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Name: hans
Gender: Do not display
Hometown: midwest
Home country: us
Current location: anywhere, usa
Member since: Thu Jun 14, 2012, 11:34 AM
Number of posts: 17,242

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I noticed and commented on another 'hang dog' posture and look of this poor excuse of a potus vs Putin's ' I put this sucker down' expression and shoulders back, head up, back straight, I am victor, posture and expression, over this PODS called the American potus.

shamefully racist

sounds so ameriKKKan

this expose' of "white fright" of seemingly peaceful AA wanting to live a peaceful existence within their religious community(s). 29 minutes long of the hypocrisy of ameriKKKans wanting their war against brown people(s), AA especially. These "patriots" are why amerikan racism is still, as it has always been, a cancerous tumour waiting to completely and irredeemably infect this country when it explodes in its white racist hate orgasm that has been enabled and encouraged by this current potus and AA.


I am definitely waiting for Charlotteville next month. When people like the ones who conjured up plots like this will meet to 'observe' their murder of Heather Heyer and the injury of many, many people with life-changing wounds. The "dark underground movement" of white terrorists are never exposed, FOR LONG, in our MSM for what they are, murderous white people intent on 'making Amerika white again' and they are murderously serious. Encouraged and enabled by their leaders who it turns out are people who are as RACIST and as dangerous as the current POTUS.

Slavery and the systemic and institutionalized white racism has always existed here in amerika based on race, specifically, whether it's the actual Slavery Era of this country where a divided nation of americans/ameriKKKans killed https://www.battlefields.org/learn/articles/civil-war-casualties each other in the name of 'slavery hidden under the guise of "states rights". Whether it was the segregation and Jim Crow laws after that Civil War I, of the kind that is described in 'Slavery by Another Name' by Douglas Blackmon. Or modern slavery deceptively hidden, with data, statistics and outright lies by people who control the predatory capitalism that drive the economies of the world now.


There seems to be no end to the evil that is white racism, human bigotry and cultural/religious prejudices(s) as exampled by a very contentious discussion here recently on AA bigotry and prejudice. Yet, we of this community and other communities of progressives and liberals are the bulwarks against the flood of hate unleashed by the likes of our potus, the GOP/NPA and an administration led by the likes of an AG like Session or an RW extremist like John Bolton. And we seem to be fighting, at this time, a rearguard action.

MY hope though, in stemming this tide of evil, by our only weapon, the vote, is seemingly forlorn. Our electoral system is corrupted by MONEY, RW suppression disguised as gerrymandering, district redrawing, the outright denial of the vote of POC, AA particularly, that Democrats are powerless, it seems, to stop. My hope is to see an overwhelming number, of 'decent' Americans turning out to the voting polls in November and protesting in our streets.

I'm 70, I have been a witness, not so very long ago, to the 'southern racism', used to intimidate AA with murder, lynchings and burnings, the aftermath of which I saw, as a child, of a human being and this activity included women and children. I would love to tell the gentile and civilized of this forum what picture AND SMELL have stood out in my mind, from 59 years ago, about that tortured body I saw. I won't. Some will try to cause me too much grief while running from their guilt. This activity has recently been upgraded to dragging a living human being behind their supercharged trucks until broken into pieces. I have also witnessed another POTUS, Richard Nixon and his crony, lee Atwater use the very same american racist hate of the many conservative Democrats to win an election. Then we had 'white hat' Ronald Reagan ride to the rescue of white Amerikkka by using racism and drugs to destroy lives already depressed and at risk because of SYSTEMIC AND INSTITUTIONALIZED white racist hate that has ALWAYS led directly to black poverty, lack of opportunity in education and 'urbanization'. That's de facto segregation by another name.

Finally, the evil and hypocrisy of Amerika as completely and totally represented TODAY by donald trump and his Party of hateful grifters, open racist hypocrites and white self-loving people has driven quite a few nails into my coffin of depression. The only thing I will do to fight this is asking people to vote and to vote myself for my sanity. That's really all I can do anymore. It's my country as much as I hate it sometimes, I fought for it, misguided, but I did. But not for this shameful exhibition, a clown of a potus is presenting as America. I'm done.

like in Nazi germany

it started with 'small' hardly noticed decrees and ended up with Dachau, Auschwitz. So it starts....the worldwide nazi movement now with trump as one of it's leading white supremacist proponents is ever so slowly gearing up for genocide. I watching Charlottesville next month on this one-year observance by the Nazi/KKK idiots of their murder of Heather Heyer and injuring of many with life-changing injuries.

the orange turd

will never acknowledge one paltry human being even if he has sworn to protect even a deadbeat treasonous coward like trump. The dead agent is recognized as the professional that he was. May his spirit be at peace.

You go Queen E!!!!!!

American MSM media, no matter the station, still will not call trump what he truly is. A despicable, racist, sexist wannabe dictator. What? don't want to show this country's dirty laundry to the world? Don't want to lose a misplaced pride in a country that has this as a potus? Well, there can be no pride in country that has this as potus He already has taken off his clothes in public, and he's a dirty, dirty muthafucka. Never washed or ever clean. Already a despot, he's shooting for the big time, right up there with Hitler, Vlad the Impaler, Mooosolini, Stalin(when he starts killingwhite anti-trump Americans to hold on to his power), Caligula, because he is a sexual pervert, Mao, again when he starts killing white anti-trump Americans to hold on to power through his brown shirt surrogates. He's already started with AA, but they are not counted by MSM, yet, if ever they will be, Kim jung-il and son un, currently a trump fav, King Herod, Pol Pot, again when he starts killing white anti-trump Americans to hold on to power, Bashar al-Assad, Idi Amin DaDa well that's my point. He is my book is ranking right up there with the worst, EVER.

these type of

arrangements were everywhere in the south. The lease brought in big bucks for the locals who put these lives into the hands of racist, predatory capitalist. Profit over every decent human consideration.

Thank you for this reminder of just how ingrained white racism became a system and institution of oppression of all POC, AA especially, even up to this day.

K & R

The book he mentioned: Slavery by Another Name. Truly sad, horrifying and a PERFECT example of racist amerika, predatory racist capitalism and capitalist.

A true idiot

we have as a potus....shame, shame, shame....geez

I love the Onion

they are truthfully brutal with barbed and very sharp cutting humour.

democratic-Socialist strategy

destroy Democratic Party, remake in their own image and lose the next election(s)? Purely aggravating.
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