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Member since: Mon Sep 15, 2008, 10:33 AM
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Is she really that dumb? Trouble perplexed?

Simple he is in bed with the Russians. Wake the F up Susie. This is the whole point. Trump doesn't want to Pi$$ off Putin because Putin has dirt on Trump and will spill it to get what he (Putin) wants. Sanctions would cut Putin off from billions of dollars he has squirrel away in off shore accounts.

If Trump doesn't apply the sanctions he gets two things in return. 1. No embarrassing/illegal evidence on Trump and 2. $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ and more $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ from Russia to dig Trump out of the deep financial hole he is in.

No wonder the country seems to be going down the $hitter.

No brains, maybe, but republican clearly have no hearts....

... it shows in their heartless policies. And their small brains only harbor one thought GREED!
They all have flatline EKGs

WHO is?

Trump reacts like a one cell biological organism. It will change direction or retract away when it comes in contact (other than food) with any obstruction. As for brains.... NONE. None needed.

The truth is WE KNOW ABOUT THE HORRIBLE things you....

..... and your party have done to this once wonderful state. We are coming for you and your evil cohorts. We might not get you all in one clean sweep. But we know where the cancer is and we will eradicate it one seat at a time.

He doesn't have enough brains to know that cigarettes can kill you.

Oh and he looks like shithole stupid ass as well.

Tom Cotton needs a hearing test or he just plainly can't be trusted

Cotton defends Trump by saying he didn't hear or can't remember Tump using the term shithole.
But he does know Durbin is a liar.

Cotton owes Durbin and apology and he proves that he ca't be trusted to tell the truth.

Trump said he used the words to make his base happy.

Cotton defends Tump to make Trump happy because he wants the top job with the CIA.
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