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Gender: Female
Home country: USA
Member since: Thu Dec 1, 2011, 11:59 AM
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FDR Populist Progressive who believes the environment trumps all. We\'re sinking the only ship we\'ve got, and govt leaders are ignoring it.

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(The Hill) DNC's new meme is Bernie is "unelectable"...really? Never would have guessed.

Democrats: Sanders unelectable

The surging popularity of Sen. Bernie Sanders has done little to alleviate the chief concern that Democrats have about his presidential bid: Namely, that he's simply unelectable on a national stage.

The Vermont Independent has quickly closed the gap on frontrunner Hillary Clinton in national polls, while overtaking the former State secretary in the early voting states of Iowa and New Hampshire. Supporters say his rising momentum and populist message will carry him to the White House.


Rep. Lloyd Doggett (D-Texas), who has not endorsed a primary candidate, said Sanders is doing "a great job" bringing the Democrats' policy agenda into the public eye. But he's concerned how the "socialist" label attached to the senator will play in a national election.

"The fact that he's been on that ticket raises some questions in other parts of the country: 'Can anyone who has ever had that label as an official candidate, as distinguished from an Independent, [win]?'" Doggett asked. "That's a question that many of us have had."

The doubts surrounding Sanders' electability are hardly universal. A growing number of lawmakers are pushing back as Sanders gains prominence in the race.

Rep. Alan Grayson (D-Fla.), a 2016 Senate candidate who has not endorsed a primary contender, characterized Sanders as one of Congress's most effective legislators, saying all claims that he's unelectable are "politically motivated attacks" designed to undermine his bid.

"Bernie has the appeal of being able to demonstrate to people that he can get good things done. He is not some kind of liberal stick figure; he's someone who has a record of actual accomplishment," Grayson said. "If Bernie's the nominee, then Bernie very likely will be the next president of the United States."

Rep. Raúl Grijalva (D-Ariz.) echoed that message, warning that Democrats, by doubting Sanders' viability as a candidate, risk undermining the party's agenda.....

Full story here (or just read the posts here at GD: P)~

With All Due Respect, this man truly should be our president!

Amazing interview with Bloomberg. Relevant Qs asked & honest, excellent answers given. The comments at youtube (click top of video) are priceless.

Please watch, even Hillary fans...especially Hillary fans.

Damn. How great would it be to have a President Sanders?

Colbert: America is Getting its Bern Notice

This is good.

The only clip of the actual interview that I could find posted for now.

ON EDIT: Thanks to Babel 17, here's a link to the full interview~

GO Bernie!

(...also looking fwd to Elizabeth Warren being on Colbert this Weds pm 9/23. DVR is set!!)

Is the Democratic National Committee in the Tank for Hillary? (Dems Protest DNC)

Did Debbie Wasserman Schultz plan to host 20 fewer debates than 2008 to help Clinton? That’s what protesters in D.C. said Wednesday—among them Martin O’Malley’s spokeswoman.

Outside the Democratic National Committee headquarters in Washington, D.C., on Wednesday night, a few dozen protesters—some on Martin O’Malley’s payroll, some holding Martin O’Malley signs, others wearing Bernie Sanders T-shirts, and none supporting Lincoln Chafee—gathered to register their dissatisfaction with DNC chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz’s plan to host just six debates, compared to 26 in 2008.

...Anyway, the song and the man with the bongo drum aside, the lack of Democratic debates is a very real problem for the party and, you could surely argue, for the democracy itself. And no one is angrier about it than O’Malley, who is polling at 1.8 percent.

Earlier Wednesday it was reported by Politico that the DNC had “carefully negotiated” the number of debates with the Democratic campaigns, but Lis Smith, O’Malley’s spokeswoman, said that’s just not true.

Standing among the protesters, holding a “#WENEEDDEBATE” sign, she told me, “It was not a negotiation, it was a decree.”

The DNC approached the O’Malley campaign in February, March, and April with its six-debate proposal, according to Smith, and she said the campaign shot the DNC down each time. And not only was there no negotiation, Smith said, but the DNC also lied about the exclusivity clause, which stipulates that candidates can’t participate in events not sanctioned by the DNC. The party assured the O’Malley campaign there wouldn’t be one, Smith said, but then, an hour before announcing its debate schedule, it changed course.

Asked if Smith believes the DNC is limiting the number of debates in order to protect Clinton, who benefits from having the highest name-ID of any announced Democrat and is not exactly known for being light on her feet in debate, the O’Malley spokeswoman said, “In the absence of them offering any other excuse, I think that has to be the natural assumption.”...


