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Name: hans
Gender: Do not display
Hometown: midwest
Home country: us
Current location: anywhere, usa
Member since: Thu Jun 14, 2012, 11:34 AM
Number of posts: 14,884

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and no one can answer yes, which has their discomfort levels at an all time high. POC mean very little to a lot of people these days and protests by people of conscience over injustice to POC, even less. Thank you for your revealing question...

petty is a fucking racist idiot

no clue as to his own stupidity and white privilege blindness, just like his 'supreme leader' in D. C.. Fuck NASCAR...Dale Ehrnhart.jr....kneeled. You think 'firing' him will hurt him. You're not the idiot-potus asshole...you need to carry your racist bigoted ass back to where you came from and do what you're comfortable doing. Put on your sheet with eye holes and go burn a cross in some 'uppity n*****s yard. Childress, same goes for him. They are, like a majority of idiot-potus voter, wanting all people of color, deported, killed or 'in their place', at the feet of the exalted white race and are trying to achieve that. All they are going to achieve is making people very sick and fucking tired of their old tired BULLSHIT. There is going to be reaction to all this open racism by the privileged entitled class. Period.

on edit: Their true color has always been on exhibit in ameriKKKa...especially since both NASCAR and hockey has actively tried to keep their sports majority white in racial makeup...afraid of losing their notions of white superiority, I suppose.. I look at all the confederate flags flown at a NASCAR event and boom!!!!!!, there it is. I suspect they will be flying them at hockey games soon....we'll see, I don't watch either sport, so I'll hear about it soon, I'm sure.

as ACA is

NOW with needed tweaks as problems arise will be the only type of 'universal healthcare' in this profit driven, greedy economy. All on here hoping for a berniecare or any type of care outside of greed driven gopcare is fooling themselves. We can agitate here and in the culture at large...universalcare will NEVER happen in this profit driven economy-culture.

too much

of a 50's type socialist to ever want to be a part of the Democratic Party. He has always professed, HE IS NOT A DEMOCRAT. I didn't say it, he did... he leads a minority wing of our still great DEMOCRATIC PARTY.

have it half way together

and finally am connecting all the pieces....excellent exhibit....so much must be done for full equality, FOR ALL, in this crazy-assed country...now even crazier...YOU GO GIRL!!!!!!!!!

drip, drip, drip

and the idiot-potus is just as much responsible for this slow march to armageddon as the idiot-supreme leader threatening to use an hydrogen bomb to make a point. Deplorable mess. And I just can't believe the nazi's and confederates of our nation want this. If they do, they are just as dangerously psychopathic as their goddam supreme leader.

from my understanding

and numbers from NPR, if voters for BS, in Mich. Wisc. and Penn. who switched their GE votes from the Party's GE candidate, HRC, to the idiot we now have as potus, she would have had 278 electoral votes...more than enough to have beaten the current clown we have as a potus. The BS wing of the Democratic Party must be made to realize, it is just that, a minority wing, with a minor leader, under the umbrella of the DEMOCRATIC PARTY.

With him as a possible in 2020, why would I want the same outcome as Nov.8 2016? We have a rising and upcoming cadre of true Democrats who will show that our power and victories are in the future, not dependent on anyone from the past, except as possible advisors.

while he can travel there

it is in the capacity as a self professed Independent minor leader of a minority wing under the umbrella of the DEMOCRATIC PARTY.....he can help but is no hope for the future with me and hundreds of thousands more...Booker, Harris, Kennedy, Ellison, Duckworth, Castro, Duran...they are the future of the Democratic Party.....

bernie and bernie supporters

minority wing of a minor leader under the umbrella of the DEMOCRATIC PARTY.

they the idiots

who think their skin color makes them superior, want us, all resistors to white supremacy, DEAD. Ask the families of Heather Heyer, the Charleston 9 whether their loved ones are dead or not at the hands of real and wannabe klan members.. In some cases PROACTIVE, is necessary.
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