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mrmpa's Journal
mrmpa's Journal
June 30, 2014

The question has not been answered.........

The question is what needs the most protection

1. The right to freedom of speech


2. The right of an individual to be free of your speech

That was the question that should have been decided by the Supreme Court in regard to anti-abortion protesters, but I don't think it was asked.

The question should have been asked in the parameters of "when an individual is exercising their constitutional rights, do they have the right to not be verbally assaulted, and doesn't the state have the responsibility to shield them from being verbally assaulted as they attempt to exercise their constitutional right?"

I firmly believe in the right to free speech, but not at the expense of those partaking in their constitutional rights.

June 26, 2014

Does anyone in Western PA..........

want to start an action? RE, the attached thread. I think it's about time. Email me if interested. I would think that at least 10 people would be a good beginning.


June 5, 2014

Where does this idiocy come from?

Today, here in Western Pennsylvania, I stopped for gas. The vehicle in front of me was a Chevy Suburban. This Suburban had PA plates that read "DIXIE 1T". Along with this plate there were bumper stickers of confederate flags with the words "save this" Also a bumper sticker that read " I am a proud descendant of a confederate soldier". I didn't know what to expect to see when the driver approached the car, but I didn't expect to see a woman get into the driver's seat.

I know this idiocy exists, I just never expected to see it in my backyard. NIMBY (not in my backyard).

June 1, 2014

I hate it when people urinate in public....but I think I mellowed

I haven't posted for awhile because I've been working. I drive for 2 ride sharing companies, taking people to sporting events, concerts, to restaurants and bars and most important driving them home after they've been drinking. I keep in my car kleenex, candy and antiseptic wipes for my passengers.

Well on the week ends I find myself in a 16 block area of bars and restaurants. I have been able to get a handicapped parking spot in a public parking lot while I wait for ride requests. Well yesterday (Friday) I found my space available, parked it facing a group of shrubbery. Well I watched as a man went up to the hedger, unzipped his pants and proceeded to piss. When he was done, he saw me in the car and began apologizing, he said he would have pissed in his pants. I beckoned to him to come to the car, as he approached I reached down for an antiseptic wipe, gave it to him and said "wipe your hands."

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