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Name: hans
Gender: Do not display
Hometown: midwest
Home country: us
Current location: anywhere, usa
Member since: Thu Jun 14, 2012, 11:34 AM
Number of posts: 16,179

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one of the bands were AA. Great for that time. Loved the choreographed, lyrically and musically, video, expert. Loved the music. Appropriate for a Liberal counterpart of the time.

Where did

"white fragility digest" go? Someone got in a snit and got lucky with a DU jury and shit. How did I miss this?

Where did

"white fragility digest" go?

Guardian article, today

how police treat black activists vs white nazi/racist activists in California. I do not know how to shift link here. So that makes me just frustrated. If I could get a PM to state, simply, if simple, teach, me how to do this procedure I would be a happy camper.

I was just thinking

America is diverse. IT's a Given. Without diversity, the american culture would not be capable of our vibrancy and bounce and be what it is in spite of the wypipo making all the noise for what seems the entire white race. Not true!. I think americans, all cultures, all races can keep our vibrancy precisely because we accept each other based on us all moving through time and space together.

No, we don't live in a white nationalist dominated existence anymore like the Costra Nostra days, WWI-WWII and back to the enforced servitude of one race by another. And in spite of noise coming from a back hall, I tell THEM, "get over it", every day. There can be no subjugation of a race, in thought, action or deed, by another without tearing 'the fabric' of this society, our diversity, with a violent belligerence that we might not recover from.

The brown skinned minorities completely dominating existence would be different and fade eventually just as this hodgepodge of European models has. Why do you think the 'subset' is making so much noise? Fear of losing privilege and entitlement to most american perks, individually and collectively, that white skin bestowed upon its wearer at birth. Just share our space, resources, love, fairly without pre-judgement of the individual. It just seems, to me, cooperation WITH each other yields better result, cohabitation-wise, on this small spaceship hurtling thru space. This is a small pebble in a large, large pool of recognized expanse. This through reasoned outward observation, with Hubble et al;

It's all a mindset. To me

I am slowly starting to look outward with hope there truly is something better. Meanwhile, you are all I got. Haven't lost hope in my kind, the human kind, yet. That hope does take powerful hits though.

I do miss going

up against moderate Republicans instead of these crazies today.

I am truly

grateful with a growing appreciation of THIS FORUM for discussion of all topics, racial, political, gender or otherwise, Invaluable.

And of course, an obvious nod to the DU admin/creators.

Major South African city

out of the water. Just heard it in a social setting in passing. I didn't inquire, figuring I have search engines, keep moving. It's true. Happened on April 12th. Millions affected. Worst dought in more than a century. CNN did a short piece 1:16 January 31st. One title for a future american irritation point short story, 'The Great Lakes Conflict'. Lots of water there. Climate change? Savor each swallow.


only thing this clown and his administration have accomplished faster and with more virulence and hate is to have divided all Americans along racial-cultural, superior-inferior, animals-human profiles. And we were supposed to all be americans. What bullshit. The Civil War never stopped...it went from an hot lead used war to cold war...trump is a fitting example of a culmination of a very long cold war. But not the end of the war.

yeah on the senator

who could miss that? NYC? True. Blue. NYC was just his business playground-base. The city did not give us trump, it created what he is. Con, racist, fascist, sexist, bigoted, cheat and cheap when some work needed doing, somewhat homophobic, I suspect. Alabama and a host of other states gave us this racist potus. I have extensive experience with the south. I and many other AA's always have said, at least in the south we would know where we stood in the 'pecking order' and who hated us. The north, not so open and obvious with their hate. That is all it comes down to, with me. Always in 65 years of ameriKKKan living. As a personal aside, yes when trump is out of office, I will drop the KKK. But he and sessions represent the sterling example of white supremacist-nationalists and to me the majority of Alabamans.

Lynching memorial, excellent location in the heart of the new Confederacy, in old Dixie.
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