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ATLien711's Journal
ATLien711's Journal
December 13, 2011

Need HELP with this LIE...32,000 Scientist against AGW

I know this is just yet another game the Denialist play to confuse & use the general populist into thinking there is "REAL" opposition to Anthropogenic Global Warming/Climate Change.

I know the people signing this petition do not qualify to speak out against AGW...Or at least most of them do not. I know there are many other flaws to the claim that 32,000 "Scientist" have come out in opposition...What I need is help explaining this to a friend who has recently bought in to the propaganda!

Can someone point me to a website or provide me with some creditable sources that explains the trick be played by the Denialist?


December 11, 2011

I miss the old DU...Just saying...It is

SAD we had to change. I like some of the new features but I miss the old Home Page more than anything!!!

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I like to laugh, I don't like drama & I miss President Obama 7000 times more than I knew I would!
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