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Member since: Tue Nov 6, 2012, 10:29 AM
Number of posts: 5,655

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On the eve of Thanksgiving I am grateful to not have to

break bed with any Drumpt supporters. For those of you who are faced with this task, I hope you have a Thanksgiving with as little heart burn as possible.

Between August, 1931 and August, 1933 the New York Yankees

went 308 games without being shutout. Still the record.

The Reich Wing vile tax cut

is a plan to cripple any future Democratic majority’s plan to increase spending on social programs. The rethugs will scream no revenue and deficits are too large.

Anyone have a recommendation for a news

source/web location that keeps up with all Russia investigation updates and provides all back related historical information. Thanks in advance.

The Reich Wing vile tax plan

should be called The Leave No Private Jet Behind Bill.

I was in D.C. when the Senate basically tortured Anita Hill

and gave abuser Thomas a pass.

Still makes me sick.

I hope Ms. Hill is well.

We need extreme vetting

at malls to prevent vile characters like Moore from entering.

Why did the duck go to jail?

He was selling quack!

On Veterans Day Drumpt takes the

opportunity to speak well of ......Putin.

Trumpist, creepy groping perverts. Moore of the same. n/t

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