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Name: hans
Gender: Do not display
Hometown: midwest
Home country: us
Current location: anywhere, usa
Member since: Thu Jun 14, 2012, 11:34 AM
Number of posts: 18,124

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according to MSNBC

only about 100 kids took part in the demonstration. And a student, according to a poster on another thread, who was intervied said only 40-50 student showed up to defend this animal. Out of how many total students, 2000?. Percentage wise, very low turnout for a 'mass demonstration'. That's reality. You seem to be orbiting around the bizarro world yourself. Yes there are rules in all schools as it should be. I never said there should not be. Yet you seem intent on taking your stand on rules are to be enforced, no matter what or you would not be so adamant about the enforcement of the rules on this young woman-child. Ummmmmm, I wonder...... Keep rationalizing, you'll come up with a good one yet.....

according to MSNBC

about 100 students walked out in protest over the SRO's firing, NOT HUNDREDS. True, they were all races, but 100 out of how many who could have walked out? Probably about the same percentage breakdown as those here who have defended fields for his actions.

thank you

Tamir Rice's execution bore this out.......


no matter what the 'rationalists' say here. I'd love many photos of war, combat and "collateral damage" to be disseminated widely. Maybe that would shock people into realizing what a waste of human potential war creates.


this already emotionally challenged child should have been slammed to the ground, dragged and thrown across the room, in your book, that is. Right? It is called racist abuse, what happened to this emotionally damaged "child" and what she suffered at the hands of this animal. And you, defending the actions of all 'adults' in this situation, leads me to a lot of questions about your logic and compassion for this child.

If 30, 300 or 3000 teens were emotionally challenged as this child was and is, even more terribly now, then they have to be treated with compassion and restraint no matter how an adult might feel about "non-compliance" to their 'demands'. Looks like the slave master dealing with an unruly slave mentality at play here. PERIOD. Lucky she is still alive.

you are wrong

period. Find out the history of Slambo, school district, history of race relations in that area and the number of wack job school administrators, teachers and 'resource people' before calling others liars. Misinformed and uninformed calling a person a liar. Great job.... Resources for violence and racism is more like it.

you're right

they weren't steroidally juiced, just racistly evil, looking to punish, maim and kill the POC for no other reason than they were AA. Something akin to the juiced freaks calling themselves police officers today and they are not all 'juiced', just racistly hateful pigs in uniform trying to keep the person of color "in their place". Those that can kill a 12 year old in 2/10 of a second after arriving on the scene because some good citizen saw some black kid with a toy gun.


still doesn't change the FACT of a young female person of color being violently slammed to the floor in her desk, and then dragged away. Your 'incidents' are non incidents compared to the treatment of this young female of color. But maybe her treatment just doesn't register as violently abusive to you. That's all I can figure from your 'examples'. Done with you. Just not going to accept these BS answers anymore, from anyone, without strong retort. Jury me, ban me, I really give less than a damn.

because something like this just doesn't happen to white children. That's why.

DUer's defending this?

DOES NOT SURPRISE ME IN THE LEAST. Disgusting how a child of color can be treated as such and the cop, ON HERE, can be defended as using appropriate behavior in getting compliance, from a person of color, to his demands. White kid? Never would have happened. But precedent has been set, Tamir Rice, Sandra Bland. Some DUer's love to see this type of violence against children and women OF COLOR. That's is a verifiable fact on here.
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