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Name: hans
Gender: Do not display
Hometown: midwest
Home country: us
Current location: anywhere, usa
Member since: Thu Jun 14, 2012, 11:34 AM
Number of posts: 13,981

Journal Archives

10-4 on "GOP asses and his ass"

Comey did what I have no doubt was an attempt to steer the election away from the popularity, as shown by the polls at the time, of HRC, which the despicable deplorables, their congressional helpers and all the MSM ate up. No coincidence, any thinking person knows it was obvious and why do you think this 'investigation' of the trumpchump-russian connection is taking so very long to even reveal. Comey is in this sordid political debacle up to his neck. He is a compromised republiKKKan.


I agree with your "personally".


even though 'blue dog' democrats, no matter the reason for them being so, are a PITA to me. But that's life. Loved that song....

sport team plutocrats

are rich, scared and stupid to a fault. No surprise. Rich people are by and large greedy, mean to those outside their 'class' and always try to appear like they are concerned about those who struggle everyday to put bread on the table and keep the lights on.

There are a few notable liberal exceptions yet I still don't trust any 'rich' powerful RW people. They are all snakes. They would like us all to die and go away.

I feel like

this trucker is just as stupid as the pretender who is called potus, by his stupid, racist supporters and calls himself potus. No way in hell this trucker did not know there was a problem. Probably just being just as mean as the boy-potus and his 'advisors' are.

the man is free

affiliate with any political thought/Party. Just as long as he votes with Democrats on the key issues AGAINST the RW scourge plaguing this nation, now.

no difference

trading one thuggish nation-ruler for another. What a hypocrite. I hope someone picks up the ball and get it rolling again. If California, Oregon and Washington form a three state alliance of conscience, I would try to get there.

thank you for truth

but as I can see from your thread responses, truth hurts. Remember those who protest the loudest are......well you probably know the quote.


racist to it's deepest cultural core. AmeriKKKa never got over slavery, whites dying to defend that way of life or not and finally the ex=slaves and generations down the line from slavery finally getting civil and voting rights like the superior race.

NEVER GOT OVER IT and now embodied in the worst, most racist, most sexist, most outwardly thuggish con man potus this modern era has faced. With the worst non-administration of obvious and outspoken homophobes, xenophobes seen in any modern era in ameriKKKa.....if people just spoke up more when their squirrely, snake brains start forming and voicing their thoughts.

I'll never believe that ameriKKKa and MILLIONS of ameriKKKans are anything but deeply racist and can never be trusted in any way ever again....not my president.

This one I hadn't heard about

or read about.....thanks....timely and appropriate for the times....I feel the times like Colfax are right around the corner, again. Union soldiers involved also...does not surprise me in the least with what I've seen emanating from the ameriKKKans of today, have seen from yesterday and expect to continue to see in the future.

AmeriKKKans have not eradicated hatred, racism and bigotry because ameriKKKans have a vested interest in keeping hate between the races alive. Gives them a feeling of safety and superiority. Why can't we all have safety and unity?
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