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KingCharlemagne's Journal
KingCharlemagne's Journal
January 31, 2016

What makes me puke: the prospect of Sanders (or Hillary or MoM) having to

concede to the likes of scum like Trump or Cruz.

I honestly don't think I will be able to bear it.

January 22, 2016

Something that has been bothering me: just how bad would a President Trump or

President Cruz be, presiding over a (presumably) Republican Congress with the power to appoint members of SCOTUS and the federal judiciary (with few or no blocks to their confirmation)? Would there be any remaining institutional checks on a President Trump or Cruz?

One of my Socialist comrades posted this in response to my stating my fears: "one party temporarily holding a strong majority (does not) mean a 'one-party fascist state' ". He pooh-poohs the idea that a President Trump or Cruz would be demonstrably worse than a President Sanders or Clinton. He therefore implies that I am letting my fears get the best of my good sense.

So why am I so frightened of a Trump or Cruz presidency? Are my fears overblown? Or am I correct to be scared shitless?

January 22, 2016

Don't give Social Security to those that are rich, yada yada yada. Post-secondary education

(at public institutions) should be available to everyone free and on demand, much like elementary and high school is now.

January 18, 2016

The people of Flint, Michigan should escort all state officials outside the

city limits under armed escort, should cease ALL state tax collections and remittances and should set up armed militia around the city's borders to keep all state officials out.

Goddamn, but I am mad. Fuck you, Snyder, you miserable sack of shit. And fuck all Republicans, each and every mother-fucking one of them.


January 18, 2016

Bullshit! Got to put my hip waders on because the shit is

sure getting deep.

January 17, 2016

Well, the word may hav lost much of its sting in the 25 years since the collapse of the USSR. But

I'm sorry to inform you that Sanders, bless his soul, is as capitalist as the day is long.

I like him a lot but let's be honest: Most Americans don't have the slightest idea what socialism is or what it means.

January 17, 2016

If you want a vision of life under a President Trump or Cruz, just

watch The Big Short. This movie should be required viewing for every person who posts in good faith on DU. I cannot recommend it highly enough. As powerful as Fahrenheit 911 or All the President's Men.

January 9, 2016

Question about the Weimar Republic and molly-coddling of Oregon protesters

It's been a long time since I studied the history of the Weimar Republic but I have vague memories that local police in Weimar coddled NSDAP (Nazi) brownshirts while lowering the boom on their left-wing opponents (Communists and Socialists), thereby further emboldening the Brownshirts.

Is this memory borne out by the historical record and, if true, does it shed light on the molly-coddling of the thugs currently going on up at the Malheur Wildlife Refuge in Oregon?

I was part of Occupy Los Angeles and vividly remember the 'special treatment' OLA and Occupy Oakland occupiers received at the hands of the local constabulary. To see these noveau brownshirts rubbing our noses in their scofflaw-ism and suffering no visible consequences angers me deeply.

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