This isn't the first demonstration. Here's a pic from protesters at the Iowa State Fair~


Dave Johnson wrote a good article about this yesterday~

Still No Democratic Debates. What’s Going On?
September 16, 2015
Dave Johnson

The second Republican Presidential candidate debate is tonight. The ratings for the first one were through the roof and tonight’s is also expected to be a ratings blockbuster. People are interested and tuning in to the campaign and the Republicans are getting all the “eyeballs.”

Meanwhile there hasn’t been even a hint of a Democratic candidate debate. What’s going on? Why are the Democrats letting Republicans have the attention? Do they feel the party has nothing to offer – or something to hide?

“Just spell my name right.” It is basic marketing that any publicity is good publicity....


This one clip shows why many choose Bernie Sanders over Hillary Clinton


July 3 vs Sept 9 - different day, different focus group, different Hillary.

There's a good piece on this over at Dkos.

GO Bernie!! Go steadfast & true Progressives in every race!!!

ETA-For those who don't want to click a link, here's the full video the clip takes from~

"Entourage" star is my new hero!

"R.I.P. the 2,996 Americans who died in 9/11. R.I.P. the 1,455,590 innocent Iraqis who died during the U.S. invasion for something they didn't do."

Adrian Grenier is getting slammed three days after he posted a controversial 9/11 tribute.

...But in the days since, the controversy has only grown, with hundreds of people filling Grenier's Instagram posts with comments about his initial message and the decision to delete it. "You already showed your true colors, too late to try and correct what was already said. You are a typical Hollywood piece of work, go hug a tree and stay in the woods," one person wrote to the star. A different person remarked, "What about all of the American Soldiers that have been killed in the war? No RIP for them? You also failed to mention that a lot of those Muslims were killed by other Muslims, people in their own country, terrorists that go to town centers and blow themselves up to kill as many as possible. You could have worded your comment better."

Grenier, however, was not without any supporters. One person praised, "I thought you were very brave to post that and it is was very accurate @adriangrenier some people are just not ready to see we are all one. The worlds consciousness is not there yet but it will be. I applaud you." Another wrote, "Disappointed you removed your post @adriangrenier. You simply stated the truth & anyone who has a problem with it lacks intelligence & compassion. As tragic as 9/11 May be, there are countless tragedies & atrocities happening to people around the world. All lives matter!!"


It's a shame so many Americans are so blind.

OK, so what is -really- important to Cornel West?

I think this speech reveals the man....It's a great speech, and he is a great man.

Transcript of Cornel West’s January 17, 2013 statements regarding the use of Martin Luther King Jr.’s Bible during the inauguration of Barack Obama:

Now, when I got the news that my dear brother Barack Obama, President Obama, was going to put his precious hand on Martin Luther King, Jr.’s Bible, I got upset. And I got upset because you don’t play with Martin Luther King, Jr. and you don’t play with his people. And by his people, what I mean is people of good conscience, fundamentally committed to peace, and truth and justice. And especially the black tradition that produced it.

All the blood, sweat and tears that went into producing a Martin Luther King, Jr. generated a brother of such high decency and dignity that you don’t use his prophetic fire as just a moment in a presidential pageantry, without understanding the challenge that he presents to all of those in power no matter what color they are. No matter what color they are!

So, the righteous indignation of a Martin Luther King, Jr. becomes a moment in political calculation and that makes my blood boil. Why? Because Martin Luther King, Jr., he died knowing the three crimes against humanity he was wrestling with. Jim Crow – traumatizing, terrorizing, stigmatizing black people, lynching, insultful – not just segregation the way the press wants to talk about.

Second, carpet bombing in Vietnam, killing innocent people especially innocent children. Those are war crimes Martin Luther King, Jr. was willing to die for. And thirdly, was poverty of all colors. He said it’s a crime against humanity for the richest nation in the history of the world to have so many of its precious children of all colors living in poverty,
and especially on the chocolate side of the nation, in Indian reservations, in brown barrios, in yellow slices, and black ghettos, then. We call them hoods now, but ghettos then.

So I said to myself, “ok nothing wrong with putting your hand on the Bible.” Even though the bible talks about justice and Jesus is talking bout “the least of these.” But when you put in Martin’s bible? I said, “this is personal for me. This is the tradition I came out of. This is the tradition that is connected to my grandmothers prayers, and my grandfathers sermons, and my mothers tears, and my fathers smile, and it’s over against all of those in power who refuse to follow decent policies.”

