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Member since: Tue Oct 21, 2008, 10:30 PM
Number of posts: 3,016

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Dr. Phillip Atiba Goff on Rachel last night. GREAT interview.

What Mitch is NOT doing.

So we have massive protests in response to racist police violence. We have an unchecked plague killing our family and friends by the thousands. We have vitriolic division in our public discourse the likes of which has never been seen in this country.

And what is Mitch McConnell doing?

Confirming judges. Packing our courts with misogyny, racism and bigotry that he hopes will last beyond the lives of his own grandchildren. And he knows, as do we all, that his methods are deceptive, spiteful and disingenuous.

So he's proud. He's pleased that he has successfully cheated and stolen his way toward keeping duplicitous, greedy, hateful, old, white men in "power".

But do you know what he is NOT doing? Governing.

That time Trump read the constitution...

Just love this guy.

Another great one from BTC.

A global pandemic, and all Republicans can see are dollar signs and voter suppression.

Epic rant from Brian Tyler Cohen on trump demanding praise for "doing his job"

"I have one hell of a Ukraine story to tell you."

What if Fox covered Trump like it covered Obama

I guess this came out last year, but it's still relevant, maybe even more so.

Brian Tyler Cohen. If you're not already paying attention to him, you should start.

He's young, but his commentary on the administration and on Republicans in general is intelligent, and compelling.

A Woman With Lupus Said Her Health Care Provider Is Stopping Her Chloroquine Prescription And Thanke

Source: BuzzFeed

A 45-year-old woman with systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE) said she received an online message from her health care provider stating it will no longer refill her vital hydroxychloroquine prescriptions because that drug is being used to treat the "critically ill with COVID-19," the disease caused by the novel coronavirus. The letter thanked her for her "sacrifice."

Dale, who lives in the Los Angeles area and asked to only be identified by her first name, told BuzzFeed News she "started crying" upon receiving the message from her doctor's office on Tuesday. She had previously called Kaiser Permanente, a major health care network based in Oakland, about why her prescription was being denied.


Despite thin evidence for the drug’s effectiveness against coronavirus infections, shortages of chloroquine have erupted since Trump called it a “game changer” at a White House news conference late last week. The drug, a derivative of an antimalarial drug, has been added to the regimen for treating COVID-19 infections in China and South Korea and is being tested in clinical trials in the US.


Read more: https://www.buzzfeednews.com/article/tanyachen/kaiser-permanente-lupus-chloroquine

Seriously, there are some evil fucks in the world.

I LOST it with my doctor today.

I'm fortunate to live in a very liberal/lefty/Democratic community. Both the town and county are very blue, politically speaking. The county to the south, however, are a bunch of gun-loving right wingers.

These are mountain communities, and we have only one doctor for twelve miles in any direction. He's a really good doctor, but he lives south of here, and is as Trump-loving as they get. I know that sounds contradictory (a good doctor who loves Trump), and it feels a bit surreal sometimes...like today.

I had to go by to pick up a prescription. I tend to not chat politics with him because he can be so maddening, but as I commented on the "strange times" we're in, he piped up with, "Well, Trump says it should only be two or three more weeks."

I lost it.

"Well, Trump is an idiot," I blurted.

I think it surprised him, because he stammered a little, "Well, yeah, he doesn't know about this stuff, so he has to rely on his experts."

"But he's NOT, Michael, that's the problem!" I was kind of feeling it. "He's saying stupid shit, and he's getting people killed!"

He quite literally mumbled something I couldn't hear, and I said my goodbyes and left.

I really don't like to make things awkward between him and me. He has been very good to my family, but for crying out loud! He's a fucking doctor, and he's still listening to the virus in chief for guidance!

Thanks for letting me vent.
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