillary camps .Bernie has his positions and Hillary has hers and it's up to us to determine who we will support. I like to read posts explaining the differences between them but do not care to read disrespectful snipes from either side. By the way I am a Bernie supporter not a Bernista, whatever that is. Let's get it together please.

Why isn't anyone asking Trump how he plans to pay for his plans

for the GREATEST border wall , deporting millions of immigrants , greatest military , etc.? Bernie has laid out his plans to actually fix real problems .

" SOCIALIST" is being tossed around

by many in talk radio in the last few days obviously as a derogatory term. While I and many here are not bothered by the term,many others could be and that's what they are counting on. Bernie may want to define democratic socialist to counter this .

Hey Wisconsin ,

I heard that in tues elections they except a 20 % turn out. Come on people don't we ever learn ?

Anyone notice we're getting screwed at the pump

again ? Gas here in northern Illinois was 2.42 gal 2weeks ago now today 2.89 gal. Must be the end of winter , early spring pre summer blend they have to mix up.

It might be just me but,

if I hear anyone refer to the United States as the "homeland" again I might go mad.
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