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Name: Karl
Gender: Do not display
Hometown: Illinois
Home country: USA
Member since: Wed Nov 5, 2014, 09:20 PM
Number of posts: 5,402

Journal Archives

I'm tired of the lunacy leading the direction of the country.

It's time the majority is considered and laws and policy made for their/our concerns. I'm not interested anymore in anti-vax-mask views or fox, newsmax or other imitation news opinions. No longer do I pay attention to MSM and their bias against President Biden and democrats in general. The Democratic party should use every option available to get the very popular Biden agenda in place and not worry in the least how it is done. This because of members of our own party can't /won't get on board will be our last chance in my opinion to make the 1st steps to make our country sane again. There has to be a way to convince enough in Congress no matter what party to see how truly important this is. Maybe a few strategically placed lighting bolts would help.

How do we get better as a country ? How do

we take care of thousands of Afghanistan and now Haitian refugees coming here ? We have a growing pandemic we are losing voting rights daily. A woman's right to choose are disappearing climate change solutions are failing and the list goes on. Yet Congress can't seem to get anything done to move us forward with the Biden agenda. We have new problems to face but anything put forward to solve them because of hostage holding by those who want no progress in any way. I'm afraid we going to go 4 years with nothing done and we will lose power Republicans will take over and as usual will find a way to get their evilness done. Why can't we find a way ? Sorry for rambling but time is not stopping for us to catch up.

Now that Kevin McCarthy has committed crimes in plain

sight and on video will there have to be an intensive bipartisan years long investigation before the DOJ charges him ?

Would it kill the DOJ or

Mr. Garland to give us poor slobs out here begging for action toward finding out what happened on 01/06/2021 something to keep our hopes up of anyone being held responsible. Is trump and his administration going to skate away for the dozens of crimes acts of treason and malfeasance ? It has been SEVEN months since 01/06/2021. It's been four years of trumps reign of crime destroying the country. It's been investigation after investigation and nary a peep. Please give me hope or tell me it's over so I can go cry in my corn flakes for my country and party.

Why does everything have to be so hard.

Regarding the eviction moratorium. I hear that many states are failing to get the money allocated for renters and landlords is not being distributed. The governors of the state's who are holding these funds need to be named and publicized loudly so renters and landlords know who is responsible for them not receiving that money. The White House also needs to contact them directly for an explanation. Time to bring these obstructionist out of the shadows so voters can see clearly who is hurting them. The Democratic Party needs to grab every opportunity to make their case.

It's time. It's beyond time.

side note :Speaker Pelosi decided to reject Jacket-off Jordon is great. It's time to stop paying any mind to the Republican Party. I myself am tired of my life,my country being run by idiot antivaxers putting us through another surge and more death. I'm tired I can't have good affordable healthcare. I'm tired I pay through the nose for shit internet. I'm tired traitorous politicians, insane cult members and greedy corporations deciding my fate. The Democratic Party has to move ahead without asking for their permission. Use every tool we have to pass good legislation. If we can't pass it we move on to the next one. We need to get our message out there and explain what we provide for people, all people with the infrastructure bill explaining what's in it. Why taxing the uber-wealthy is good. Democrats have to grab and hold the news cycle with good news for American voters if we are to win and expand in 2022. If a bill or idea fails explain clearly why and who's responsible.

The Democratic Party response to

Republicans from this point on should be " YOU CAUSED THIS" . Thanks Liz.

You can call me an alarmist a

troll a concerned citizen or a basher of the Democratic Party but unless I start seeing some real action from the DOJ regarding the Mueller report, the election crime happening in Arizona, a investigation into those responsible for the Capitol insurrection, the crimes of trump and the trump family, Rudy , Flynn, Barr etc. etc I will come to the conclusion that the Democratic Party will again allow crimes by our government officials to be swept under the carpet. We're not talking bad behavior here we are talking crimes/treason. I've been fooled too many times to think otherwise.

Quick rant here. If I'm going to be forced to

watch endless advertisements for prescription drugs and now even medical symptoms that your doctor can treat you for ( unless you want to pay and pay fees not to ) If I'm forced to watch commercials for Comcast, Disney, AT&T etc I would like either my prescription drugs or my internet paid for. Considering the whole premise of cable tv was you pay for a subscription you watch tv commercial free, remember ? ( yes I'm that old ) Pipe dream I know but I'm tired of being charged for the privilege of seeing ad upon ad esp. for drugs.

Great job Mr. President.

By the way ABC news. Chris Christie can kiss my ass with his analysis. Not a great hire for your Micky Mouse network. Pun intended.
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