So I say to myself, “Brother Martin Luther King, Jr., what would you say about the new Jim Crow? What would you say about the prison industrial complex? What would you say about the invisibility of so many of our prisoners? So many of our incarcerated, especially when 62% of them are there for soft drugs, but not one executive of a Wall Street bank gone to jail? Not one!” Martin doesn’t like that. Not one wiretapper. Not one torturer under the Bush administration, at all.

Then, what you say about the drones bring dropped on our precious brothers and sisters in Pakistan and Somalia and Yemen? Those are war crimes, just like war crimes in Vietnam. Martin Luther King, Jr., what would you say? “My voice hollers out,” and don’t tame it with your hand on his bible. Allow his prophetic voice to be heard. Martin, what would you say about the poverty in America now, beginning with the children, then the elderly, then our working folk, and all colors not just here, around the world.
Don’t hide and conceal his challenge. Don’t tame his prophetic fire.

So, that as much as I’m glad that Barack Obama won – I think that brother Mitt Romney would have been a catastrophe, and I understand my brother Newt told the truth about fat vampire capitalism but that’s true for the system as a whole not just Mitt Romney in that regard – but when Barack Obama attempts to use that rich tradition of Frederick Douglas and Ida B. Wells-Barnett? Use the tradition of A. Phillip Randolph? Use the tradition of Rabbi Joshua Heschel? Use the tradition of Tom Hayden and so many others struggling to produce that voice that pushed Martin in the direction that it did? I get upset.

People say, “Oh brother West, there’s Smiley and West, hating Obama.” No, no. We just loving the tradition that produced Martin Luther King, Jr. and were not going to allow it to be in any way sanitized, deodorized and sterilized, we want the subversive power to be heard. That’s what made me think, when you said he was gonna put in his hand on that bible. And I’m praying or him. I’m praying for him. As is Newt – both of us Christians, you Catholic, I’m Holy Ghost funkygut gutbucket Baptist – but we’re praying for him. Putting pressure on.

This is not hate on President Obama, its caring about the things that truly matter.

If he supported ALL that Obama does simply because Obama is also black, that would be racist. And hypocritical.

So West shows not only caring about what truly matters, but he's also incredibly brave as he speaks truth.

Also see~

400+ Groups to Obama: You Have the Power to 'Keep it In the Ground'

400+ Groups to Obama: You Have the Power to 'Keep it In the Ground'
'You can't be a climate leader while continuing to open up large amounts of federal land to extraction and encouraging continued fossil fuel development.'
by Deirdre Fulton, Common Dreams

Hundreds of prominent organizations and leaders from Alaska to Florida are formally calling on President Barack Obama to stop new federal fossil fuel leasing on public lands and oceans in the United States, arguing that doing so would accomplish more in the global fight against climate change than any other single action taken by the president's administration.

In a letter to be delivered Tuesday to the White House, the 400-plus signatories note that "up to 450 billion tons of potential greenhouse gas pollution could be immediately removed from the global pool of potential climate pollution" if Obama were to deem unleased oil, gas, and coal "unburnable."

What's more, the letter continues, as "the world’s largest historic cumulative polluter and a global economic leader," the U.S. has an obligation to take such a bold action.

The American public owns nearly 650 million acres of federal public land and more than 1.7 billion acres of Outer Continental Shelf—as well as the fossil fuels beneath them.

...snip....Rainforest Action Network executive director Lindsey Allen: "The federal government is enabling some of the wealthiest companies in the world, with names like Exxon and Peabody, to mine and drill America’s public lands for private profit. This egregious drilling, fracking and mining is devastating the health of communities and endangering the stability of our climate. We are simply asking President Obama to stop selling off our national forests, oceans and sacred heritage sites for pennies on the dollar and slow the effects of climate change by stopping fossil fuel leasing on public lands."

An analysis released last month by Friends of the Earth and the Center for Biological Diversity—both signatories to this week's letter—showed that allowing unleased publicly owned fossil fuels to be developed would "cripple the U.S.' ability to meet its obligations to avert the worst effects of the global climate crisis," as the green groups put it at the time.......

full story~

Make your voice heard - Stop the DARK Act in the Senate


Send a letter to your senator with this ^^^ link, then Food&Water Watch will also make it easy to CALL them on Weds 9/16 the natl day of action.

Info on the DARK Act, which has already passed the House~

The bill originally only prevented states from labeling products with GMOs. The version to be considered this week goes a step further, prohibiting state and local governments from protecting the environment and public health from the side effects of the production of GMO crops. The bill also allows companies to make “natural” claims on foods with GMOs and blocks state efforts to prohibit these misleading claims. These are more reasons that clean food advocates call the bill the Deny Americans the Right to Know, or DARK Act.

