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Member since: Mon Sep 15, 2008, 10:33 AM
Number of posts: 4,786

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Good one LOL remind me not to eat any dishes you...

... prepared to pass at a a pot luck! Still LOL.

You have to have some kindling to start a fire...

.... paper is easier that wood. AND it's a win win win make a political false flag move and get rid of some trash laying around and deny voters the right to vote.

They will do anything INCLUDING burning down....

their own office to deny the right to vote to possible democratic voters. Hopefully this is NOT the same building that the democrats were raising money to replace. And YES what were absentee ballots doing in republican headquarters.

What about Paul Ryan.....

..... he is their token intellect. Right? He will lead them out of the darkness? Right? Mr. I've got a better way. Don't worry Ayn Rand's latest misinformed errand boy has got it covered.

The decimal point is in the wrong place..

it should be 15.0 million that is what he deserved for having to deal with the bully. Good for him for winning.

What are they trying to hide yet again..

..they know if the FBI is watching they won't be able to pull the bait and switch final vote totals. This is what the Karl Rove meltdown was all about in 2012.

They are counting on flipping the final vote in Ohio and with the FBI watching that ain't going to happen.

They know that can win fairly so the steal.
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