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Member since: Tue Nov 6, 2012, 11:29 AM
Number of posts: 12,489

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Once upon a time a

long-time foreman at company was faced with a dilemma. A rich MAGA family purchased the company and flooded his work area with shoofly dumbass MAGA relatives. He was in a fix because the time came when he had to promote someone.

He decided to pick the "brightest" of the dim bulbs and and asked him a question. "What is 2 plus 2?"

MAGA dummy replied, "four."

The MAGA crowd who had gathered to hear this answer all yelled: "give him another chance!".

Wise words to live by

Everything's relative. Einstein.

Everyone's a relative. Darwin.

Why do my relatives keeping taking all my stuff? Marx.

I saw a sideshow version of the Tangerine Duce once.

This was at a Renaissance Fair. The booth was the guy who stuck his head through a fence and patrons paid to pelt him with tomatoes. The catch was this guy was an expert at needling and insulting the thrower. He could identify things right away about the people: too thin, too heavy, too short, too tall, not dressed right, bald, wear glasses etc.

You name it he could get pelted in the face and never cease hurling insults. Nothing rattled him.

The only way to win was never to participate.

Media should learn from this.

Kristin Welker got "Gish Galloped"

Her producers might have done a Wiki search before Phony Soprano Gish Galloped over "the Talent."



Read today. Righteous.

Live your life in a way so that if it were a book Florida would ban it.

Looking at the 3 "charges" the MAGA investigator brought forth, congrats;

he finally found a gun crime SCOTUS will probably allow to stand.

The Hunter Biden Exception to the 2nd Admendment.

So there was this alligator who couldn't

compete in the swamp for food. So, this alligator went to the local pantry and asked for some help.

The clerk looked at him and said, "the only thing we have for you is Gatorade.

So a MAGA Mayberry local cop pulls over a

a long haired guy driving a VW van decorated like it was heading to a Woodstock Revival.

Cop: You know you were speeding.

Dude: Yep. I was fleeing a robbery.

Cop: You were speeding from a robbery. What else you do?

Dude: I have an illegal gun in the car, let me show you.

Cop: Pulls weapon, keep your hands where I can see them. You do anything else?

Dude: Yeah. In the robbery my partner got shot, he's dead in the trunk.

Cop: Calls for back-up.

20 minutes later.

Chief of police: Hey man the arresting office said you were fleeing a robbery, had a gun in the car, and a body in the trunk. We didn't find any of that.

Dude: Yeah, fucking liar. He probably said I was speeding too.

In bookstores

I canít ever seem to find the Self-Helf section.


I wondered if President Joe was going to be forced to invite

the Orange Dump back to the Whitehouse to unveil Chump's portrait.

The Mug Shot portrait will do.

Or the one where Phony Soprano looks up at the eclipse with no protective lenses.
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