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Member since: Tue Nov 6, 2012, 11:29 AM
Number of posts: 6,511

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Just an observation.

In no way are the 2 things of equal historical significance but Rosa Parks refused to give up her seat, and that restaurant owner asked a lying apologist for a racist, fascist regime to give up hers.

Drumpt's hilarious NK propaganda film should

be titled:

Triumph of the Swells.

Maybe a reporter should have asked Drumpt

if he thought North Korea was shithole country?

I think I recall the Reich Wing outrage

when President Obama supposedly bowed in Japan.

Drumpt just slobbered all over the world's worst dictator who shoots his family with anti-aircraft guns.

WTF War Games!

Spoken like the Chicken Hawk he is. What he is talking about is ending military preparedness exercises. Drumpt has no clue about what it takes to prepare a military unit in times of training, maintenance, inter-service coordination, logistics, airlift requirements, sealift demands, troop rotations, and general readiness.

He wants to fight a "come as you are war." How did that work out in 1950?

Drumpt is fucking traitor.

Drumpt goes to Singapore is most like:

Nixon goes to China--Nope!

Chamberlaiin goes to Munich.

Potentially endangers the territory of South Korea and will make no mention of the tens of thousands of NK citizens locked and tortured in Kim's gulags and factories.

Since Drumpt came to power last year I've gone over

my miscalculations about not seeing this coming. My take on my miscalculations about his election revolve around 2 issues that, I didn't miss, but failed to understand their significance. The first was his despicable bull horning of President Obama's birth certificate. I think I dismissed it as a dog whistle to the racists but failed to understand as a clarion call to all those who hated anyone who didn't look like them. Second, was the tax returns. In retrospect, his ability to say I'm not going to publish them and no amount of press badgering or shaming him could make him should have told me we are dealing with a truly unaccountable man.

I've learned that no norm, rule, or standard regulation applies to Drumpt. Maybe the law will, the jury's out until Mueller completes his work.

I won't get fooled again.

Joke I heard 30 years ago.

A scientist was consumed with creating the most powerful computer in the world. He figured out how to chain all the world's most powerful computers like the ones used by NASA and the ones used by weather service to predict hurricane paths. Finally after years of work he had them all hooked to a single monitor.

When the day came to log on to the terminal he had scientists and politicians from around the world standing behind staring at the blinking cursor. Someone asked, "What should we ask it?" The scientist who started it all typed in:

"Is there a God?"

The computer stalled for a second and then replied, "there is now."

"Into the Raging Sea"

A book similar to "The Perfect Storm." It's about the sinking of the cargo ship El Faro a couple of years ago in a hurricane. In this case bridge voice tapes and data were recovered to explain how this ship and crew came to such a disaster.

Powerful and moving read.

Drumpt: I don't have to prepare for the NK summit. It's about attitude.

President Donald Trump told reporters Thursday that he doesn’t need to prepare much for his historic meeting with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, claiming the success of next week’s summit in Singapore will hinge on “attitude.”

This from a guy who didn't know what the nuclear triad was during the debates. I prepared harder organizing my magazine subscriptions for the upcoming year.
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