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Member since: Tue Nov 6, 2012, 11:29 AM
Number of posts: 5,206

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On CNN now, Spicer resigns.

The only agenda of the Reich Wing is to eliminate any trace of President Obama.

If President Obama was on Mt Rushmore the Rethugs would be sandblasting away as we speak.

From now on when I hear a Drumpt zombie supporting Little Donnie's actions I will

say, "but his emails."

Johnny Carson Predicts Little Don

Reich Wing is interested in climate change.

That is, changing the political climate of our country to embrace a horrific cobbled together mixture of Falwell theocracy and a Putin style klepto oligarchy.

What Donnie 2 Scoops Jr. Meeting Probably Looked Like

I heard on a teevee broadcast Drumpt was going to invite Putin

to the White House when the time was appropriate. That would be after the firing of Mueller, the Red Army Chorus replaces the Marine Corps Band, and Bannon has grown the full Rasputin beard. Not too long I should think.

My guess is this is how many parts of France reacted to Drumpt's visit

that were less televised.

I wonder if anyone informed Drumpt the storming of the Bastille

was a revolutionary act perpetrated by a population sick of authoritarian rule, vulgar indulgence, and extreme concentration of wealth.

In one of his BS interviews I heard Fredo Drumpt say, explaining his Russian meeting,

gathering information is what you do in "business."

In plain words the Drumpt paradigm was spoken out loud. Our government and Constitution are nothing more than an extension of the Drumpt corrupt business empire.
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