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Member since: Tue Nov 6, 2012, 11:29 AM
Number of posts: 6,670

Journal Archives

If Rosenstein is fired:

Fill the streets in protest!

Rethug's likely interrogator of Dr. Ford

Aunt Lydia

Drumpt's Contribution to SCOTUS-Potentially 2 Rs-not Republicans

R-ussian Judge

R-apist Judge (alleged).

Humor for the day

Cop: Are you gonna confess?
Suspect: I want my lawyer present.
Cop: You are a lawyer.
Suspect: I know, so where’s my present?

What I enjoy is that brief

moment of bliss when I wake up in the morning and the horror, that is the Drumpt regime, has not slammed into my conscious mind like a bag full of hammers.

Then, get up and get to work getting rid the Treason Weasel and his Putin bootlicking followers.

Today saw another reason why my state (AZ) is the craziest

Red State Dumbfuckistan.

Driving my car (Prius) and pulled up behind a gigantic pickup truck with dual exhaust pipes coming our of the bed "rolling coal." When he peeled off the next vehicle in front of me was another gigantic truck with the worlds "Prius Repellent" painted across his very wide bumper.

Dave Kingman

Holds record for most Home Runs in last season in the Majors.

35 in 1986 (Oakland).

Maybe now Drumpt should crack open some Russian Literature

Perhaps "Crime and Punishment."

Search Ebay for a coloring book version.

It would be totally justified that, given Drumpt's rumored dalliance of a pee

nature, the trail to his demise begins with a series of leaks.

Given how the dam appears to be breaking on Drumpt does he

just fire Mueller in order to delay and setback the investigation? He knows the rethugs will do nothing.
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