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Gender: Male
Hometown: Heart of Dixie
Home country: USA
Current location: Montgomery Alabama
Member since: Fri Apr 4, 2014, 04:21 PM
Number of posts: 10,150

Journal Archives

'Universal Basic Income' w/ Robert Reich

Alabama-Florida State game time set, TV announced

Two teams enter, one team leaves!

Source: al.com, by Michael Casagrande


The first college game in Atlanta's new Mercedes-Benz Stadium will begin at 7 p.m. CT. on Sept. 2 It will air live on ABC. This is the third straight primetime season opener for the Crimson Tide after playing Wisconsin (2015) and USC (2016) in Arlington, Texas.

The two teams enter the season with projected top-5 rankings and another level of hype for the game.

ESPN's College GameDay will be in Atlanta for the Labor Day Weekend showdown.

Florida State is coming off an Orange Bowl win over Michigan while Alabama fell just short of a second straight national title in a loss to Clemson. 


Confederate monuments offend, but there is something much worse in Alabama

Source: al.com, by Joseph Goodman

In New Orleans, they are finally removing statues of Confederate leaders in public places. In Montgomery, they send students to public schools named after those same white supremacists.


Children, most of them black, walk past a statue of Robert E. Lee every day at Robert E. Lee High School in Montgomery. Across town, another predominately black student body attends Jefferson Davis High School. In 2017, in Alabama, there are public high schools named after men who thought people with darker skin than themselves were subhuman and needed to be slaves forever.

Removing the names of Confederate leaders from public schools is the correct and moral thing to do, and of that there is no doubt. Public statues and memorials commemorating soldiers who fought or died in the Civil War are offensive to many people, but schools named after leaders who believed people of color were inferior, and then sent thousands to their deaths to protect the immoral institution of slavery, are just downright malevolent and wicked.

On Wednesday, with the eloquent and powerful words of New Orleans' mayor still making national headlines, Alabama Governor Kay Ivey signed into law a bill protecting the state's Confederate statues and memorials. They cannot be removed.

It's a ridiculous law to score political points and nothing more. Ivey even added an amendment to the bill protecting the names of schools. Let's be clear, Robert E. Lee and Jefferson Davis should be stripped from any public school in the state that bears their names.


Some people, like present-day elected officials in Alabama, choose proudly to be on the wrong side of history. Then some elected officials, when judged by history, are treasonous war criminals. For example: Jefferson Davis, the president of the Confederate States of America. That the name of Jefferson Davis remains on a high school more than 150 years after the Civil War doesn't remind us of anything other than how grinding institutional racism has held back a state.

Much, much more at: http://www.al.com/sports/index.ssf/2017/05/confederate_monuments_offend_b.html#incart_river_home_pop

'True Detective's' Cary Fukunaga TNT Series 'The Alienist'

Caleb Carr's fantastic book! Finally!

Source: http://variety.com/2017/tv/news/cary-fukunaga-the-alienist-tnt-first-trailer-1202430422/

"Fukunaga, who also executive produced Season 1 of HBO’s “True Detective,” again delves into the twisted world of serial killers, this time replacing modern day Texas with New York at the dawn of the 20th century. It follows the hunt for a serial killer responsible for the gruesome murders of multiple boy prostitutes. Daniel Brühl, Luke Evans, Dakota Fanning and Brian Geraghty star in the series."

Senator Collins (R-ME) and Senator Cassidy (R-LA) on CBO Score

That's two!

WASHINGTON—Today, US Senator Bill Cassidy, MD (R-LA) released a statement, following the scoring of the American Health Care Act (AHCA) by the Congressional Budget Office (CBO):

“Congress’s focus must be to lower premiums with coverage which passes the Jimmy Kimmel Test. The AHCA does not. I am working with Senate colleagues to do so.”


Washington, D.C. - U.S. Senator Susan Collins, a member of the Health, Education, Labor and Pensions Committee, issued this statement following the Congressional Budget Office’s release of its cost and coverage estimate for the House’s Affordable Care Act replacement bill:

“The goal of any ACA replacement should be to improve access to quality health care while providing consumers with more choices and restraining costs. Unfortunately, the CBO estimates that 23 million Americans would lose insurance coverage over the next decade, and the impact would disproportionately affect older, low-income Americans. In addition, for a 64-year old with an income of $26,500, the out-of-pocket premium cost could soar from $1,700 to as high as $16,100, an 850 percent increase.

“The ACA does need substantial reform. The individual health insurance markets are in danger of collapsing in many states, 28 million Americans remain without coverage, and those who do have coverage are experiencing huge spikes in out-of-pocket costs.

“Senator Cassidy and I recently brought together a group of Republicans and Democrats to determine whether there is a bipartisan path forward on a new health care reform bill. I urge my colleagues to support the comprehensive ACA replacement plan Senator Cassidy and I introduced that will allow more Americans to obtain health insurance, preserve significant consumer protections, and help moderate the cost of health care.”