“This bad bill just keeps getting worse,” said Mary Ellen Kustin, EWG senior policy analyst. “The DARK Act has always been an infringement upon the well-established rights of states to regulate food labeling, but the most recent versions of the bill takes that overreach to a new level.”

Use of herbicides linked to cancer, especially glyphosate, has exploded alongside the increase in production of GMO crops engineered to withstand the application of these toxic chemicals. In the last 20 years, use of glyphosate, which was recently identified as a probable human carcinogen by the world’s leading cancer researchers, has increased 16-fold.

As glyphosate use has increased, weeds have started to develop resistance to it. In response, Dow Agrosciences has produced Enlist Duo, a combination of glyphosate and another herbicide, 2,4-D, which was recently labeled a possible human carcinogen. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has approved the use of Enlist Duo in 15 states, though the agency has not examined the safety risk of the two active ingredients when combined together.

Because of the risks to human health posed by the widespread application of herbicides linked to cancer and other terrible diseases, like Parkinsons, of course local governments would want to keep farmers and farmworkers safe from exposure,” said Kustin. “If the federal government isn’t going to protect public health, responsible local officials will want to step up—but the DARK Act wants to make it impossible for them to do so. Backers of the bill keep adding more ways to keep Americans in the dark.”


Its about more than just preventing states from passing GMO labeling laws. That's bad enough, this is even worse.

Please take a moment to get involved!

One man is fighting to save Florida Oranges, w/o GMing them


"We are seeing the death of an industry in front of our eyes," Matt McLean says, scanning his groves. "These trees will not survive."

Worst of all, there is little McLean can do to save his crop.

Despite millions of dollars spent on research and hundreds of scientists working at a frenzied pace, no cure or prevention has yet been developed for citrus greening disease.

"We have survived a lot of things," McLean says, recalling deep freezes and other diseases like citrus canker that have wiped out thousands of trees. "But today, citrus greening has affected the entire state. We just don't know what will happen."

"But OJ, as you know it, may not exist anymore."

....McLean is not alone in his quest; researchers across the nation are using genetic material to figure out how to save American citrus. Others are busy preserving plant cuttings in a tundralike, tornado-proof vault in Colorado that could rebuild the nation's citrus groves if disease does indeed wipe them out.

...Matt's brother Ben has a master's degree in fruit crops and has been working furiously with industry colleagues, scientists and the government to find a way to stop citrus greening's spread. The disease flared west from Florida to Texas and it has now been found in groves in California, America's second largest citrus producer.

Scientists are developing bactericides and experimenting with tree treatments like heat therapy, says Michael Rogers, interim director of the University of Florida's Citrus Research and Education Center.

They are also breeding citrus that are tolerant to disease. About seven years ago, when citrus greening was starting its spread, a handful of Florida growers planted a new variety, LB8-9, as an experiment. Those trees are all infected now, but the amazing thing is they are still able to produce fruit, says Fred Gmitter, a citrus breeder and geneticist who works with Rogers.

...Some growers are considering using genetically modified strains of citrus, even though such artificial alterations remain highly controversial.

McLean won't go there. He remains resolute on finding a way to stop greening and is focusing on organic cures.

He has tried botanical oils like neem. And every 21 days, he releases thousands of parasitic wasps that lay eggs inside young Asian citrus psyllids, or nymphs. The eggs hatch and devour the nymphs' insides. The wasps can never eradicate citrus greening disease, but McLean says they provide some amount of control and management. The successes are modest compared to the rate at which citrus greening is killing McLean's trees.

Lately, McLean has had new reason to hope. The answer, he says, may be lurking in one of his grandfather's old orange groves.

When McLean announced he was going to start an organic business, his father chuckled.

"I graduated from UF in 1965. No one even knew how to spell herbicide then," Benny McLean laughs.

Father and son walk through one of their oldest orange groves, planted in 1944 on the southeast corner of a lake, which helped protect the trees through frigid winters. They are Temple oranges grown on Cleopatra Mandarin rootstock, known to thrive in Florida's sandy soil. The trees are lush with flavorful fruit.

"It's amazing that these trees have been here all these years," Benny McLean says. "You are looking at old genetic material. And this is all about the DNA and genetics. Old trees show a lot of resistance. Newer trees show high levels of susceptibility."

The older McLean has a theory about why not a single tree in this 2,000-strong grove has been infected with citrus greening disease even though across the highway, every tree is ailing.

He says this particular grove was not sprayed with chemicals until it was 25 years old and had already developed a strong immune system....

Really good read, worth the time~

Let's hope his theory is right! It wouldn't surprise me at all if the cause of orange greening is overuse of chemicals weakening their immunity to the bug. I hope going Organic can save oranges.

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