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Name: hans
Gender: Do not display
Hometown: midwest
Home country: us
Current location: anywhere, usa
Member since: Thu Jun 14, 2012, 10:34 AM
Number of posts: 15,089

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I hope the dope is next

the "feces flinging monkey" twitter chump called trump....


and all these RW types are self-serving and extremely dangerous to all who oppose them. IF she wasn't a staunch trump ddump supporter, I might give her the benefit of doubt. Since everything that has come out about her accusations and possible political motivations in this 'case', naw. I am sorry I got pissed at Franken now. And yeah, the land buying out of this country is true. The bush family has large land holdings in Uruguay. Just made me wonder why. And no, I will not take cases like this tweeden case as true on face value anymore. Too much doubt, IN THIS CASE ONLY. Don't like it? Can't help it and....

The cases like trump p***y grabbing and moore rapes, yes, completely.

'Chicken Little'

in this case I can see as a probable. I am sick of women making claims of harassment that casts doubt on all cases such as this. I AM NOT in doubt about the cases of the rape of women and 14 year old girls by the types of hypocrite sexually predatory criminals like judge Roy Moore.

ya think

I am not impressed. It's all about money and getting land in Uruguay or wherever before this administration and our RW congressional enemies with the help of a RW SC destroy, COMPLETELY, this country of ours and millions of lives here.

the reason

AA are hated worldwide is because of our people in the military, our racist media-all areas, news, drama, entertainment ect; and our international business community. When I was in Vietnam I was told by vietnamese nationals constantly, "you same, same monkey". And I even had one make it a point to look at my rear for a tail....that was almost 50 years ago and ameriKKKa has not gotten any better.

well it is nevada

one of the states in the great white nationalist-racist territories west of the Mississippi River. Idaho, Montana, S-N Dakota, Wyoming, Utah. Can't speak against the superior white conservative, even if you are a white person with principle, integrity and most important...a conscience.

A sad, sad

commentary on an ameriKKKa that will NEVER change as 66 millions+ of the racist bozos described here are "making ameriKKKa great(white) again". White people are just going to have to be told over and over again, drill it into their thick neanderthal skulls that they have to face the hard fact that they are not superior to any fucking thing or person on this planet and never have been. More murderous, genocidal, hateful, not superior. I am beginning to realize just how many problems have been and are caused by the type of everyday white people that this young man had to deal with in his travels. This is a sick, sick, hypocritical country. The hispanic guy described here voted for the drugmoney launderer-p****grabber-racist, sexist POS we now have as potus..

This article will always be a reference on how no matter how much things seem to change, in ameriKKKA, they will always remain the same...stuck in a racist mode of confrontation between most brown people and whites that has lasted since John Smith shouted "after the savages" and ameriKKKa was born....

I fought for this country and every day I get more ashamed to be an american.

No one

can believe ANYTHING this lying POS says, ever...ever This POS is obsessed with trying to belittle his predecessor, the intelligent, classy President Barack Hussein Obama, while he will always remain a very, very little man with nothing but cons, lies, bankruptcies, 11 at last count and p...grabbing as a legacy of his entitled, white privileged life. His kids can't even be pointed to as being a better example of a human being. Fuck this spoiled child trying to be potus...total failure.

how do these

types sleep at night? Oh sorry, I know how. No conscience to speak of and this moore character would have been out front just like d. trump in racing toward the slave quarters to sate their lust on slave children and adults, both sexes. All of the slave holders did it, why 'mulattoes, quadroons, octaroons'? I wish the media would get real. Every decent person in any country is laughing out loud at this circus ameriKKKa has become and so am I.


I do vote in ALL elections, whether it's just a millage vote or for representatives all the way into the WH and I am glad prominent women are fighting back loudly against the injustice that has it's advocates all the way into the WH. It will help us all to begin to right another generations long injustice, sexism.

First let me say, I can't believe there is anything such as a "true christian". I've had my experience with them and they are racist, sexist hypocrites. 'True christians' have accepted slavery, genocide, abuse and degradation of women as the will of god. Now I know that they excuse pedophilia/child abuse also, as the will of their god..

Sex and the ability to control seems to be the accepted common denominator at the apex of power, whether it be corporate, political or RELIGIOUS and in any situation where men can treat women as lesser human beings subject to the whims associated with men and our feelings of dominance over this planet and every living creature.

Some way must be found to achieve equality among all human beings irrespective of sex, race, culture or national origin. Religion has always been a tool to control the masses. Nothing wrong, in my book, with faith in things spiritual, yet faith in the words of another human being allegedly having a direct line to a 'god' is ludicrous.

ALL OF US are the creation of life from a source UNKNOWN to any of us. We can guess, read 'holy' books, with 'holy words', supposedly divinely inspired, allegedly given to us to guide us on our paths of life. Yet, we do not know where we are from, nor our place in a vast universe. I feel that in knowing this, all we can do for each other on this planet is treat each living creature with respect and reverence.

People like d. trump and this moore character have to be marginalized. Man has been slaughtering other human beings since recorded time began, for a myriad of reasons, yet the slaughter of hundreds of millions of combatants and innocents in all wars and conflicts has not made the world a safer, better place to live. Only more dangerous...our madman leader has shown that.

As the writer of this OP suggests, only by voting and staying angry at injustice can 'decent' human beings prevail against the evil and danger to all life that trump, ryan, and the administration represent. We must fight verbally, vote and stand up in any way necessary to topple this RW coup that has taken over our country.
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