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Ass hole tea-baggers...........

On my way home from DC on Friday, I stopped for dinner at a Diner in Breezewood, PA. I sat at the counter, there was one man two stools down from me and two priests about four seats from me on my left. Across the counter was one man and a woman, but not seated together.

The man on my right, said something to the man opposite him about the N word president. The woman across from me told both men to stop the talk, she didn't want to hear it, I chimed in, that I didn't want to hear it either, the priests were silent. The man near me said "you're in a truck stop and we truckers hate the president and government and you (meaning me & the other woman) probably worked for the government." They did stop the talk and I finished my dinner.

As I got up to leave, I looked over at the men and said "every trucker I know at home is a Teamster, and everyone of them voted for the President. And if I went to one of their hang outs & said what you said, I'd be leaving in an ambulance."

My younger brother, A Teamster & shop steward, was supposed to take the trip with me, but they had a lot of trucks coming in to his shop on Friday and didn't want to saddle his co-workers with more work. If he had been with me, he wouldn't have hurt the offending tea-bagger, but he would have made him afraid.

As for the priests, I think I saw them bless themselves a couple of times.

Often there are posts about the f'd up things that cops do.................

but this weekend coming back from DC, I ended up having to stay in central PA. On Saturday I picked up a newspaper,The Gazette Weekend (published continuously since 1805, One of the oldest newspapers in the US) in Bedford PA.

I read in the paper that the Bedford Police Department will drive anyone home from a Super Bowl party who has had too much to drink. All you have to do is call the Police Department and they will pick you up & take you home.

In my opinion, this is cool.

There is about 3000 people who live in Bedford.

In honor of Dear Abby........

House & Senate "chaplains" to speak at right wing event on Inauguration Day

Received this email today. It is beyond the pale, that these chaplains would appear at any event, where the intended audience is right wing, President Obama bashers, and those who don't know the truth.

"The official chaplains of the U.S. House and Senate are supposed to be nonpartisan pastors who offer spiritual support and guidance to our nation's elected leaders.

But on Inauguration Day, they're scheduled to speak at a right-wing event in Washington alongside some of the most hateful and racist figures on the Christian right.

Pat Robertson describes President Obama as a "socialist" with a Muslim "inclination." Joseph Farah runs WorldNetDaily, a conspiracy-theory website that continues to claim Obama was born in Kenya. Jonathan Cahn is a fringe "messianic rabbi" who sees signs of the apocalypse in Obama's speeches and writings.

We've only got a few days to stop House chaplain Patrick J. Conroy and Senate chaplain Barry Black from lending the prestige of their offices to this hateful exploitation of Christian faith.

Tell the House and Senate chaplains: Don't spend inauguration day praying with religious-right extremists."


-- Michael and the whole Faithful America team


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