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Mosby's Journal
Mosby's Journal
July 31, 2020

Dogs can sniff out COVID-19 with 94 percent accuracy, study says

Man’s best friend could soon be man’s best chance at ever setting foot in a stadium again.

Dogs can sniff out the coronavirus with a striking 94 percent accuracy rate — raising the possibility of instant tests at sporting events and airports, according to a new study.

Canine handlers trained eight dogs from Germany’s Armed Forces to discern human saliva infected with COVID-19 from healthy saliva, according to the study, which was lead by the University of Veterinary Medicine Hanover and the Hanover Medical School.

Researchers then set up samples from 1,000 people at random, ordered the dogs to pinpoint the infected ones — and found the animals were accurate 94 percent of the time, according to the study.


July 31, 2020

People should consider Jill Bidens words

Questions about the impact of the stinging debate exchange on Harris’ vice presidential outlook had been raised in light of Biden’s comments in her 2019 book that while her husband doesn’t hold grudges, she often does.

"I remember every slight committed against the people I love. I can forgive, sure—but I don’t believe in rewarding bad behavior," Biden wrote.

July 9, 2020

You tried to tie emissions to population and that's less relevent

Than my "bang for the buck" metric.

The post that I responded to that you decided to insinuate yourself into stated:

The survival of all life on earth depends on what happens in November.

Which I think is a pretty asinine thing to say, but the notion that the US is somehow singularly responsible for most of the world problems is a common view these days. It's wrong.

Climate change is happening, regardless whether the US ever reaches zero emissions, and we can thank China et al for that.

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