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Name: hans
Gender: Do not display
Hometown: midwest
Home country: us
Current location: anywhere, usa
Member since: Thu Jun 14, 2012, 11:34 AM
Number of posts: 18,124

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false because the subjects are white? It's not racist to call a bunch of out of control, entitled white males hooligans and thugs if the description fits their behavior. They're privileged thugs. geez


Big Truth!!!! Don't forget who started this garbage because of 9/11. Not excusing any subsequent administrations continuance or expansion of this abrogation of civil and human rights. Neocons are the real enemy of the people. Don't forget PNAC. I've read a lot of what they strive for, it's downright benign dictatorship they are trying to create. Imperialism is also a key goal of these people, they want to rule the world. Barack is in a hell of a mess and if he is not part of this, then I bet he is sorry he ever ran for office. But committed he is, and because of the PTB, has to continue. No way out. I think. If he still wants this then he's no better than any of the other sociopaths that have led this country by being elected or THEFT of office.


Who cares what you're sick of, I DON'T! If the description fits, it fits. No getting around that. What your statements say outright or imply let's me know exactly what you and others are thinking and the mode you operate on day to day, so I don't need a pipeline into your brain. You expose and have exposed your brain machinations(intellect) time after time on this site for everyone one with deductive powers and it ain't pretty. It's sad that this site has so many of you, this supposed site for 'progressives' and 'libruls'. I get sick of seeing the same bunch of apologists on here excusing everything from RACIST murders to police abuse of authority WITH A GUN. Who are you to throw stones, given that glass house you live in. I see everything you are. From the start of this country, IT HAS BEEN ABOUT RACE, CLASS, WHITE PRIVILEGE and ENTITLEMENT from the very beginning!!!! And since Barack Obama became POTUS, even more so by the whiny class.Take your distracting bullshit somewhere else where you'll be understood. ZIMPIGS site would be a start for you and the others of your ilk, sweetie. Your point(s) are well understood by me and many others, they aren't worth the letters it takes to spell them out. I'm through discussing anything with you or your ilk. Total waste of time and by the way, thou protesteth too much. Your shame is showing. Sweetie. No need to respond, I really do read and understand EVERYTHING you have said, you're saying now or implying and you'll get no more time from me, your session is over. Dear.


tried arguing with you at one time. At least the person I was responding to understood the waste of time and intellect YOU ARE. I'm not your dear, honey, so refrain from using that when addressing me. I will not ever agan waste time trying to understand your pro murder positions, florida, your pro, he had brown skin so he should immediately be suspected by neighbor and in your argument, by you. I think you really have some racial issues that you're not facing but which are extremely evident to people reading your responses to race centered stories. You will not be hearing anything else from me on this dear, but you will hear from me EVERY time you come up with your rationalizations for how it's not racism its, its........


historically, some of what you state is true. Bushmonkeys machinations created the Iraq situation, not Obama. He just inherited that mes from neocons. Yes I wish we could disengage completely, but with the oil under that particular real estate, the business interests will never let that happen. And if Obama tried and was getting somewhere on completely disengaging our forces and interests, he would not last long. Israel and oil are key. Don't get me wrong, the Jewish people deserve land of their own. They have every right to the land they possess as any other group. The Palestinians are pawns of right wing Israeli and amerikkkan RW thought. Period. Throw a little religion in the mix, voila! Middle east cauldron of hate orchestrated by purely self interested parties who can gain whatever they can out of the hate and animosity on both sides. Yeah I know about Balfour and all the rest. Nothing can be done. If only peace in the middle east would prevail one could hope there is a chance for overall peace. I fear human beings as a whole, are not enlightened enough to envision a world at peace and anyway the military and political PTB would not be able to control the masses with fear of 'other' so they would not allow a general peace anyway. 'Swords into plowshares', I doubt it will ever happen. I am not disagreeing with you, just my take also.


with the still in dispute 9/11 tragedy culled by neocons for all it was worth. Let me see. What was it worth=1million dead Iraqis, trillions of national treasure squandered, 6thousand+ american dead, 100,000+wounded, substantial portion traumatic brain injury, traumatic amputation, untold cost into the future taking care of these wounded vets. And no, NOT "even more so under Obama", much LESS than under the neocons. Under Obama's watch, no attacks on america. Under Bushmonkey....take your pick! Why more cause he's using drones instead of live bodies? The drone issue is not settled. NSA spying started with neocons and has not stopped. Okay, go back to where it started, the neocon inspired Patriot Act. I doubt any Pres. could get that entrenched neocon bullshit repealed. You got a way to do? Put it out there! Oh, Obama is such a bad Pres. At least he didn't have to steal two elections to stay in power. oh yeah, I do like Chomsky's dissent. It is the truth. But a pile on of my Pres. Naw. Romshit would have been ten times worse.


right. A lot haven't been paying attention, including me who gets lost in all the blather of what Pres. Obama is NOT doing, rather than what is able to do with all the neocon obstruction in front of him constantly. You are right. Those with a need to put down this Pres. would never be satisfied with anything he has done or will do. He still has a few more years to continue turning back neocon malfeasance, hopefully. So they can be written off as perpetual whiners.


Egypt, Syria, Libya, Iraq. All seething cauldrons of hate, murder, sectarian violence, religious jockeying, immense grief. Why? I sense major power intrigue in all this. Every since those neocons went into Iraq, violence has slowly escalated. Is the oil still flowing in Iraq? What oil company(s) has control over it? Who is receiving oil from Iraq? In spite of Pres. Obama's administration mistakes, as I might perceive them, he is a President that inherited many national and international neocon misdeeds and steps. They left office laughing at this gentleman. I can see them now toasting each other, laughing and good ole boy guffawing, "we left that clown a mess", toasting and getting drunk. He has performed better than I thought and not as well as I had hoped. What the hell, he's a human being. Like I asked, why all this disconnected? violence in the Arab world? Is it just Russian, United States-European Union jockeying for oil power and by doing this keeping up the violence as a distraction? Israel is in the mix here but our MSM is not mentioning that country too much. Palestinian blah, blah, blah. But that's it. Inquiring minds want to know. Or am I just out my tree and it's so much more complicated than that.


questions about THE blunt force trauma against a 95 year old.? Now it's the hospitals fault? "did they miss the internal bleeding"? "he probably could have been saved" geez, you're a piece of work. I wonder what this gentleman's race was. If he was black, then I could picture why he was assaulted like this, with the fear prevalent of angry black 95 year old men. If he wasn't then their patience just ran out and they killed him.


this POTUS really is light years from the neocon devils that ruled and damn near destroyed this country in eight short years. Lied us into wars for nefarious reasons, gave bankers a pass on cheating trillions out of citizens of the U.S. Flew over post-katrina chaos and went to play golf. Yet, gitmo must be closed and I think prez is trying? Still gave them goddamn bankers a pass, thank god Dr. Warren is in that picture. Making some very suspect appointments of people I wouldn't trust after they turned the corner. I never expected it, but I wish Bush and his cabal would have ended up on the docket in the Hague. Yeah civil and human rights are still being stripped, not necessarily Obama's fault, and in the wake of Trayvon Martin's murder he has made some measured statements on rights, which is good. But rethugs at the state level, where they can really take advantage of the 47% who vote against their self interests as long as they feel blacks and all 'minority' groups will be hurt and those librul women are put back into the kitchen barefoot and pregnant are going full tilt boogie with gerrymandering and other underhanded ways to 'steal' the vote....he's got a lot on his plate and a lot still to do, but yes he is no Bush, thank god..
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