2 WaPo graphics explain CBO report.


CBO Devastates Republicans As Trumpcare Would Leave 51 Million Without Insurance

Source: PoliticusUSA, by Jason Easley

The CBO report is out on the House passed Trumpcare bill and the news is a nightmare for Republicans, as the CBO concluded that the number of uninsured in America would jump to 51 million under The American Health Care Act by 2026.

The CBO reported, “CBO and JCT estimate that, in 2018, 14 million more people would be uninsured under H.R. 1628 than under current law. The increase in the number of uninsured people relative to the number projected under current law would reach 19 million in 2020 and 23 million in 2026. In 2026, an estimated 51 million people under age 65 would be uninsured, compared with 28 million who would lack insurance that year under current law. Under the legislation, a few million of those people would use tax credits to purchase policies that would not cover major medical risks.”

14 million Americans would lose their insurance in 2018 under Trumpcare. That number would jump to 19 million by 2020, and 23 million by 2026. Instead of moving the country towards 100% coverage, Trumpcare will increase the number people without health insurance to 51 million.

Trumpcare and the Republicans who passed it both have got to go.


"Would people work if they didn't have to?"

Universal Basic Income (UBI). The revolutionary idea to solve poverty and stimulate the economy by giving everybody free money is becoming mainstream. The goal of UBI is not to make everyone rich, nor to make everyone equal, but to provide everyone with a monthly basic income to provide for basic necessities. No more, no less.

Source: Medium, by Matt Orfalea

1. No More Poverty Trap

Our current welfare system in America is a disincentive to work. Because the money is conditional on you NOT working (unemployment, disability, etc). If you are on benefits and you get a job, you lose those benefits, so naturally you’re less likely to get a job. Even if you’d really like to get a job, you don’t because it no longer makes financial sense. You’d be risking you’re financial security by doing so. This is a “poverty trap”.
Replacing the current welfare system with an Universal Basic Income would remove that current work disincentive. Since Universal Basic Income is unconditionally guaranteed, nobody would be penalized for working. If we all had UBI, everybody who works a job will earn more than somebody who does not. It will finally pay to work again.

2. More Efficient Work

No bank teller is more efficient at counting and dispensing money than an ATM machine. That’s a fact. Machine work is a great thing in terms of productivity and efficiency. But it’s not so great a thing when we live in a society where we’re all dependent on a job’s income for survival.
Technology already exists that will likely automate half of all jobs in the next 20 years. This may sound like the dystopian plot of “The Matrix”. But it doesn’t have to be. A Universal Basic Income will protect workers from the otherwise inevitable poverty of joblessness. It will also be a catalyst for more efficient automated work, allowing humans to spend less time on thoughtless repetitive tasks, and more time on works of passion and innovation.

3. More Innovative Work

Due to an epidemic of financial insecurity, the large majority of the workforce is restricted to doing work that is profitable. But not all work, especially innovative work, or work that benefits society in the long run, is profitable. (For example, the invention of the polio vaccine has saved countless lives, but its developer Jonas Salk didn’t make a dime selling it. Because he never patented it.)
Henry George put it well in 1879:
“The fact is that the work which improves the condition of mankind, the work which extends knowledge and increases power and enriches literature, and elevates thought, is not done to secure a living. It is not the work of slaves, driven to their task either by the lash of a master or by animal necessities. It is the work of men who perform it for their own sake, and not that they may get more to eat or drink, or wear, or display. In a state of society where want is abolished, work of this sort could be enormously increased.”

4. More Work Opportunity.

What if you don’t want to invent the next polio vaccine. What if you just want to a traditional job working for someone else to earn enough to to afford a nicer house, a bigger family, and/or a vacation every once in a while? Well, Universal Basic Income helps in that department as well. Because UBI will create more business opportunities.
By putting more money in the hands of more people, UBI will increase aggregate demand (create more potential customers). This creates an environment with more incentive and opportunity to create new businesses (and improve old business) to compete for the new customers.

Much more at: https://medium.com/basic-income/would-people-work-if-they-didnt-have-to-ef91cbec600f

'Twin Peaks' Creator David Lynch and a Surreal Vision of Cooking Quinoa

I saw this years ago on the 'Inland Empire' DVD.

I could comprehend this part of the DVD.

The Alabama crossover vote goober-picking party is over

Source: al.com, by J.D. Crowe

The crossover goober-picking party is over.

Gov. Kay Ivey signed a bill on Monday to ban crossover voting in Alabama primaries. 

Messing with the GOP election is pretty much the only entertainment Democrats have had in recent years. In some cases, Democrats haven't even fielded a candidate to waste a vote on. Republican goober-picking is all they've had. 

Democrats have had a party rule prohibiting Republicans from crossing over and voting in their runoffs for decades.

Some blame the crossover vote {yallerdawg pleads guilty! } for Alabama's biggest gubernatorial goober of all - Dr. Robert Bentley - at least his first term. The second term - the Luv Guv term - is all on his home team.


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