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DEI Training Gone Wrong?

Two Jewish employees of Stanford University’s Counseling & Psychological Services (CAPS) division filed federal and state complaints alleging a hostile environment for Jewish employees in a diversity, equity and inclusion program created internally for CAPS staff.

“We have here a DEI program that was intended to promote and support diversity and inclusion, and what happened in reality is that those goals were undermined and perverted because what they did instead was promote prejudice and bigotry against one group,” said Alyza D. Lewin, the lead attorney for the complainants and president of the Louis D. Brandeis Center for Human Rights Under Law, a nonprofit organization focused on defending and advancing Jewish people’s civil rights.

“There was a blind spot in this DEI program when it came to Jewish identity,” Lewin said. “It erased Jewish identity. There was no space for these Jewish employees to share their lived experience, to raise their concerns about anti-Semitism. When they tried, they were attacked.”


Antisemitism isn't going away

It's going to keep getting worse, and will eventually divide the Democratic party just like the labor party in GB.

Education is not a solution to most problems, because most people form opinions based on emotion, not reason. That's particularly true with bigotry.

Liberals and progressives tend to be educated, but that doesn't stop some students and professors from denying Jewish indigenity in Israel, or accusing Israelis of apartheid even though it's a completely silly analogy.

When it comes to Israel, progressives brains fall out of their heads.

Can't read reurers anymore.

The minimum wage in Honduras is $353/mo.

The minimum wage in El Salvador is $251/mo.

The minimum wage in Guatemala is $273/mo.

The minimum wage in Mexico is $129/mo.

I think this is the problem.

Workers from any of these countries can come here illegally and earn $1000s per month.

The Arab World is Guilty of Colonialist Reversal

In 1978, Professor Edward Said published the book, “Orientalism,” which helped create Post-Colonists Studies – the study of the legacy of imperialism and colonialism. Said also wrote, “The Question of Palestine,” and throughout his work he argued that Israel’s creation was an act of colonialism. Said’s nephew, Professor Saree Makdisi, has taken up his uncle’s mantle. In one lecture, Makdisi argued that “Israel should be revealed for what is; a nakedly racist settler-colonist enterprise.”

The argument that Israel is an imperialist state takes two forms: The first argument is that Israel acts as an extension of British and then later American Imperialism. The second argument is that Israel is controlling the Palestinians like an empire. Another premise of this claim is that the Palestinians’ national movement is a grassroots movement inspired by a group of native people who simply want their own land. However, all of these claims are false. The reality is the Arab and Muslim states seek to use the Palestinians as a tool to restore the land of Israel back to Arab-Islamic control. The Arabs want to enforce Arab-Islamic colonialism onto the Jews, while at the same time the Arabs accuse the Jews of being colonists; this is a form of propaganda, which should be considered colonialist reversal.

The theory of Post-Colonialism studies focuses on the consequences of European Colonialism. Ironically, this view of colonialism is somewhat ethnocentric and only focuses on a relatively brief historical period. The long history of the ancient world is replete with examples of imperialist nations. Indeed, the Arab-Islamic Empire (632-1258) was itself such an imperialist power. In Arabia, Muhammad’s claim that he was the “Messenger of God” was opposed by many of the Bedouin tribes, as well as by the Jewish population. In response, Muhammad waged war to conquer the Arabian Peninsula under the banner of his new religion.

He transformed the pagan Arabs into an army motivated by a single desire to bring the world under the dominion of Allah. The earliest Arab-Islamic conquers came from the Arabian Peninsula in the 7th century and invaded Africa and the Levant. They went on to conquer lands from Spain to India. They subjugated numerous indigenous populations and imposed upon them their own language, customs, and religion. In roughly two hundred years Islam became the political organizing principle of one of the largest empires in the world. For roughly 600 years Islam was the dominant religion and military power in the world. In 1258, the empire started to decline after the destruction of Baghdad by the Mongols.

Islamic doctrine mandates the creation a single religious and political body out of all Muslims, called, the Ummah, which will be ruled by the Caliph. Such a desire is reflected in the 2017 updated version of the Hamas Charter which explains that, “Palestine is at the heart of the Arab and Islamic Ummah and enjoys a special status. Within Palestine there exists Jerusalem, whose precincts are blessed by Allah.” And, “Jerusalem is the capital of Palestine… Its Islamic and Christian holy places belong exclusively to the Palestinian people and to the Arab and Islamic Ummah.”


Do you own any real estate?

Do you know what a deed is?

Like it or not, those OWNERS have owned that property in sheihk jarra since 1875. After the illegal Jordanian occupation they were able to reclaim it.

Let's look at the shit propaganda piece you linked to:

In the 19th century, a small Jewish community lived there, most of which left by 1948, as East Jerusalem came under Jordanian rule. In 1956, 28 Palestinian families who were made refugees from West Jerusalem in the 1948 war were settled there through an agreement reached between Jordan and UNRWA.

It came under Jordanian rule cuz they stole it from the jewish owners , LIKE ALL THOUGHOUT THE MIDDLE EAST, AND ETHNICALLY CLEANSED THE JEWS.

In recent years, several of these families were evicted as a result of Israeli court decisions to recognize pre-1948 ownership claims made by two Jewish bodies, the Sephardic Community Committee and the Knesset Israel Committee, which enabled Jewish settlers to move into their homes immediately.

Where else in the entire world do property owners lose ownership pre 1948? How is this even controversial?

Although implemented according to Israeli legal and justice systems, the move set a political double standard that justifies Jewish claims to property held before 1948, but does not allow Palestinians to make similar claims to properties they were forced to leave in West Jerusalem.

Because they don't have deeds, that's why.

GOP Jesus


No homes are being razed, and nothing annexed.

The situation in sheihk jarrah (area of E. J'lem) is about non payment of rent.

The conflict isn't really that complicated, the Palestinians refuse to compromise and share the land, they want Israel replaced with another Arab state. This has been their position for more than 70 years.

The Jewish people are indigenous to Israel, and deserve to have their rights respected.

Comic does Southern NSFW Psaki


The Monkeys have taken over the resort.


Where's a langurwallah when you need one?

Season of the Slump: Baseball keeps swinging and missing

NEW YORK (AP) — Don Mattingly starred in the action-packed 1980s.

Now the Miami Marlins manager, Donnie Baseball worries about a record lack of hits -- and not just from his team’s bats.

“I don’t think it’s cyclical at this point,” he said. “There’s so much swing and miss, it’s kind of off the charts. I think it’s something that we have to address.”

It’s the Season of the Slump, even for All-Stars like Marcell Ozuna (.202), Charlie Blackmon (.184) and Francisco Lindor (.189). Miguel Cabrera, the only Triple Crown winner in a half-century, is batting .140.

Major league batters are hitting just .232 overall through April, down from .252 two years ago and under the record low of .237 set in the infamous 1968 season that resulted in a lower pitcher’s mound.

The Mendoza line may not mean what it used to.

Strikeouts have averaged 9.06 per team per game, on pace to set a record for the 13th consecutive full season — up from 8.81 two years ago and nearly double the 4.77 in 1979. Strikeouts already are 1,092 ahead of hits, just three years after exceeding hits for the first time over a full season.

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