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Nac Mac Feegle

Nac Mac Feegle's Journal
Nac Mac Feegle's Journal
August 18, 2017

Jefferson Davis Monument Tarred and Feathered in Arizona


A monument commemorating the only president of the Confederacy was vandalized with tar and feathers this week, a local Gold Canyon, Arizona TV station reported Thursday.

The Jefferson Davis Memorial Highway monument sits along U.S. 60 and local authorities are investigating the incident, KSAZ reported. This is the second time a Confederate monument in Arizona was defaced this week and the most recent in a string of vandalism of Confederate memorials across the country.


As a Liberal that goes by the credo "Why can't we all just get along?", I'd like to propose that we get together and chip in to have it cleaned up.

With Confederate currency.

August 14, 2017

Do not permit a false equivalency

No matter how many times the "Anti-Fa" are claimed to be part of the Left, they are not.

They are Anarchists; antithetical to ALL forms of government.

The Right has gone into 'what-about-ism' claiming that the Antifa are part of the Left, but they are not. Antifa is a third "side" in the political system, sowing discord and damaging ALL the others.

The Right has succumbed to (or been manipulated into) a binary Us-Versus-Them mindset, where everyone that is not them is The Big Scary Left. This permits them to have an attitude that "Everyone is out to get me", therefore everyone else is The Enemy.

Don't permit the "opponent" to make the rules for the conflict. They're not smart enough to get it right.

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