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Gender: Male
Hometown: Heart of Dixie
Home country: USA
Current location: Montgomery Alabama
Member since: Fri Apr 4, 2014, 04:21 PM
Number of posts: 16,032

Journal Archives

One more reason to respect CNN White House Correspondent Kaitlan Collins!


September 1, ABC - Alabama/Louisville. Roll Tide!

They're Falsely Accused of Shoplifting, but Retailers Demand Penalties

Walmart and other companies are using aggressive legal tactics to get the money back, demanding payments even when people haven’t been convicted of wrongdoing.

Source: New York Times, by Michael Corkery

Could you be next?

“I didn’t feel like I had a prayer,” said Crystal Thompson of Eight Mile, Ala., whom Walmart accused — mistakenly, an employee later acknowledged — of shoplifting about $70 in groceries. A lawyer for Walmart threatened a lawsuit if she didn’t pay $200.

Ms. Thompson, 43, was baffled and scared. An agoraphobic, she had not shopped at a Walmart in more than a year. She was taken to a Mobile jail, searched, held in a small room and required to remove her false teeth, something she didn’t even do in front of her husband.

Four days after she returned home, the letters from Walmart’s lawyer started to arrive. The lawyer demanded that Ms. Thompson pay the company $200 or face a possible lawsuit. She received three letters over two months in early 2016.

Walmart and other companies have created well-oiled operations, hiring law firms to send tens of thousands of letters a year. Walmart set a collection goal of about $6 million in 2016 for one of its go-to firms, Palmer Reifler & Associates, according to a court paper filed as part of a lawsuit Ms. Thompson brought against the retailer. The firm also pointed out to Walmart that minors tended to pay off more frequently, the filing said.

“It is my word against this company,” said Ms. Thompson, whose criminal case was dismissed after no one from Walmart appeared at a hearing to testify against her. “I’m nobody special. I didn’t feel like I had a prayer.”

Read it all at: https://www.nytimes.com/2018/08/17/business/falsely-accused-of-shoplifting-but-retailers-demand-they-pay.html

Omarosa Also Has Video, Emails and Texts to Support Book's Claims: AP

AP's Darlene Superville, Bloomberg

It's not just audiotapes.

Omarosa Manigault Newman has a stash of video, emails, text messages and other documentation supporting the claims in her tell-all book about her time in the Trump White House, a person with direct knowledge of the records told The Associated Press Friday.


"I will not be silenced. I will not be intimidated. I'm not going to be bullied by Donald Trump," the former Trump aide told The Associated Press this week as she seemed to dismiss a threat from Trump's campaign. She spoke to the AP hours after Trump's campaign announced it was filing an arbitration action against her alleging she'd violated a signed agreement with the campaign that prohibits her from disclosing confidential information.


She has already released several secret audio recordings, including of the meeting in which she was fired by Kelly.

In another recording, Trump's daughter-in-law, Lara Trump, is heard offering Manigault Newman $15,000 a month - after she was fired from the White House - for a campaign job requiring her to be "positive." Lara Trump is a senior adviser on Trump's re-election campaign.


Read it all at: https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2018-08-17/ap-source-manigault-newman-has-more-than-audio-recordings

Since returning to "work" in Washington Monday after the vacation at his golf resort:




Lots and lots of time for TV, Twitter and obstruction of justice!

"Idle hands are the devil's playground."

Omarosa's "Unhinged" selling like hot cakes!

August 15, afternoonish. Day 2!

Amazon Best Sellers

Barnes & Noble Top 100

Ever get the feeling you're just spinning your wheels?

Or a Big Wheel as the case may be?

After adjusting for inflation, however, today’s average hourly wage has just about the same purchasing power it did in 1978, following a long slide in the 1980s and early 1990s and bumpy, inconsistent growth since then. In fact, in real terms average hourly earnings peaked more than 45 years ago: The $4.03-an-hour rate recorded in January 1973 had the same purchasing power that $23.68 would today.


Lynching memorial draws 100k visitors in first 3 months

Source: AL.com, by-line AP

The nation's first memorial to victims of lynching has drawn more than 100,000 visitors in its first three months -- far exceeding some earlier estimates.

The National Memorial for Peace and Justice in Montgomery shares stories about some of the 4,400 black people slain in lynchings and other racial killings between 1877 and 1950. The names of those killed, if they are known, are engraved on 800 steel columns, with copies to be adopted by each U.S. county where lynchings happened.

The Montgomery Advertiser reports that some visitors have been part of large groups. About 100 community leaders visited last month from Charlottesville, Virginia, where whites and blacks clashed in the streets and a woman was killed by a motorist during the "Unite the Right" rally last summer.


Stoneman Douglas students take gun safety message to Alabama State House

Under a toad strangler of an early morning storm, they persisted!
What an outstanding, youthful set of inspirational figures in our body politic!!

Source: AL.com, by Mike Cason

A group of about 30 students from Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Fla., came to Montgomery on their Road to Change tour, presented my March for Our Lives.

Most of the group was not admitted past security so they staged their planned "sit-in" in the State House lobby, chanting "vote them out," "everyday shootings are everyday problems," and "USA not NRA."

Tabitha Isner, the Democratic nominee for Congress in Alabama's 2nd District, came by the State House to hear what the students had to say.

"I think the biggest takeaway is how great it is to see young people that are using their anger and their fear in a positive way, that they're trying to make change," Isner said. "Lots of young people, when they feel ostracized from the community or they feel abandoned in their community will resort to bad behavior, criminal behavior. And I think it's a powerful testimony that these young folks have decided to try to change policy rather than giving up on the society around them."

Read it all at: https://www.al.com/news/index.ssf/2018/08/stoneman_douglas_students_take.html

Stoneman Douglas students arrive!

Sit-in at the "People's House" -- allowed between the front door and the metal detectors.

"March For Our Lives" in Jackson!



"March for Our Lives" continues Southern tour!

Yesterday in Birmingham.

Today, Montgomery to Selma - Freedom Ride tribute!

But first:



We'll see you at the barricades!
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