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KMOD's Journal
KMOD's Journal
August 30, 2016

The college adjustment seems to be going well for

both me and my youngest.

I received one text inquiring about laundry tips and one text asking if any nearby restaurants would deliver a blooming onion.

Walking by her empty bedroom has been hard, and the house is too damn quiet, but Thanksgiving is right around the corner.

August 28, 2016

Who are the radical left, you ask?

Well one only needs to take a trip to the JPR site to find them.

You will find dozens of people who post there who fit the description. Many of them used to post here, portraying themselves as progressives.

If you were to take a trip there, you will soon see that they are indistinguishable from the alt-right idiots.

Some of them continue to post there and attempt to spread their nonsense here as well. I have no use for those idiots.

I do feel sorry for any who joined JPR and now regret it. Now that they see what they are actually about and what agenda they are pushing, I hope those folks come back.

The rest are just ratfuckers. They always were. They're just out and open about it now. Those ones can eff off.

August 27, 2016

You know who has really had it?

The regular folks.

We are sick and tired of the radical right, and the radical left.

Both of the above mentioned are the squeaky wheels who get the grease, but the rest of us are sick and tired of it.

The above mentioned are always angry, always aggrieved, and never satisfied.


We are ready for sane, practical, and rational leadership. We are the majority, and we have had enough.

Don't confuse our silence for acceptance. We may not be complaining and angry about everything under the sun, but we do vote, and we will vote.... in record numbers.

And when we do, and do so in record numbers, I hope the radical right, and the radical left will finally shut up and let us proceed with progressive accomplishments.

Nobody has time for all of the loudmouthed idiot haters. It's time to get to work and start doing things, instead of complaining about things. Some are just never satisfied. We have all had enough of them.

August 26, 2016

That Time Hillary Clinton Heard Me On Everything from BDS to Pre-K

Full disclosure: I’m a Democrat. I volunteered for Barack Obama in 2008 and 2012 and voted for Hillary Clinton in the 2016 New York primary. I’ve donated money to Hillary for America. But it wasn’t until last week that I became, in my heart, a Hillary Clinton supporter.

Heading into a Cleveland, OH, fundraiser last Wednesday, I had this nagging sense that, while I backed her policies, Clinton was a little too wonky and lacked the authenticity and rapport with voters required to be a great president.

Meeting Secretary Clinton – hearing her speak off-the-cuff, without notes, at an intimate living room roundtable – I saw first-hand that policy is simply a tool for Clinton. Some people have a passion for gardening or creating art or scrapbooking. Clinton’s abiding passion in life – the animating spark of her wonkiness, if you will – is bettering people’s lives.

By the time I left, I was convinced not only of her genuineness; I felt that, if most Americans could spend just a few minutes with Clinton, she’d easily win both minds and hearts.


That's the Hillary I know, too.
August 26, 2016

"You guys are down." "Says who?"

"Polls, all of them."



August 26, 2016

I'm gonna let Katie Webster sing the DU nighty-night song tonight



Nighty-night, DU
August 25, 2016

I'm taking my baby to college tomorrow.

The youngest of my three.

She's excited, and I'm excited for her.

Yet it's still so bittersweet.

Where did the time go?


August 25, 2016

The alt-right

I've just recently heard about this faction. I read up on them a bit more tonight.

It seems to include a lot of Men's Rights Activists who ignore, and dismiss sexism and misogyny.

It also seems to include a lot of young, white men, who dismiss systemic racism. They are the ones who loudly proclaim that "all lives matter" or make claims of "reverse racism".

This is also the group who complain about "political correctness". They are the ones who wonder why they can't use the "n word" or call women w*ores, or c***s, or worse.

Basically, it's a group of bitter, angry, assh*les, who have nothing better to do than troll people.

August 25, 2016

Dear pundits,

Here's the deal.

One of the persons running for President of the United States is an accomplished, dedicated, brilliant, funny, experienced, respected, and caring candidate.

The other person is an assclown.

Stop ignoring the differences.



August 24, 2016

Hillary Clinton calls for EpiPen price cuts

Hillary Clinton has joined the chorus calling on Mylan Pharmaceutical NV to reduce the price of the EpiPen, the epinephrine auto-injector used by those with severe allergies to counter attacks of anaphylactic shock.

“Millions of Americans with severe allergies rely on their EpiPens. When an allergic reaction leads to anaphylactic shock, a shot of epinephrine can literally be the difference between life and death," Clinton said in an emailed statement. "But now, just as parents are about to send kids with severe food and insect allergies back to school, the EpiPen's manufacturer is hiking its price to an all-time high."


Clinton said she has proposed a plan to reduce exorbitant drug price hikes. She said the plan would require drug companies "to explain significant price increases, and prove that any additional costs are linked to additional patient benefits and better value."

"Since there is no apparent justification in this case, I am calling on Mylan to immediately reduce the price of EpiPens," she added.


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