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Name: hans
Gender: Do not display
Hometown: midwest
Home country: us
Current location: anywhere, usa
Member since: Thu Jun 14, 2012, 11:34 AM
Number of posts: 18,124

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true.....this hate receded for a while, but the election of our current POTUS brought them out of their stinking sewers and fetid swamps again. And now they have a full blown racist as their leader and just look at his raving, lunatic and racist base of cretins just chomping at the bit to be let loose on minorities of all persuasions. How many would stand around, with tobacco juice from their chew dribbling down their redneck chins, drinking whiskey while guffawing and celebrating as a black body or bodies of black men, women and children were gunned down or had bombs dropped on them. This is still one racist ass country, no doubt.

I would like a link to

confirm your statements please.....I know that the Ft. Pillow Massacre was known of, the 54 Regiment from Massachusetts was known of and how the bodies of the black soldiers killed at Ft, Wagner, S.C. were abused and, along with their white commander were shoved into a unmarked mass grave where they were urinated and spit upon....,.by the end of the civil war over 179,000 black soldiers had served the union cause with 50,000 having died of wounds, disease and infection. One of the unofficial starts of this memorial day holiday was created by former slaves who dug up mass graves of black soldiers who died in the union cause and gave them a proper burual and parade...the the military and others started remembering the soldiers who died in the union cause 5 May 1865---Gen. John Logan gave out gerneral order no.11 to decorate the graves of honored civil war dead and strewing of flowers. That was the formal day origin.

Yet IT CANNOT be denied that former black slaves honoring the black civil war dead were an important origin before it dawned on 'others' to honor the Union war dead. Basically that was the origin of our american holiday.


so true

preaching to the choir


hate and fear

drive these people who revere every word spilling from that sewage dump of a mouth owned and operated by Trump. What a devious POS, and his advisors too........

money is king, profit the queen

who is this inddividdual to have an expectation of a long normal life, without the venerated $$$$$

without a doubt

damn shame

they won't be made to pay for disrupting and ending, violently and without cause(Iraq) so many Iraqi, Syrian, and American lives that continues to this day. +1000 to you to succinctly put things in perspective 16+ years down this road.

well you may have lived it

yet you lived it as a white person. You have no idea of how it was and is to live as a minority in the american racial, cultural and political pecking order. And it seems, to me, you haven't learned anything but what you need for your skewed perspective on how great america was then, for all.

casting pearls.......

great that you offered up"proof", yet I fear, the blind arrogance of the author of this OP cannot be reasoned with. Better if he/she lives in a fantasy world and hopefully it won't end up biting them in the a**.
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