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Member since: Mon Aug 30, 2010, 04:29 PM
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Just a thought and requesting input from all sides.

It is no secret that Hillary Clinton has a high unfavorability number. My question is, and I ask this respectfully, could the actions of her supporters (media, corporations, voters, super delegates, etc) be causing some of her unfavorable numbers to increase?

In other words, how much of her negatives are related to her and not to her support group?

She's a victim once again.

Two different Hillary spokesmen on TV today said Bernie is running an increasingly negative campaign. This is their justification for wavering on her accepting a debate in NY.

Bernie voted against the Brady Bill five times. Hillary accepts money from Wall Street. Both are accurate statements as presented. So how is Bernie being increasingly negative when Hillary's supporters are planting crap like racism, misogyny, and today's latest crap about Bernie being rude to his own wife.

This whole victimization shit is just so far out of hand and dishonest, it is sickening.

My Washington precinct

Consisted of 42 people. And we were allotted 7 delegates. Of that total, 5 went to Bernie and 2 to Hillary. As precinct Commitee Officer, it still amazes me the power these 42 people had. They represented 7% of the state total. That alone is reason enough to eliminate the caucus process and move to an actual primary.

Don't misunderstand, I am a Bernie supporter. But based on the limited space we had for our Legislative District, there is no way we could include everyone who would have voted over those who caucused.

I'm hoping Bill stays away from the caucus in my precinct.

If he shows up, bullhorn in hand, I will first ask security/police to keep him at the minimum distance from the building. And I will insist he stay out of the building unless he is a registered Washington State voter. Since I am the precinct captain, he cannot prevent me from allowing all voters who have arrived and registered to vote.

I hope other precinct volunteers and/or captains do the same. His shit has gotten stale.

The American "Democrats" who voted for Hill or didn't vote at all,

the corporate media and corporate world are about to reap what they sow. If anyone thinks life will improve for those who need it most, they will be sadly mistaken.

I've enjoyed my time out. It gave me a chance to consider my future. Peace to the Bernie supporters. Have a Happy St Patrick's Day too.
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