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Profile Information

Gender: Female
Hometown: Ohio
Home country: USA
Current location: Cortland Ohio
Member since: Wed Jul 13, 2011, 08:37 AM
Number of posts: 21,356

Journal Archives

I saw Beto O'Rourke on MSNBC...very impressive guy. I thought he might be to liberal for Texas, but

I think he has a shot...very handsome and charismatic as well. Of course I am progressive so naturally I think what he wants is good, but the things he talks about would really help Texas and appeal to them...not at all what I expected after reading about him. I would just be so incredibly excited if we beat the asshat Ted Cruz.

I woke up to over a foot of snow in my driveway in Cortland Ohio.

I can't believe it. Daughter left the garage door open when she left. And the door wouldn't shut. I had shovel the garage in order to shut the door as the sensor was blocked. No one said anything about snow when I watched the 6:00 news. Lots of of folks with no power too...thankfully I still have power...ah spring!

Georgia teacher fired 1 shot through classroom window, police arrested him

So much for arming teachers. This happened the same day they voted to take away Delta's tax credit as punishment for standing up to the NRA.


for those kind folks who gave me a heart...thanks so much!

Thanks so much for my hearts ...you all are so kind.

Thank you for my heart...so kind. I really appreciate it!

Edited ...thanks again!!!

Everyone Hates The Idea Of A Short-Term Immigration Punt. Congress May Do It Anyway.

Hey, it would be better than the alternative...no deal!


Just saw interview with Rachel and Chuck Schumer...There were protesters at his house. Why?Why?

Why not protest at GOP homes...pick the most vulnerable house and Senate GOP members and let them have it. The Dems are on the side of Dreamers but don't have the power to save them...and yet they take shots at those that agree with them and ignore those who issued an executive order rescinding DACA (president) and those who have done nothing who have a majority in Congress (the Republican house and senate members. We don't have the levers of powers. So scream that you won't vote Democratic and maybe even follow through and what will happen...more Gop who will make worse laws and then folks will scream for the Democrats to save them...demand it ...but we can't because you all took the keys away...and we are not steering the 'government' vehicle. It might help to target the GOP elected. It won't help to target Democrats who will do everything they can because they believe in DACA and want to save the dreamers. If the Democrats had control of the government, the dreamers would not be at risk. Think about that.

We got the best deal possible.CHIP for 6 years/ DACA Vote in a couple of weeks.

We have another chance and got CHIP...I think it is the best we could do. Also, no more American kids vs DACA...which would hurt DACA.

At least three Repubs didn't vote for the CR

Thus, it was not the Democrat shutting the government down. And Trump is on his way to Florida to play golf and fund raise...probably the worst optics in the history of optics. I am glad we hung tough. We had no choice. I only hope the shutdown doesn't last long as this affects the lives of millions of people.
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