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Name: hans
Gender: Do not display
Hometown: midwest
Home country: us
Current location: anywhere, usa
Member since: Thu Jun 14, 2012, 11:34 AM
Number of posts: 14,422

Journal Archives

these days

I am feeling apocalyptical-y most days......"eat drink and be merry, for tomorrow we may die"..... because of the fool(s) at 1600.....

made me go back

to the song...by barry mcguire....still true.....I do hope they crash and burn before they take us all into a hellish scenario of grief....


hope the "bank" recognizes the currency and accepts it.... I don't really think they will really care. There is a hard core % of his base of supporters that want a civil war to get rid of the 'others'...with all the violence, mayhem, gore and death that they desire to happen to the possessor of the main thing they fear, the strength of the African-american vs their KKK brand of strength.

So we will see, won't we.....

those words

made me laugh out loud and her studied reaction, priceless.

I talked with religionists this week at my table in the front yard on Sunday, my church service, about the 'phobias' they enjoy and my words were, as long as they love each other and are not hurting each other or others, they have a right to love who they please...without judgement on my part. They said well.....I am not going to hate them, but I don't have to like their 'sin', the bible....ect ect, ect, which gave me an in to the subject of sin and being born in sin et al....god!!!! I have fun with these types. Got a good hour out of them before they made their excuses and left......

yeah and once you took

your "freak flag" down, took a shower, got a haircut, bought a briefcase and walked past the wall street bull, you were set for life, all metaphorical of course. Once the black nationalist cut his afro down to acceptable, by whites, length, he/she were still black and subject to the racism you, metaphorically, just walked away from. Racism does make white people victims alright, victims of their own ignorance and hate. That's all.


a SHARP division, as of a population or group, into opposing factions, both intra and inter. Will america/ameriKKKa survive till 2018-20?

very well conceived

and very refreshing to see SOME americans still have respect for differences in human existence and cultures. Now it would have been much more definitive to see the arrogant ones who didn't give a damn about the' moooslims'.....and how they brushed on by without a thought about how 'superior' they are to the 'mooosslims'. That would be the truth and I wonder about the percentage breakdown of those who just brushed by and those shown in this video......

progressive/liberal voter apathy plus a rabid

racist cultural core group that did vote...voila!!!!! A racist, idiot cretin as potus. And please do not forget ALL MSM media played up this cretins campaign for potus as something positive because the racists disguised their hate with words like WHITE race economic anxiety ect and covered for the racism and sexism of the man/child himself in his run for the office he has diminished so horribly.

Amerikan racists has always been waiting for the left to slip up so horribly....and here we are. At the base of a mountain, in a valley so deep that we finally realize we got to start climbing before america is the white supremacist haven that bannon, miller, alec jones et al. desire and is lost to the rest of us forever. And we will only, as the left wing political group of a seriously fractured culture, have ourselves to blame if we end up in camps, deported or shot down like is happening with more regularity of AA now, it seems..

I would sooooo like to

hear the private comments of the other world leaders on this idiot cretin we have as potus. What a shameful, humiliating addition to our pantheon of presidents. Amerika has been diminished in the eyes of the world FOR ALL TIME.

backlash over a police murder victim's

name being used for racial sensitivity course FOR POLICE is just one small example of the huge problem this culture has endured over the racial hate generated for centuries by the PTB to keep us at each others throats...... and I only ask, when are racist, white cretins just going to die out like the weak strain of human DNA they are?

BLM, the high profile murders of AA has generated a blood lust among the racist core of americans and there is nothing that can be said to counter that in the midst of all these police murders of AA. They are standing at the base of the tree with "strange fruit" swinging in the wind with the encouragement of the cretin now potus and looking around for more victims who are not exactly like them, racially..
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