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mrmpa's Journal
mrmpa's Journal
August 26, 2015

bookbub.com and my nook.........

make for a fulfilled book junkies life. I joined bookbub.com (no charge) just an email address needed & you check as to what your likes are e.g. mystery, history, etc. Every day you get an email from bookbub.com listing about 5 books that run from being free to about 1.99. Every day if the free book is something I like I get it. Today I chose 2 free books & one for 99 cents.

A few days ago, I got for free the 1936 investigation of corruption of the San Francisco Police. Though it's only 55 pages long, it is very interesting. The other day for 99 cents I got a 555 page history of the HUAC, titled "Naming Names". This era is my forte in History & I did my senior Thesis on a part of it.

There are now about 200 books on my nook & it's going to be a great fall & winter.

As an aside, my 85 year old mother is now using my tablet to read her books. I have always gotten large print books from the library for her, but it can be bothersome to order them, wait for them and them pick them up. I found that the library has the books of her favorite author, Debbie Macomber digitally available. I download them & they are immediately available for her to read. She's loving it. The print also is large enough for her to read.

August 19, 2015

What Trump wants to do about "illegal immigrants" has been done before..........

It was called the Mexican Repatriation an it occurred in the 1920's and continued until about 1936. Probably about 2 million Mexicans, US citizens included were forcibly picked up and sent back to Mexico.

I found in Wikipedia a very good explanation of why it happened, it is as follows. They are many of the reasons Trump and others of his ilk cite. I don't believe what Trump is saying and wanting to do about immigration. The Mexican Repatriation in the 20th century is a stain upon the US, and anything Trump is suggesting be done, is also a stain.

Justifications for repatriation[edit]

According to Los Angeles, California county officials, returning immigrants to their country of origin would save the city money by reducing the number of needy families using federal welfare funds and free up jobs for those perceived as "Real Americans." A telegram to the U.S. Government Coordinator of Unemployment Relief sent by C.P. Visel, the spokesman for Los Angeles Citizens Committee for Coordination of Unemployment Relief (LACCCU), wrote of the “deportable aliens” in Los Angeles county. He stated, “Local U.S. Department of Immigration personnel not sufficient to handle. You advise please as to method of getting rid. We need their jobs for needy citizens”[28] A member of the Los Angeles County board of Supervisors, H.M. Blaine, is recorded as saying "the majority of the Mexicans in the Los Angeles Colonia were either on relief or were public charges,” even though sources at the time documented that less than 10 percent of people on welfare across the country were Mexican or of Mexican descent.[29] American citizens who were experiencing the negative effects of the Great Depression followed suit in blaming immigrants for their desperation and thought that removing immigrants from relief rolls and having them deported would solve their problems.[30] Independent groups such as the American Federation of Labor (AFL) and the National Club of America for Americans thought that deporting Mexicans would free up jobs for U.S. citizens and the latter group urged Americans to pressure the government into deporting Mexicans.[31]

An analysis of a study conducted during the 1930s on deportation costs questions the then prevailing argument that deporting immigrants would reduce city costs overall. “If 1,200 aliens were deported, they would leave behind 1,478 dependents who would be eligible for public welfare. $90,000 in government costs to deport individuals and $147,000 yearly to provide for their families indefinitely or until they reached legal age. 80% of those deported would be eligible to obtain non-quota preference for reentry due to the fact that they had wives, children, or other relatives who were citizens or legal residents.”.[32]

August 10, 2015

Look what I found on ebay today.............

There should be a new 2015 headline saying the same thing. But who would the quote come from?

There is also an inside page headline and report that President FRANKLIN D ROOSEVELT has made a speech in which he said that RULE of the US by LIBERALS is needed for progress !!

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