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Why furniture got so bad

No one expects an Ikea bookcase or West Elm sofa to last for generations, or maybe even to survive another move. But walk into a vintage furniture store and you’ll find all types of old pieces that were inexpensive and mass-produced in their day, yet have still managed to achieve heirloom status.

Furniture isn’t what it used to be. Fifty or 60 years ago, people thought of it as something they’d have for life — a dresser that a grown kid could take to college, a dining table where future grandchildren would have Thanksgiving. Today? Not so much.

Modern consumers are often all too happy to ditch last year’s Wayfair shipment for whatever new trend is sweeping their social media feeds. At the other end of that cycle is an industry relying on cheap labor and flimsy materials to fatten profit margins and keep prices down.


Not really news to me, and I suspect a lot of DUers can relate to seeing this decline in quality and the reasons for it. Press board is utter crap, it's literally just paper that's been pressed together.

Most cheap furniture uses particle board covered with a plastic or wood veneer, it's not as weak as press board but a little water makes it swell up and ruins it. It also sucks at holding fasteners like hinge screws. Larger pieces have to be disassembled partly in order to move them, if they can be moved at all.

I'm lucky enough to have some old furniture, a couple pieces more than 100 years old now. It's really worth investing in good furniture, it can be moved, holds its value and frankly looks better.

Don't see any hatred from doctors, I see concern for their patients.

Sweden, a pioneer in LGBTQ rights, is now restricting gender-affirming treatments for minors, citing concerns about their long-term side effects.

Sweden’s National Board of Health and Welfare explains that the reason behind the rollback is that little is known about the effects of these treatments over the long term and "the risks outweigh the benefits currently".

However, experts say those treatments were designed for exceptional cases in the first place.

"We had a protocol in place which was designed for very rare and extreme cases and suddenly the demand exploded so we continued to use that protocol,” said Mikael Landen, a psychiatrist specialising in gender dysphoria who contributed to the scientific study on which Sweden’s health authority based its decision.

“Maybe we shouldn’t have done that. But I wouldn’t be the one criticising the clinicians for doing that because it was difficult, they wanted to help these patients," he told AFP.

Sweden, like many other western countries, has in recent years seen a sharp rise in diagnoses of gender dysphoria.

According to the Swedish health authority, the trend is particularly visible among 13- to 17-year-olds assigned female at birth, with an increase of 1,500 per cent between 2008 and 2018.

Experts say the reasons for this increase remain largely a "mystery".



The "problem" is that the DOJ

Is watching sales of amphetamines (Adderall, Concerta etc.) and benzos (Xanax, Ativan, Klonopin etc.) along with opiods.

So Drs and pharmacies are being careful with their purchases/scripts.


Israel is targeted on Twitter more than any other country, study finds

In a troubling new study, it was found that "Israel was mentioned approximately 10 times more than any other country in tweets pertaining to human rights violations."

This disturbing trend reveals a deep-seated double standard against the country, perpetuating a disproportionate focus in social media discussions. According to the study, Israel is mentioned 12 times more than China on issues of violating human rights; 38 times more than Iran, 55 more times than Iran and 111 more times than North Korea.


The media Intifada has an enormous reach and is very effective with its demonization of Israel, Jews and Zionists. Twitter in particular works well spreading antisemitism because of the nature of the platform, light on facts, analysis and credible experts, but heavy on visuals and fabricated narratives. Just in the past few days there have been 10s of thousands of hatful tweets about Gal Gadot, simply because she showed up for a premier of "Barbie" the movie. After a recent stabbing attack, antisemites took video of the incident and chopped it up to make it appear that the IDF were abusing some random elderly Palestinian woman. The platform is perfect for these types of dishonest, bigoted attacks.

Dunning-Kruger effect has been debunked.

The Dunning-Kruger effect, which claims that the least skilled individuals consistently overestimate their abilities, has been debunked as a mathematical artifact rather than a reflection of human cognition. The majority of people can actually gauge their competence and knowledge accurately.


He didn't "feel safe"...


Girls in the Windows - 1960


So I guess that's it for the program

The government has opened an investigation.

Now we will have years of litigation and lawsuits.

Oh well.
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