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Colgate 64

Colgate 64's Journal
Colgate 64's Journal
December 15, 2016

I know exactly when Trump is going to release the details

of his plan to deal with his problems of conflict of interest and/or nepotism.

Right after he releases his tax returns.

December 10, 2016

Need some DU help for a lost posting

Yesterday (12/9) a great DUer posted a link to an app that replaces photos of the Petulant-elect with photos of kittens. Unfortunately for me, I forgot to bookmark it. Could someone point me to it?
Many thanks!!!

November 22, 2016

Not only did Trump discuss his business with Argentine President -

Ivanka was also on the call! Well, we now know who the Vice-President is: Ivanka Trump. Pence can go hand out towels in the White House Mens' Room.


November 5, 2016

I swear - I'm only going to watch Fox News

on Wednesday, Nov. 9. Just to howl over all the long faces.

November 3, 2016

Melanoma's 'concerned mother speech' getting

rave reviews on MSNBC.

Now we're at the point where we have i Fux and 2 Fux lites - CNN and MSNBC

Can't WAIT until it's over!

October 21, 2016

Rigged elections??? With all the RW bitching about

supposedly 'rigged elections' here in the US, I invite them to take a little trip to see what the term 'rigged elections' actually stands for:

WORLD NEWS | Thu Oct 20, 2016 | 10:31pm EDT

Venezuela electoral body suspends referendum drive, opposition fumes

By Corina Pons and Alexandra Ulmer | CARACAS

Venezuela's electoral authority on Thursday suspended the next phase of a recall referendum against unpopular President Nicolas Maduro, sparking outcry from the opposition who accused the Socialist government of dictatorial tactics.

The oil-rich country is mired in a brutal economic crisis that has families skipping meals amid food shortages and triple-digit inflation. Maduro, a former bus driver and union leader elected three years ago to replace late leader Hugo Chavez, has seen his popularity tumble in hand with the recession.

His foes had vowed to push for a recall referendum against him this year, which, if successful would have triggered fresh presidential elections that polls show Maduro would lose.

The election board had already said there would be no such vote this year, and appeared to put the final nail in the coffin on Thursday night.

Citing court orders, the electoral body said in a statement it was suspending next week's signature drive to collect around 4 million signatures and trigger the vote.

The Venezuelan populace has not only had to suffer all the economic ravages 15+ years of Chavismo have wrought to a nation that before Chavez was admired by almost all of Latin America. Today, all the things that made Venezuela the envy of other countries have disappeared, leaving behind not only a wasteland of horrible crime but also of terrible scarcities of the absolutely basic necessities of life. In Venezuela it is not at all hyperbole to talk about people starving to death. A Caracas homeowner recently made the news because he must stay awake at night to guard is mango tree. Mangoes are now often the only thing left to eat.

The people, as might be expected, have decided they have had enough of the grand 'Bolivarian experiment' in which government officials and allies became multimillionaires many times over but where the poor needed to queue for hours to get a bag of rice. The Venezuelan constitution clearly provides for a recall election if the required number of signatures are obtained to put the question to the people. The opposition forces have obtained the required number of signatures. But now the government has decided that the vote should not be held. That way, if they can delay the issue until 2017 instead of the present leader (Maduro) being recalled he will merely be replaced by his Vice-President for the remainder of his term.

Now, dear Rethugs, THAT is what 'rigged election' means.

October 20, 2016

OMFG. Joe Scab looks like he's going to

stroke out. He's more than totally pissed that Trump did his usual masterful job of totally fucking up his 'message' last night and went off on Harold Ford like I've never seen before when Ford merely stated that 'Hillary won the debate last night'. When Ford, dumbfounded tried to respond Scab accused him of "cross-examining him (Scab). And then, the cherry on the cake with Meek-a singing chorus to Scab while covering him with adoring eyes and gestures.

Did my heart good to see Scab and Mika so totally screwed!

August 18, 2016

Jesus Christ on a Pogo Stick! What the f--k is wrong

with Tweety??? Has he decided to join the Republican Party? Tonight he gave totally unaccustomed free rein to Kellyanne Conway, the motormouth Trump "Campaign Manager", never interrupting her and actually egging her on, suggesting other ways he thought she should attack Hillary. This charming little segment was followed by a Republican strategist with whom Tweety (also) wholeheartedly agreed, followed by Andrea Mitchell who was beaming to be able to announce that the $400 million paid to Iran was - Ooohh - really a hostage ransom deal. And that's only the first half hour. He has become unwatchable.

August 16, 2016

Tweety is just totally insufferable tonight.

He starts off buying into the premise that , 'where there's smoke there's fire' and, if the Rethugs are talking about Hillary's health, there must be something to it. "Why doesn't she release her medical records? he asks". And the bloated bullfrog of the Conservative Union that he has all too often on his ['panels' cheerfully agrees. And then Matthews is delighted with the idea of Hillary having to defend herself against an Ailes-prepared attack on her during the debate about Lewinski and the blue dress. He even managed to suggest another line of attack - when the Clintons 'made the White House into Motel 6", referring to fund raising by letting donors sleep in the White House. Swear to God it took all my resolve not to throw something through the TV set. He's really a 14K First-Class Asshole.

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